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The 10 Fundamental Acne Laws You NEED to Know

I want to share with you 10 Important Facts That Anyone Dealing With Acne Should Know About.

If you ever have been depressed, angry, self conscious, or just frustrated that nothing has worked then believe me, I know how you feel. I’ve gone through the very same experiences, went through the very same turmoil and I know it sucks!

Now the one big thing I want you to receive from this presentation is to understand the true cause of acne. If you can completely grasp these concepts laid out to you, then you’ve already come half the way in actually curing this disease.

You must realize that no one else is going to tell you this. Not your doctor, your dermatologist , your mom, your husband, no one! You really have to take it upon yourself to learn and understand about what acne really is, because no one else is doing to do for you.

My name is George, i’m a Nutritonal Scientist with extensive background research in acne, and these are the 10 Fundamental Acne Laws.

Law # 1: Acne is the result of a cleansing and healing effort by Nature.

You get acne for a very specific reason. Over the span of years and years of unhealthy eating, your internal system will accumulate toxins and waste. Your body is always working to get rid of these by any means possible. The skin is the largest organ in the body and serves as a major channel for the removal of these toxins.

Law # 2: No one gets acne from a lack of drugs.

The reason people get acne, is because lack of proper nutrition. Drugs only aim to treat the symptom of the true cause. In fact, drugs that your doctor and dermatologists prescribe you are damaging to your health and skin.

Law # 3: All humans are created equal.

All humans are one species of animal which require a certain balance of nutrients in order to be healthy. Such nutrients must be body building, and not just to satisfy taste, hunger or energy needs.

Law # 4: You are what you eat.

Real food is medicine. Processed foods are poison. If a food did not exist before industrialization it isn’t “real food.”

Law # 5: Saturated fats are necessary for healthy skin.

In order for cell membranes to be healthy they must be constructed out of 50% saturated fat,  If no saturated fats are consumed, the cell membranes will be weak. Weak skin cell membranes will function and look different then strong and healthy ones.

Law # 6: More is NOT better.

When treating acne, treatment of individual symptoms should not be continued long-term. Treatments should only be long enough to assist the body, without overwhelming it or interfering with the assiimlation of proper nutrients.

Law # 7: All nutrients work together.

Healthy fats from animal sources, unrefined coconut oil, along with fat soluble vitamins A, D and E, all work together with other necessary nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins.   These nutrients play a specific chemical role in the body, and if even one is missing, your health and skin can be compromised.

Law # 8: The symptoms of acne are not the actual disease.

Symptoms are “signs” the body either lacks nutrition, is out of balance nutritionally, and/or it has too many toxins that are poisoning it. To cure acne, the “cause” must be treated, and not the symptoms. Your skin is not causing disease, so it is unnecessary to treat it. The skin only malfunctions because of lack of nutrients or accumulation of toxins.

Law # 9: Inflammation is a natural process.

Inflammation marks the location and the method through which your body is trying its best to discharge toxins and waste materials. Treatment of inflammation and infection must not interfere with its natural course.

Law # 10: Germs cannot be the cause of acne.

Germs are created by the body itself in order to “clean up” toxins just like germs do in Nature. If germs caused acne, we would ALL have it ALL of the time. Germs are everywhere, and life on Earth could not have existed without them.

So there you have it, the 10 laws you must understand if you really want to cure your acne.

In fact, I suggest you rewatch this video a couple more times, or read the transcript below to make sure you fully understand.

Afterwards, I want you browse through the focus acne blog and absorb the factual information presented to you.

Remember, knowledge is power. And with knowledge, you can stop this disease in its tracks.

When you are finally ready to cure your acne permanently, I want you to click on the orange “:Acne Cure” button on the top of the page.

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But , why is it that some people who have a complete and utter crap diet NEVER get acne ?

Probably 25% of my diet is crap and I break out like nobody’s business ???

Jules, lets refer back to Acne Law # 1: Acne is the result of a cleansing and healing effort by Nature.

The same goes for other diseases as well. The difference is acne is clearly visible by all, while others can get away with their health problems without anyone noticing but themselves!

Acne is your bodies natural effort to localize toxins away from vital inner organs, through and out of your skin. In a way, you are more fortunate then others who’s bodies are not as capable of doing this.

Hope it helps. – Geo

so what exactly is the cause of acne? And how do we treat it??

What should a proper dietary intake for a 16year old be? I have severe acne on my face and grade 1 to grade 2 acne on my back and chest.

I can’t see the orange ‘Acne Cure’ button?!?!

hi 2 questions

1. what shall we look out for when we buy butter?

2. how many eggs do you recommend we acne sufferers have everyday or every week

thanks for your help

I do not understand this. I NEVER eat fast food, processed food, sweets, or any junk food basically. I am a health nut. My mother is a vegan chef so the only foods we really eat are plant based. I would consider myself a very healthy person. I dont drink or do drugs either. However, I have acne!!! Why is this then??

What you think is healthy might not be in fact very healthy. Let me explain. Meats are very crucial to health. They carry nutrients in them that plants simply do not. I you aren’t getting enough animal meats in your diet, your health will suffer. I’ve come across to many vegans / vegetarians with health problems who sware hat they are eating is the healthiest because this is what ‘mainstream’ has them believe!

Knowledge is power!

I never said I was vegan or vegetarian.. I still eat meat daily. I am studying to become a nutritionist by the way.

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