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What You Didn’t Know About Antibiotics & it’s Relationship to Acne

Intestinal flora (bacteria) compromises of 95% of the total cells in the body.[1] Antimicrobial drugs, better know as antibiotics, are drugs that destroy these bacteria. There is a common belief that antibiotics are good for the body. This thought stems from misconception and misunderstanding of how antibiotics really work.

There are two types of bacteria in the body.

  1. Healthy bacteria, which exists to consume toxins and wastes ingested through unhealthy foods, and keep other otherwise damaging microorganisms, such as yeast, in check[2].
  2. Unhealthy bacteria, which exist as a result of the bodies natural effort to localize toxins and wastes away from vital inner organs.

Antibiotics destroy ALL bacteria. They are not discerning towards which are good and which are bad. Continual use of antibiotics can have a devastating effect on the immune system, because healthy bacteria play a very specific role in the body. [3] Destroying these healthy bacteria removes one major defense system put in place by your immune system.

Antibiotics only treat the symptom

Now if you’ve ever taken antibiotics for acne, maybe you’ve noticed that things got better at first. This is to be expected. Antibiotics are capable of destroying the bacteria that leads to acne. However, this is only treating a symptom and not the disease itself. Remember our Fundamental Acne Law # 8, “The symptoms of acne are not the actual disease.

A weak immune system allows this bad bacteria to overgrow in the first place. You can destroy the bad bacteria that has overgrown, but what happens when you stop? If you immune system is still weak, the bacteria will overgrow all over again. This makes antibiotics as an acne treatment, an effort in futility.

Bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotic treatment

Bacteria are living organisms which evolve and adapt, just like we do. When you take antibiotics, sensitive bacteria are killed, but resistant germs are left to grow and multiply. [4]

The bacteria that causes acne is no different. Antibiotics will usually alleviate the symptoms caused by acne the first or second cycle of dosage, but after continuous use, the bacteria will become resistant and overgrow even worse then before. Take a look at just few first hand experience with antibiotics to treat acne.

Acne sufferers experiences with antibiotics

A simple search on the forums show dozens of these cases:

Tetracycline (Antibiotics) Reviews – Reviews [5]

I was on tetracycline for about a year before i had to come off it because it made me lose so much weight and I was becoming resistant to antibiotics in general. It’s great for a temporary solution, but unfortunately when I came off of it again after a few months my acne went from being mild/moderate to severe when I went away to college and practically impossible to control since.

after a month all of the zits came back even in places on my face i never had them before

You have to keep using it, once you stop they come back. I have been on them for years. Everytime I think I should stop using them I break out all over again!!!

I stopped taking the pills for about two months and decided to start taking them again. I found that my acne had worsened. My cheeks are red and they feel/look almost like I have a rash. I’m not sure what to do. I’m frustrated.

later..after i was taking it for over a year, it entirely quite working and my acne got very very very bad. way way way worse than when i started a year earlier. this happened to be right when i started college.. really made it easy meeting ppl

Is it possible for antibiotics to make it worse? – Forums [6]

I have been on lymecycline before and it worked very well.
I stopped taking it for 6 months to see how it went and it wasnt good.
Ive just started again 3 weeks ago and my acne is worse than ever.

and she changed my minocycline to lymecyline, saying she couldn’t see any reason why it would get any worse, and it might improve things, and keeping me on dianette. now my skin is TERRIBLE

Antiobiotics make you worse? – Forums[7]

I was on Mino for around 8 months and I was the clearest I’ve ever been. Then a few months after I stopped taking the antibiotic twice a day, my mild acne came back and turned much much worse.

What’s even scarier is the fact that once the antibiotics cause your skin to get worse, unhappy patients go back to their dermatologist (the very same dermatologists that made their problem worse in the first place) and the derm prescribes them stronger antibiotics! It’s a never ending cycle of futile acne treatment that causes more harm then good.

My doctor put me on mino again but I’m seeing another doctor soon to see if I can get Accutane, because I don’t trust the mino.

I dont think Ill ever do Antibiotics again. Its all my one derm EVER wanted to give me. Its not good for you I dont think.

An inherit problem of acne is that sufferers are desperate. Everyday they have acne is a day other people will see it. Sufferers want to it gone ASAP (I know I did!) The problem with this is that it took many years of unhealthy eating to become sick enough to get acne in the first place. Antibiotics, and the Dermatologists that prescribe them, throw out the notion that your acne can be cured within weeks with a prescription drug. It doesn’t work that way!

