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“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.”

- Francis Bacon, Philosopher

I know you have questions. This page is dedicated to the most common questions we get about acne, and the answers, in audio.

What Are Your Hormones Role in Acne?

October 5, 2009 | 0 comments

‘Hormones cause acne’ is really a misstated concept. I like to say ‘out of wack hormones can lead to acne.’ Yes, it’s true – when some of your hormones(you have hundreds of different types) are out of wack, sebum production becomes out of wack and acne forms. This isn’t because of the reason most people think. Some people might say, ‘acne is worse during our teen years because of our hormones.’ You will also hear, ‘my acne flares during my period because of hormones.’ This is true – but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

Think about any normal human. We all experience fluctuations in hormones during our teen years, then why doesn’t every teen get acne? The fact is, our diet effects our hormones and our hormones can effect our skins health. This is shown clearly in my ‘Ladder of Causes‘ article.

When we eat foods that are damaging to our health, and fail to consume the vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining health, we are causing our organs and glands to become inefficient. There are libraries filled with books talking about how the pituitary gland effects that hormone – how the thyroid gland effects this hormone. Luckily, this isn’t within the scope of our topic.

To maintain a healthy regulation of our hormones, we need to eat healthy. Lets stray away from acne for a second and talk about obesity. There are millions of fat people in our world, and most of these fat people have gone on diets. They’ve starved themselves, gone on the apple diet, gone on Atkins, etc. Mostly all of them fail – or they succeed temporarily and fail in the long run (whoa, that reminds me of most acne sufferers, too!) This might strike some bad emotions out there, but it’s naive to think that calorie restriction is a long lasting cure to obesity. Let me explain.

Hormones have very important and specific roles in our bodies. One hormone does this while another hormone does that. To make sure all your hormones are in check, you have to eat healthy. I repeat this so often because it’s a very important concept to grasp. As long as you eat healthy foods, it doesn’t matter how much of it you eat – you will not be fat nor will your get acne. Did you know that there are hormones that regulate fat storage? When the common dieter restricts certain foods, they are usually missing out on necessary vitamins and minerals.  This causes some specific glands to function improperly, which in turn causes an incorrect balance of hormones. The very same hormones that regulate fat storage(and sebum production)! In most obese peoples minds ‘nothing works – it must be genetics.’ But in actuallity, if they were eating the right foods along with getting the right vitamins and minerals, they wouldn’t have to live another fat day in their lives. Why don’t you share this article with three of your … Continue reading…

What Role Does Your Immune System Play in Acne?

October 5, 2009 | 0 comments

You might have heard someone say acne is an immune response. This is true. Let me explain. Every human disease in this known universe is a reaction. Lets use the common…

Does Constipation Cause Acne?

October 4, 2009 | 0 comments

A lot of shit is going on in our bodies(notice the pun), and one way our immune system is getting rid of the bacteria, fungus, etc is to get rid of it through the bowels.

Now a healthy person should be able to deal with common toxins just fine. That’s why we go to the bathroom, to get rid of waste. Try to think what would happen if we were constipated. The dead bacteria could not be excreted through our bowels, and they could feed off the festering food in our colon! It’s a double whammy.

So our immune system devises a new plan. If we can’t get rid of these toxins through our bowels, we have to go through another route, through our skin – through our pores. Aw shit, what is the pinching feeling in my skin, it itches – not again, another fucking pimple! It’s going to be a big one, I can tell. Voila, there is your cyst.

There is a common myth that acne takes two or so weeks to form. Constipation is a perfect example that this is not true. If you are constipated, notice that this same day and the next, your skin gets worse. The only way to fight it is to not get constipated(duh.)

How do prevent constipation?

