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What Role Does Your Immune System Play in Acne?

You might have heard someone say acne is an immune response. This is true. Let me explain. Every human disease in this known universe is a reaction. Lets use the common cold as an example. So you’ve been eating shitty food and accumulating lots of toxins. Your body doesn’t like these toxins, so your immune system is figuring ways to get rid of them. One way it can do this is through mucus. It puts the toxins into mucus and you sneeze them out your nose. The same goes with coughing. You have toxins in your lungs and your immune system causes you to cough them out.

Your body wants to keep the toxins away from your vital inner organs, so it brings these toxins to your extremeties, e.g. your sinuses, your skin, etc. This is a good thing. What happens when you accumulate too many toxins over time? Cancer. Notice it usually takes decades of accumulating toxins for cancer to manifest itself.

The same goes with acne, and all skin ailments for that matter. Your body is getting rid of the toxins through your skin – hence your acne. In a sense, acne is a good thing (rolls eyes.) The skin is a very efficient way for your immune system to get rid of toxins.

What does this mean? It means if you have acne, your body has accumulated more toxins then it can get rid of through your bowels and urine. This is a very simple yet important concept. Realize that acne is caused by toxins and toxins are the result of poor dietary habits.

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