The fact is, dermatologists prescribing acne sufferers with antibiotics is an effort in futility. It will do nothing to cure your acne and in most cases will make things worse. Not to mention, all the other health implications that antibiotics can cause. (See ‘Another Antibiotic Hits the Dust’ [8] & ‘New Ramp Antibiotics May Be Fatal’ [9])

Synthetic vs. Natural

There are foods in nature which naturally help strengthen the immune system by destroying bad bacteria. These include coconut oil, garlic, vegetables high in vitamin C, as well as many different herbs and spices. The difference between these ‘natural antibiotics’ and ‘synthetic’ ones is the difference between night and day. Natural antibiotics don’t destroy healthy gut flora, and bacteria do not become resistant to them simply because they don’t go against the natural immune system process your body goes through. Look to these natural alternatives for a temporary way to alleviate the symptoms associated with acne.

Antibiotics Fact Sheet

  1. Antibiotics destroy healthy bacteria that are necessary for healthy skin.
  2. Antibiotics only treat a symptom of acne (superfluous bacteria,) and not the true cause.
  3. Bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics, acne comes back worse then before.
  4. Doctors over prescribe antibiotics to acne sufferers that don’t need them. (See ‘Free Antibiotics: Wrong Prescription For Cold And Flu Season, Experts Say’ [10])
  5. Antibiotics are never a risk correct treatment for acne. Acne can always be cured naturally without the risk of it coming back much more persistently in the future.
  6. Many natural treatments are much more effective and safer than medical antibiotics.

So, have you taken antibiotics to treat acne in the past? Care to share your experiences with us?

George McCumiskey, ND

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Seriously, thank you for writing this. I have wasted countless hours going to dermatologists thinking they care about my overall health and will respect my wishes not to compromise my immune system by taking expensive antibiotics for 3 months that make me sick daily and wear down my immunity completely – all for 4 pimples on my chin! It’s disgusting and has made me lose respect for the field of dermatology. I am now convinced they are puppets for the pharmaceutical companies. I knew I wasn’t making it up!

You’re very welcome, Marina. How long ago did you go on antibiotics? Would you say your immune system is beginning to improve?

I was prescribed antibiotics when I was in my teens to treat my mild acne. I was on it for years. It did NOT clear up my acne. Only the birth control pill did when i was 23. Now at 35, I have for the past twenty years experienced some of the worst stomach and digestive problems ever. I am seeking medical treatment and advice for my stomach problems now. If I could do it all over again, I would punch that dermatologist in the face.

Amy, I completely understand your frustration. There are many things that I wish i could go back and rectify in the past – but one that directly deals with my health? That’s got to be one of the worst! Luckily, our bodies are very capable of undoing the damage that are caused by antibiotics. All the best to you!

I’ve been on acne medication since I was 14, with my acne getting worse over time. I am 21 now. I still suffer from acne. I realized acne medications are bad for me, but I’ve been I have become dependent on them. I’ve been prescribed many antibiotics, doxycycline, minocycline (current), tetracycline, clindamycin. I use it from time to time though. I take it for about a week when it gets really bad til it wears off. Then I decrease my usage to about once every 2 days. Then I forget to use the medication and about 3-4 weeks later, I start breaking out again severely. I have many scars on my face which I plan to get fixed in the future by getting dermabrasion but only when my acne is completely gone. I suggest others to stay away from oral antibiotics and instead use a topical alternative. I have many digestive and stomach problems and my bowel movements have been off track ever since. I have symptoms of IBS. But I have faith in modern medicine and know that there will soon be a better and much safer alternative to antibiotics and accutane.

It’s not uncommon for acne sufferers to become dependent on Antibiotics when there seems to be no other answer to their acne besides Accutane! Digestive issues are a very common symptom accompanied by taking these drugs, so you are not alone. Thanks for sharing your story!

comment to PJ: Try probiotics (Bio-K) for as many months as you have taken antibiotics. It helps to restore digestive problems. Also try cutting all carbohydrates (bread, pasta, sugar of all kinds). Cut dairy products. It’s called the Paleo diet and it has worked for me. I was in your situation before now my skin is good and intestinal problems gone.

I’m 33 and I’ve had acne since I was 15 years old. I’ve tried so many different things and antibiotics is the *only* thing that’s ever cleared up my skin. Of course it comes back with a vengeance a month or so after stopping the antibioitics. I hate this cycle. I-just-want-clear-skin. =(

Jen – Ah yes, the ‘cycle of futility’ – it surely is frustrating to go through. I feel your pain, since it’s something I can relate to very well. In my case, not only did it come back worse then before – but it stopped working COMPLETELY after just the first cycle. The second cycle did nothing but cause me health issues!

I developed acne as a consequence of taking HRT years ago. When I reduced and eventually eliminated all avoidable added salt from my food intake the acne cleared up almost completely.

For anyone that doesn’t know, HRT stands for ‘Hormone Replacement Therapy’ – it’s just another bit of proof that many ‘modern medical treatments’ have undesirable consequences. Processed table salt is also something that is harmful to health, and i’m glad eliminating it helped your skin!