  1. Don’t eat starchy foods (e.g. bread, pasta)

  2. Consume healthy oils

I like to refer to bread and pasta as ‘the butt plug.’ Because that’s exactly what it is. Carbohydrates are the hardest foods for our body to digest. Most carbohydrates have little to no nutritional value. They provide no benefits – they only act to block our digestive system. Simply put – bread and pasta cause acne. I can’t get anymore blunt then that. You may ask yourself, how can Maria eat her moms pasta everyday and have that porcelain skin? First reason being her immune system might be stronger. Her mom may be cooking her pasta, but then again she’s probably sticking to extra virgin olive oil and cooking her mothers salmon recipe too. A stronger immune system can deal with toxins more efficiently. Secondly and most probable, everyone deals with toxins differently. She might have that porcelain skin and be getting all the hot guys now – but she doesn’t know about the erosion going on in her perfect C cup breast and the cancer it will cause in 30 years.Continue reading…

Can Processed Food Cause Acne?

October 4, 2009 | 2 comments

processedfoodWhy are so many Americans overweight?
Why are Cancer rates the highest they’ve ever been?
Why is acne is so widespread nowadays?

The Reason is Processed Foods!

For thousands of years while the human body was being formed and evolved, our ancestors would live off of the foods mother nature gave us – they would ‘live off the resources of land’. Meat, fish, coconuts, vegetables, etc. Their primary concern was survival, and the health of their offspring, just like animals are in nature.

This evolution went on for thousands and thousands of years until just 100 measly years ago, the advent of industrialization and processed foods came about.

Nowadays, acne, and disease in general is more widespread than its ever been. Doctors and Psychiatrists are coming up with names for new diseases every year. The pharmaceutical industry is now bigger than any other in the world. The processing of foods, which some would call necessary, has had a major impact on the health and skin quality of millions!

Why does food exist in the first place?

To provide nutrition! Our body has evolved to take the necessary nutrients it needs from foods, and use those nutrients to legislate needed actions.

If the ‘food’ you are eating is devoid of nutrients, your body will have to deal with digesting and expelling it with no direct benefit. Without the resources brought through nutrients, digesting this food becomes a daunting task for your body. It will cause constipation, and it will cause acne!

White Bread: The Perfect Example

How did white bread come about? Back in the day people discovered they could use grain to make bread. Grain was cheap and the bread it produced could feed more people.

So bread started being distributed amongst small communities. When the economy began it’s expansion, railroads were being built, and bread was a good food to distribute to far places. It didn’t go bad as quickly as meat or fish would, it was cheap, and it kept stomachs full.

There was one problem with the bread distributors master plan. When the bread was being shipped via railroad, the flies would get to it in transit — and eat it. ‘This isn’t good for business,’ they thought. ‘There’s some nutritious value to our food and the flies like it’. That’s when they created the concept of white bread. By removing the germ from the grain, all the nutritious value was gone. The flies no longer wanted to eat it.

May I remind you, flies like to eat DOG SHIT. Meaning that stinky piece of poo Scruffy has left in the backyard has more nutritious value then white bread.

Injecting Foods With Nutrients – The Easy Way Out

Due to regulations imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), white bread must contain a certain amount of Vitamins and Minerals. But how does a bread company who processes their food achieve the ‘nutrition quota.’ They inject them! They inject their foods with synthetic vitamins and minerals, … Continue reading…

Are Genetics and DNA the Reason You Have Acne?

October 4, 2009 | 3 comments

It’s a common conception that if your parents had acne as children, then you are more likely to have acne as well. Although this is true, it’s not true for the reasons most most people think. Most people may say, it’s because of genetics – that you carry the genes of your parents. Sorry, Johnny. Your 8th grade science teacher was wrong.

Saying that genetics is one of the causes of your acne is saying

  1. Acne is not your fault.
  2. There is only temporary relief and no permanent cure

This is wrong on both fronts. Acne is your fault. You consumed unhealthy foods and you damaged your own body. You probably didn’t know what you were doing, so don’t be so hard on yourself. By committing fully it will become apparent how permanent your relief will be.

The parent to son/daughter relation with acne is simple. If they have been eating damaging foods, you’ve most likely been eating damaging foods as well. If your parents’ bodies deal with toxins through the form of acne, then it is likely your body will deal with it the same. The same goes for any disease – cancer is a good example. There’s been so many studies ‘proving’ that cancer runs in the family. If only people would realize it’s because of themodern, industrialized diet, and not because of genetics – we’d all be much healthier.… Continue reading…

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