What Focus:Acne is All About

The internet is filled with misleading, incorrect, and otherwise useless acne information. We attempt to put all these misconceptions aside, and reveal the true nature of this disease – and we do it proudly.

We are transparent, we are real people, and we really do care. So, would you like to know more?

About the Authors

GeorgeGeorge McCumiskey is the main contributor to the blog and is the head coach in the Focus:Acne Formula Members Area. He, along with our strong community of former acne sufferers, have helped several people cure their acne, and change their lives for the better.
BethanyBethany Ramos is the main contributor to the knowledge base. She is an aesthetician and makeup artist with a special interest in using nutrition to heal and alleviate a number of conditions in the skin. Thanks Bethany for contributing such well written and informative articles!
JuliaJulia Dettman is a contributor to the Holistic Acne Discussion section of Focus:Acne. She has dealt with persistent acne in her adulthood that would flare during her hormonal period. She found us during the early stages of the revolution, and was able to clear her skin using our method. Thanks Julia for being a part of our team and helping us make others aware!

About the Knowledge Base & Blog

This is the birthplace of the acne information revolution – the starting ground where we get the word out to as many acne sufferers as possible.

We want them to know “Hey! Your acne is not only manageable, but it is completely curable through diet!”

We attempt to reach out to people who have tried everything “in the book,” only to fail in the end. To people who have searched for something that actually works, permanently. Sound familiar? That’s fine, because you are in the right place.

About the Focus:Acne Formula

The Focus:Acne Formula is a dietary method to cure acne that shows it’s 100 members exactly how they will cure their acne through dietary means. Behind the scenes in the members area, we do not take acne lightly. We see it as a serious disease that can be both physically and mentally debilitating.

Bottom line, the Focus:Acne Formula works, and we have the results to prove it.