I had bad acne, it was only bad because there seemed to be nothing to do with the few pimples I had. The dermatologist put me on minocyclin and contraceptive pill. It improved my condition a lot, but after six months of continuous use I had read that it was not so good for intestinal flora and I stopped using both the pill and the antibiotics. My skin got worse, my acne had changed from small pimples in the T zone to cystic acne on the chin and on the jaw. I came back to the same dermatologist who angrily told me not to stop taking his prescription. When walking out of the office I realized that couldn’t be good for me. I changed my diet to a paleo diet and saw major improvements as soon as three weeks after. I also joined a group called “Eating Paleo in Montreal”. Still, in the next few months, since I had taken antibiotics for approximately 8 months, my immune system was so low for almost a year after that I caught several virus, including mononucleosis and flu that kept me in bed for several weeks. A gastroentorologist suggested probiotics to restore my damaged intestinal flora. The paleo diet has definitely helped to restore all damage and strengthen my immune system. My skin today is beautiful and natural with no products or medication, just cutting the bad stuff from food has been the secret for me.

It seems that you have a good understanding of how your body badly reacted to Antibiotics. Many will take the Antibiotics, weaken their immune system, and fail to put the correct blame on the drug. Thanks for giving PJ some worthy advice and for sharing your story!

My break out happened out of nowhere at the age of 16. At first i thought it was nothing serious and would go away but HOW wrong i was. I went to get it checked out and was sent home with TETRACYCLINE and an ACNE CREAM*. It worked. For the next one year, i followed that treatment and saw significant results! Further on as my pimples started disappearing, i decided to stop on the medication.A few days went by and nothing happened until some time later, the breakouts re-appeared and soon, got WORST than before. I was devastated. AGAIN, I went to seek help from another dermatologist who prescribed me AZYTHROMYCINE and clindamycin. it worked…. and worked… and worked….until i decided to stop my treatment. The same thing happened. For the last time, i went to visit another dermatologist and he prescribed me the same Azythromycin and clindamycin, only this time, he gave me another medicine- RETINO-A. Now at the age of almost 20, i have given up on antibiotics and has only been applying the clindamycin and Retino-A. I gave up on the antibiotics because my cousins, who are doctors, enlightened me about the CONS of using antibiotics. I was told it decreases our body’s natural immunity and also risks the appearing of newer acne causing bacterias.

All these time, i have come to understand that medication only is a temperorary solution for acne. I have searched online on ways to fight acne and the most effective way seems to be eating healthy! I am trying my best now to prevent myself from using any type of medications to fight my acne and also to follow up on a healthy diet that fights acne! :)

hope no one gets demoralised just because you have this problem. After all, it’s something MANY people in the world happens to suffer from and WE CAN FIGHT IT!

Thank you for sharing such a detailed story. Comments like this add to the value of this article, making others more aware of the dangers of taking man-made drugs.

I’m glad you’ve decided to make dietary changes in a pursuit to put an end to your acne. Let me know how it goes by commenting on a relevant article.


i uesd to get pretty bad spots as a teen
which eventually went
then in my early 20 was injected with a radioactive iodene based dye to xray a vascular bulge on my arm
soon after i developed terrible acne,which i later learned was due to the iodene
the acne came like a transient rash
it was so bad i decided to accept antibiotics
this worked like a treat but as soon as i stopped taking them the acne returned worse
so i took more and more antibiotice
some months later the rash type acne stopped and i was able to stop the antibiotics after around 6 months of use.
the spots however came back but this time instead of lots of sall pimpls the spots were much bigger and deeped and more stubborn they were more like huge boils and cysts
not long after this i was given a tetanus booster jab which together with the effects of the antibiotics caused a terrible deep chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic immune depletion.that was 20 years ago and i am still exhausted
i wish i hadnt taken so many antibiotics i really do
my career has been ruined and the best years of my life stolen from me
from being a robust rosy cheeked guy i am now very pale with dark ring under my eyes people used to come up to meand ask if i was a drug addict
the bottom line is that my white blood cell count and my platelett count have never recovered and are chronically low most probably due to the antibiotics


I’m deeply sorry for your experiences with Antibiotics. Your case isn’t very rare, and it’s a sad thing that so many people go through so many health issues because of the drug. The good thing is that with the proper nutrition, health can be regained from overuse of Antibiotics. Thank you for sharing your story.

When I hit my adolescent years, I didn’t have any zits. My skin was flawless (I kid you not). Even throughtout high school I never had a cystic acne but occasionally I had a small pimple when I had my period. I’ll admit I fell to peer pressure and started wearing makeup even though, looking back at it now, I had absolutely perfect skin. However, I started getting acne on my forehead possibly because I didn’t wash off all the foundation. But even that didn’t cause me moderate acne. It wasn’t up until my sophmore year of high school that I started getting back acne. Nasty thing but my face was still pretty clear. So I went to my doctor and he prescribed doxycycline for six months for my back acne. It worked great for the first four months but after the fourth month, I started getting deep cystic acne on my forehead and I had not changed any thing in my skin care routine! I intially thought it was just a rough patch but my skin went down hill from that month up until now — both on my face and my back (not to mention my low self esteem became non-existent). I now have tons of acne scars on my face even in my cheek areas and my jawline (where I’ve NEVER had acne before). Long story short, I shouldn’t have taken my light acne for granted. I will never take antibiotics ever again for acne. SERIOUSLY, do not take it! Anyhoo, nowadays my skin has gotten better because I’ve been drinking fruit juices and water constantly and watching what I eat. My skin isn’t the same as before but I’m praying it’ll clear back up soon. :)

Hello- I would like to share my experience with Antibiotics.

