Acne Websites

Truth be told, there is a lot of useless acne information on the web. It leads to a lot of confusion and misinformation. We’ve sifted through much of the debris, and found the few websites you can use to help better understand your acne condition. Forums

What is it? The largest acne discussion forums on the web. Everyday, thousands of acne sufferers visit these forums to share their experiences with this debilitating disease.

Who is behind it? Daniel Kern is a former acne sufferer who stopped his breakouts using conventional topical acne treatments. Although we do not promote using conventional methods to cure acne, he has built a huge following behind his regimen that must not be ignored.

Why is it useful? The power is in numbers. The forums give you access the means of communications between thousands acne sufferers across the world. Use the search function in these forums to find specific acne topics you are interested in. Make good use of the ‘Nutrition & Holistic health’ subforum – this section of the forums deals specifically with the diet and acne relationship.

What is it? A blog about acne and other holistic information that is useful to the common acne sufferer.

Who is behind it? Fran Kerris a former acne sufferer who cured her acne through dietary means. She has her own YouTube Channel which she uses to actively promote her opinions on alternative health and skin care.

Why is it useful? There’s very little information linking the relationship between diet and acne on the internet. Fran helps expose the truth about this relationship. Thank you Fran for providing a valuable resource to the acne community!

Absolute Acne Info

What is it? An informational acne website that takes a logical viewpoint on a wide array of acne treatments and causes.

Who is behind it? The owner of the sites name is Dan. Unfortunately we have no other information on him, although we really wish we knew who was writing these articles!

Why is it useful? If you delve deep into the content, you’ll come across some very informative articles. Many of the articles peg the diet and acne connection, which is a very important concept many acne websites fail to mention. They also take a logical viewpoint of other acne topics we agree with, such as the harmful effects prescription drugs.