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Why Most Acne Information on the Web Is Useless

Finding acne information on the internet isn’t difficult. There are numerous blogs, eBooks, and forums all dealing with the disease. With all this information made easily accessible, it wouldn’t be far fetched to think that most people are figuring out how to cure it, right? Nope. That’s because most of the information is wrong.

We can classify three types of people who produce acne information on the web.

Type 1: Money Makers

Acne is a huge business, and business is flourishing. Google gets several thousand search queries for the keyword acne, everyday. Web developers see this as an opportunity to produce eBooks, blogs, and products dealing with acne for the sole purpose to make money.

I would bet you that most of these ‘money makers’ never had to deal with a serious case of acne in their lives. Their main intention is not to help people, but to make money. Can you really believe what someone says when they have their hand in your pocket?

Type 2: Acne Sufferers

When there is agony, there is activism. Most people don’t create websites, they join forums. The forums is the largest acne forum on the web. The forums are a place to share experiences and offer support. This is great, in theory, but it isn’t an efficient solution to finding a cure. is based off the belief that topical medications are efficient tools for healthy skin. They even have their own e-store to prove it. The forums mimic this belief, yet there are thousands of the same acne sufferers visiting the site everyday. Does the benzoyl peroxide topical really work?

Forums are a great learning and support tool. However, when it comes to curing acne, answers need to be direct, and they need to be correct. If forum moderators can’t provide the correct information, then mostly useless information will circulate.

Type 3: Cured and Happy

There are many who have cured their acne. Do you think most of them spend more of their time talking about acne when they just spent the last 5 years dealing with it? (I ask myself this question, sometimes) Acne is a depressing subject. All the people who cured themselves are continuing on with their lives and singing a happy tune while doing so. They are no longer reading studies, excerpts, and forum posts about pimples, blackheads, pustules, and cysts.

If you can find someone who is promoting correct information on curing acne, please let me know. I only know of one other person that deals specifically with the diet and acne connection. Her name is Fran Kern, and her blog can be found at High On Health. Thanks Fran for helping the community out!

The Avalanche of Misinformation

Think about the first type of information you came across dealing with acne. You were told to cleanse, apply an acne medication, and moisturize. You were told that if you do this for 30 days, you won’t deal with acne anymore. You know now that this isn’t effective, but maybe you didn’t realize it back then. Many unsuspecting acne sufferers bought into this notion, and reached deep into their pockets to buy the products that were claimed to work.

Now there is money involved. Webmasters realize this, and attempt to replicate the same business model. They take the information one site has given you, rephrase it, re-brand it, and resell it.

What you get is thousands upon thousands of websites selling the same information, with a different name. Cleanse, apply, moisturize. Cleanse, apply, moisturize. It’s all the same, and it’s all wrong. I would break down the acne web info like this:

  • 99% Incorrect information on blogs, eBooks and forums
  • .5% Correct information in forums
  • .5% Correct information on blogs

Point being, it is very difficult to find the correct information on actually curing acne. So what would you say? You’ve actively searched for viable acne information on the web. Do you agree with my claim?

George McCumiskey, ND

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I had acne from age 30 to age 42, 12 years of hell. I found a cure simply by chance, it is amazing & I agree with what you say, people who get rid of it don’t necessarily want to think about it any more, they are just glad to be free. But I thought I’d just come back and have a look at the acne websites I used to sit in and ‘pore’ over (see what I did there??) – I am sort of dying to tell people what worked for me, but just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it would work for them. Anyway it’s rude to refer to someone’s acne by offering them a cure when they’re probably hoping they don’t look that bad.

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