It was not until I turned about 16 or 17 the doctor prescribe Minocycline . Of course, after taking this for 2 months my skin was flawless (along with a Retin- A). However, my acne began to come back when I was about 18 so then I was prescribed Doxycycline. This worked somewhat – would get acne around my menstruation but nothing serious.

Then I went to college at the age of 18/19 and my skin began to get worse. I then decided to go to the Dermatologist and was prescribed Tetracycline along with a birth control pill since I had began hormonal acne along my jaw and neckline.

I then stopped the antibiotic when I was a junior in college because I began to get horrible yeast infections – painful (my first one) – so I stopped completely – of course the dermatologist was not happy when I came back my senior year and told her I stopped both the antibiotic and the birth control pill.

I am now on my way to clear skin the natural and holistic way! All these antibiotics caused me to have slower bowl movements, yeast, soreness on my menstartion, and horrible complexion as I progressed in age. I am now 23 and I look better and younger than before.

I am taking probiotics, yogurt and fresh garlic cloves everyday (along with other things) to complete clear the yeast that might still be lingering in my body.

Hey Lisa,

Great story. It looks like you are on the right path. Congrats!

Hello! Wonderful site you have here.

I have bee blessed with great skin after I discovered a natural regimen that worked for me. Too bad I didn’t discover it until I was in Junior in college! Since then I have been very pleased.

Just a few weeks ago, however, I caught a terrible cold from my niece and was on oral antibiotics for 15 days. It destroyed my skin!! I have been breaking out since then, progressively worse, which has been very unusual for me. I found myself back in the skin treatment isle, sandwiched between two young teens–so embarrassing at 26!!

I can absolutely say that antibiotics have turned my skin into an adversary instead of being my friend. I am slowly getting back to normal, using benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid sparingly. I can’t wait until I get back to my old self!!

Hi! Thanks for sharing the detailed story.
I’m almost sixteen and about six months ago I took Tetralysal 300mg, two a day. I took these for three months and it made my acne go away completely, but a few months after not taking it I am experiencing the worse acne I’ve ever had. I have huge pores now full of whiteheads and blackheads around my nose and chin, loads of pus filled spots on my forehead and cheek where as I didn’t before, I really don’t know what to do but I am 99% sure my acne has got worse because of the antibiotics.

I eat really healthy foods and drink plenty of water so my diet isn’t the issue, I do wear makeup but if i’m honest I’m not going to stop using it.

my point is I want my skin back to how it used to be and do you know how I can do that?
oh and I use a moisturizer, cleanser and exfoliate. One last thing on average when do girls stop having acne?

Hope you can reply soon, Thanks :) x

i have horrible acne. it started out as just a minor thing, but then i used various face washes… and with each one it just got worse and worse. finally i went to a derm. and they gave me an antib. and everything went away! (lots of scars left though) but as soon as i got off it (within 3 weeks), my acne was back with a bang! now it’s twice as bad… and getting worse! i’m freaking out. and i’ve always taken vitamins and stuff… AH!

After my doctor prescribing me minocyclin, 2 months later my skin was completely clear BUT over the course of taking the antibiotics I noticed my eyes and teeth stated to yellow, I thought it was just me and i had to brush more often but when my classmate and mother mentioned it to me I started to do research on the drug and found that it does cause yellowing of the eyes and teeth in some cases. After reading that I stop taking the pills and threw out what was left so I wouldn’t be tempted to go back on them. Three moths after stopping my acne had come back more severe!!! i have bumps all over my chin and jawline but my t-zone is completely clear. this is affecting my life horribly. I have change my diet and cut out diary products, its been two weeks since my change in diet and still i see no improvement. I am getting desperate I don’t know what else to do, but i know for sure those antibiotics made my problem skin WORSE!!

I had pretty good skin, maybe 1 or 2 pimples a month, in 2009 up until a few months before my 17th birthday. That year I had gotten 3 ear infections and was put on antibiotics each time. Since my skin had never been an issue I never thought about the damage that was taking place in my body as I was taking the antibiotics for my infections. But a few months later I began noticing more pimples on my face. My acne mainly consisted of clusters of those pesky whiteheads that stay under your skin forever. They were only on my chin in the beginning, but they really bothered me because they were very visible when light would hit my face in a certain way. I ended up going to the dermatologist and he put me on Ziana. Man, if I could go back in time! First of all, it not only had zero effect on the whiteheads, but it was a topical antibiotic. Yep, I was now on my fourth antibiotic and I stayed on it for probably the next 6 months..with no improvement. I only kept using it because it was so expensive I couldn’t imagine just throwing it out! But back in January of this year I decided to stop using any chemicals, or unnatural products on my skin. And wouldn’t you know it, I began seeing more and more whiteheads appearing under my skin…this time all over my face and much worse than before. It was extremely upsetting and I talked with my mom who told me to start taking garlic every day as it is a NATURAL antibiotic and it’s supposed to clean my system of any toxins/bad bacteria. So for the past 6 weeks I’ve been eating 2 cloves of garlic a day. She also told me that my unexplained acne could be from the rounds of antibiotics I had been taking back in 09, which I never followed up with a pro-biotic.. and this site explains the reasons you should. I started pro-biotics 2 weeks ago to hopefully get the good bacteria back in my gut!! Right now my skin is pretty bad looking with moderate acne. But the thing is, they are actual pimples and not whiteheads. Although that sounds bad (and looks bad!), I’m actually seeing this as a good thing because those whiteheads are finally surfacing and it seems like once it comes to a head and heals, that spot is clear and doesn’t break out again. I’ve read countless times online that taking garlic will cleanse the toxins out of your body so I believe my skin is going through that initial breakout period before it gets else would the whiteheads go away, right? I really wish I would have just listened to my mom in the first place instead of wasting the past two years just making my condition worse!!! I’m totally convinced now that the root of my acne was those darn antibiotics. If only I had followed up with a pro-biotic right after.. I probably wouldn’t have had to deal with acne in the first place.

I started having pimples on all over my chin and both my cheeks 8/9 months ago. It was a scary acne breakout. No matter what I did, they wouldn’t stop popping out on my face. It’s the worst thing that has happened to my health. Then this doctor prescribed me an antibiotic (I don’t remember the name) and asked me to continue taking it once very day for at least 6 months. And after about 6 months, my face did almost clear up, if not completely like it was before. But I need to mention here that my doctor did NOT prescribe me a probiotic along with the antibiotic. After about 2 months after i had started taking those antibiotics, I noticed I put on a LOT of weight. i basically went from slender to obese in a matter of just a couple of months. My stomach, especially, doubled and is like this hard ball like a pregnant lady’s. There was no change in my lifestyle other than taking those antibiotics. From then on, I feel bloated and full all the time even when I haven’t eaten all day. And when i do eat something, i feel my stomach go so big that it feels like it’s gonna explode. AND i’m suffering from constipation as well. Do you think I’m going through all these changes maybe because i didn’t take probiotic and my gut flora isn’t working properly due to the damage done bu those antibiotics I took?

Thank you for sharing your story and I’m sorry to hear your misfortune with taking antibiotics. I don’t believe a pro biotic can negate the effects of taking antibiotics. It’s clear the antibiotics lead to your stomach issues. The best way to get back to health is to get on the right diet and feed your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself from the inside out!


so im kinda look for some advice. im 15 and ive been having acne since i was around 12 or 13 and ive latly been perscribed with an antibiotic. this is the 2nd time. the first time it was a differernt dermatologist that gave me doxyciline and RETIN-A-MiCRO along with it. i took it for over 2 months and i didnt notice any harmful side affects at all. ive been off it for a few months (almost a year) and ive gone to a new dermatologist. She perscribed me with sukfamethoxazole-tmp also known as Bactrim. she also gave me tretinoin cream (which i dont think will affect me negitivly). she also said that if this doesnt work for me i could be a contestiant for ACUTANE. ive heard of the bad stuff on actunae from TV and i told her. She said that ACUTANE has been targeted for lawsuits with unfounded scienticfic corrilation to it (or something like that). she sounded very sincer but still i dont know what to do. can someone give me an accurate link about ACUTANE that proves if its bad or just fine for you.
my acne is severe, i have acne in the T zone and i also have cyctic acne.after my first wave of antibiotics i didnt get any side affects. i dont eat a very healthy diet and i know that i should its just i dont know what i should and shouldnt avoid. can someone explain what i should or shouldnt eat or give me a link or someting.
so over all im trying to think if i should start taking this new antibiotic called bactrim. and what i should do natrually for better skin

thank you for listen sry i wrote so much and plz try to reply as fast as u can.

don’t take antibiotics that will not help you…..

I had severe acne and my dermatologist prescribed me an antibiotic ….ATM 500 AZITHROMYCIN (indian company manufactured) one tablet before meals and I took em for 6 days……and I saw a lot of improvement…

maybe you should try this…..

My daughter is 18 and has never had an acne problem. She is a freshman in college and during the first week was bitten by some type of bug or spider that the doctor felt needed to be treated with Predisone and Dioxcycline. Once she completed the medicine regime, she has developed extreme acne flare-ups on her forehad and on one side of her jaw. Anyone had any idea if the medicines could have caused some type of system imbalance that would be the cause of the acne and what to do to counter? Being a new college student, the stress level isn’t helping of course.

So I was put on doxycliclone or however you spell it for about two months before my stomach pain became unbareable. I would eat a filling breakfast, wait fifteen minutes, then take the pill with water. About ten minutes later I would get a scary pain in my stomach, and my forehead would get hot, and I would get shaky. Every time, I ended up in front of the toilet puking my breakfast out, along with stomach bial. It would make me absolutely sick all day, to where I was rolled up in a ball on the couch. I just want to feel beautiful, and all these dermatologists have done is deteriorate my health, and feel as though nothing can cure it. I literally am out of hope, and I feel like taking a knife and peeling off my face!

hi everyone, i just would like to say stay away from the antibotics, Ive been on and off of them all my life and i think they have really messed up my immune system… the only thing that has every worked to clear my skin was to stop all dairy products.

Antibiotics have ruined ny life. I took dixycycline 100 mg 2x2x a day for 5 months and now my acne is on areas its never been. I also developed severe seborrheic dermatitis. Because of my dilemma, I have tried to commit suicide 3 times

Jordan, your skin will clear! You have to be patient and strong. Don’t expect results from man-made pills. Do an intense detox and start supplementing your body with the nutrients it needs. You will just cause yourself depression if you keep expecting fast results from something that will lead you nowhere. It will be a long journey, but a journey worth taking, believe me. If you make it to the end of the journey what you will gain is much more than your dilemma is trying to take away from you. Take my advice, you’ll thank me later :)

I am super frustrated. I started breaking out spring 2010. I didn’t think it was that bad but as it continued to get worse, I finally made an appointment with a dermatologist in September 2010. I have been on an array of face wash, spot treatments and antibiotics. I was on doxycycline from nov 2010 until June2011 and then it just stopped working. I was then put on solodyn, which didn’t work, then bactrim, which also didn’t work and then back on solodyn. I finally got sick of it all and stopped using everything about a month ago. My acne is the worst it’s ever been and I don’t even want to go out. I’m 31 and I’ll be 32 in just a couple weeks. Kind of late for acne to start, right? I wish there was a way to make it go away. I was thinking of starting the antibiotics again. Is that a bad idea?

I am so glad I read this, was recently prescribed a six month course of antibiotics and since beginning to taken them have felt nauseas constantly and just generally run down, I’m usually very slow to take antibiotics but got desperate because of my skin…it’s just not worth my health though. Thanks for this….


I have been on antibiotics for nearly 6 years and I have been now advised by my doctor to come off them, having read all of the above I’m really worried about this and not sure whether my acne will return severly. I have a month and half of the courses left to take so hoping not to come off till Jan 2012 sometime, although reading the above scares me into thinking that It’s going to be worse than before. It was approx 6 yrs ago when I couldn’t handle it and went to the doctors crying because my skin was red rore and blistered completely with acne.

I have to come off them as its been way too long and now, I’m hoping that I will be ok but who knows.

Antibiotics were the cause of my acne to begin with. In my last year of highschool I developed a cyst on my eyelid. My doctor prescribed me with minomycin (a type of acne medication) to get rid of it. btw my skin was crytal clear before starting the minomycin. After a good 3 months of being on this pill the cyst was still there but my then clear skin began to wreak havoc. It has taken 4 years to get this out of my system and i can now leave the house without feeling embarrassed. A NOTE TO ALL ACNE SUFFERERS. DO NOT TAKE ANTIBIOTICS!! IT WILL RUIN EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOU, YOU! Instead take the holistic approach. Do a good detox and start eating healthy. A good detox that is sure to kill all the bacteria/fungi in your body is Dr. Gabriel Cousins Rainbow Green Live-Food cuisine diet. It is a hard detox but it has worked wonders. For those who think there is no hope, there is. Keep trying. And most of all, be strong! The experience will all be worth it after it is all over.

Agreed, Sadi. Thanks for your input!

I wanted to ask a question. I’ve been on cyclimycin for 3 weeks now and I want to stop. It has improved my acne but I’m really of the the side effects of the drug. Will I get the acne coming back worse as well as the internal gastric problems which have been mentioned on the site?

Everyone has varying intensities of reactions towards the drug. Your acne may come back worse then before, it may not. It does NOT deny the fact that they are still bad for your body. Your best bet is to get off the antibiotics as soon as possible. Your lucky you’ve only been on them for 3 weeks, the body has the miraculous ability to heal damage done to it, over time. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

I have been on heavy duty antibiotics including daptomycin, teflaro, clindamycin, amox, and several more for about 2 months. There was no way of avoiding these antibiotics as they were for treating a severe bone infection. The dapto and teflaro I received through a picc line for 5 weeks while the others were taken orally. Do all antibiotics equally “treat” acne? Because about 2 months ago was the same time I found this website and began using some of its’ treatments. The main treatments I’ve been using have been coconut oil and tea tree oil. My acne has cleared up significantly and my face is beginning to feel great, however I fear it may come back now that I am off the antibiotics.

Hi I’ve been on Lymecycline on and off for 5 years now. As soon as I go on them my acne clears, but we’ve been trying for a baby for years too, so I have to keep coming off them as they are really bad for the potential fetus. Im off them again now and the acne is back with a vengeance. What can I take naturally to mimic whatever they are doing inside me?

After reading this.. I am scared!! I am 24 and have had not a problem with ance until 6-8 mths ago. I tried EVERYTHING.. I finally went to a derm. who put me on amoxicillin. I have been on it for about 4 moths now and it does work very well. Needless to say I am going to take myslef off of it and see what happens. I HOPE everything goes well, but if not I will try the natural ways to cure ance. I KNEW that taking a antibiotic alllll the time didnt sound right. I just wish I would have researched it ahead of time. Is there anything I can do to help get my body back on track. (from taking the antibiotic?) I tried setting up a subscription but for some reason it didnt send to my e mail. ??? Thanks for all the information I have recived from this sight. It is now on my favorites link.. :)

Hi. I started taking doxycycline almost two months ago for mild acne. It was never that bad but my derm said if i was that paranoid bout it to take doxy. I took it for a little over a month and stopped. It took a couple weeks and i started breaking out. Now im on the third week of being off it and my acne is so much worse than before. What do i do? I eat healthy and drink water but i am going back on doxy… Seems like only option at this point. I have tried proactiv and neutrogena washes as well as acanya…nothing seems to work. Its like my face is saying “get back on that antibiotic” and to me it seems like the only thing that will work at this point…..

Hi. I am 21 and i have been taking antibiotics on and off for about 5 years. I have decided to stop taking mino because i am having digestive problems and have gained a significant amount of weight. i think it is due to the mino. I am constantly bloated and i have started throwing up; something i have never done frequently in my life. Can my body still heal itself and go back to the way it was before?

Hi, I never usually contribute to these things but wanted to share my experience, particularly with regards to immunity. I never had bad skin until about the age of 16/17 and it just got worse and worse. I’m not 27, and my skin is still inflamed, red, lots of sports and just generally looks awful without make up. I look like a different person!! I was put on LimeCycline and then Tetracycle and in total have probably been on them for a year and a half. My skin cleared up, but the redness didn’t go away completely and my skin still didn’t look perfect. I found out I had HPV when I had an abnormal smear and that was about 3 years ago, my last smear came back fine but I found out I still have HPV when most people clear it from their system in about 3 years. Obviously the longer you have it the more likely you are to go on and get more abnormalities or cervical cancer. My immune system has clearly not been up to the task of getting rid of it and I blame antibiotics (and my stupidity)! I stopped taking them about a month ago and am now taking a combination of acidophilus, BioDIM, 50 mg Zinc (which on other boards they say is great for clearing acne), 5000 IU of Vitamin D3, B-Complex and I also take Sea Kelp, every day. It’s a lot of pills, but I think after years of abuse and the low mineral quality of food in this day, my body needs replenishing with some of these things. I also don’t really eat dairy (very very rarely) as I’ve read that this messes with your hormones, and try to avoid red meat (have it occasionally but only organic).

I’m really just hoping that my immune system kicks in and I can repair the damange done to my body by antibiotics. Of course, I won’t sugar coat it, I do drink most weekends, don’t get enough sleep or exercise, all things most of us are guilty of – but I’m trying!

Hi I’m taking doxychloride for just two days. i knew taking antibiotics is doing no good for my body. but once i went to doctor, he said that i must take doxychloride for three months. i don’t know if i take the antibiotics would be harmful for my body or not…. There’s really nothing can heal my acne…i want to try the doctor’s advice and just have it for three months….

I’ve always gotten a few pimples here and there. But around November of last year my face completley broke out, I tried everything and finally decided it was time to go to the dermatologist. She put me on two topical creames, Acanya (AM) and Atralin (PM) and she put me on the antibiotic “mino” The first week or two, I didn’t really notice a difference. But after 6 weeks it had made a difference. So I went back to the derm, she said it made improvement, but not enough just yet. So she said to take Acanya and Atralin both in the AM, more Atralin at PM. She also switched my antibiotic to doxy. Within 3 days my face was peeling of being so dry. I continuously threw up, so she put me on a more gentle antibiotic, (mino) but twice a day. It’s been 4 weeks and all I have left are scars. But it’s getting warmer outside and my biggest problem is staying out of the sun, and using this medicine isn’t going to work for me if I can’t be in the sun. I’m scared if I get off this medicine my face will react and become even worse, What should I do?

I had a small amount of acne on my forehead in high school, and when I went off to college last fall, my face freaked out. I got acne all over my face: forehead, cheeks, chin, and jaw. About a month and a half ago, I went to the dermatologist finally. He prescribed me minocycline twice a day and two topicals: clarifoam (sulfur) in the morning and epiduo (BP cream) at night. Initially, I was extremely dizzy and sick with the minocycline, and my face dried out a lot with the topicals, but all my acne was gone. I still had to wear a lot of makeup because of my scarring, but I had no pimples. Now, a month later, my acne is back. I am so frustrated. I am assuming that I have now built an immunity to minocycline, which really bums me out. I hate my skin and I just want it all gone. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

So should I stop antibiotics all together and resort to natural treatments? if so what are effective natural treatments?


I posted late last year and I can say that after coming off the antibiotics after 6 years I am totally clear still, I have chnaged my diet slightly and uptaked vitamin intake and it seems to be paying off, I have been off them for now 5 months and at first was really worried but now think I feel better and my skin is clear still.

Thank you for writing this it makes me so angry when doctors are so quick to give you antibiotics for everything and dont even tell you the side effects. My dermatologist put me on doryx and I was extremely hesitant but she ensured me that it was going to make everything better and I trusted her. I took it for almost a year and I decided to stop because I started researching the effects of antibiotics and took what I learned in my classes. She was mad that I stopped taking it but I didnt care at that point. Of course my acne got worse and it’s now worse than ever before. I’m starting to weed out pharmaceutical products and using natural products,taking probiotics and eating healthier overall. I’m hoping this works and I wish everyone luck!

Our stories are almost similar.Like you i was tricked into thinking i had really bad acne when really i didn’t. I went into a derm at 15 to clear up some acne caused by my experimentation of make up through adolescence. I expected just some 123 Bam and its gone method, but that wasn’t the case. My derm left me leaving the visit with almost tears in my eyes saying i needed topical creams and antibiotics and all this other stuff to clear up my skin. I was devastated. I was an average teen . Common, sensitive, girl. He had no respect for this one fact. He attacked me with info and my mother persuading me i needed everything but not accutane yet because i was too young. looking back i saw pictures of myself and thought how can i have severe acne if when i look at myself in the mirror and in pics “I” don’t think my acne is “that” bad. The only thing i wanted was a quick fix. I should tell you in my early years i was a shy girl. My friends always called me pretty and beautiful but i never could see myself that way. I was obsessed to be perfect. I love to dance and due to that fact i had the body to go with it. I loved eating healthy and exercise. I still do. I took this recipe for a year. I was a little thrown off from this dilemma i had and kept myself in my own bubble it seems. I didn’t let ppl get close to me and you could say i was that girl you saw who you said ” Damnnnn!!!” But never talked to cuz i never said a word. MY personality wasn’t super shy like autistic but i was that quiet girl. I had guys chase me and girls group around me but i always felt different. I felt there is this one thing about me thats different from them all. I have this disease that i have to take all these meds and i can NEVER EVER Be like them. No matter how hard i try. More time passed and i started to become more comfortable with my self . I stopped seeing the derm i dreaded because my skin had Finally cleared. HURRAH. Little did i know 3 months later BAM! Breakouts more then i had ever had b4 had appeared!! I didn’t want to go out hangout or even be out in my own house! People would text me and call then stopped calling and the only time i saw ppl was at skool. But at skool i hid like a hermit crab. Luckily my bestie was there to help me through the way or i would have surely turned suicidal. I even did contemplate this idea. Its not that i would ever do it its just when i looked at my self my image was so different then i remember i couldn’t even recognize myself. And the questions of what happened to that little butterfly that was slowy coming out of her cocoon didn’t help either. In high school some not all guys but most want ass. I didn’t really think so but a lll the while when my skin was clear guys chased me and tried to hook up . I was the type of girl who could care less. I actually didn’t even want a boyfriend till i was 18 even my mom thought that was weird. but Idk i just wanted a boyfriend friend like my buddy. All and all i was the girlfriend of the most popular guy in school but i didn’t really feel any different just there with him i guess. He was nice and all but then i came to find we were so unalike like most people find out there the compatible. He didn’t like how i was getting distant but i did anyways . I dropped him. not mean or anything just told him i didn’t have the same feelings. We ended it and you can imagine how much spotlight was on me. All the while at the worst possible moment , this was the moment i had started to breakout. I could go on and on about the toll Acne Does Take On You but you can imagine the emotional toll it takes just through this. I had a breakdown as you could say. I did not go on pills but my mother held me up and helped me preserve through everything. Im sorry to say i am back on antibiotics because i feel those are the only things that will help I’ve eaten healthy my whole life and exercised because thats how my family has raised me. The fact is I do no know what else could be causing my dilemma. I have come to conclude that through all the things out there to cure acne they don’t want to find a cure because then they won’t have any profit from the big industries suffers around the world.

thanks for this article. i have been on roaccutane twice, now on tetralysal, and yasmin, i have taken chaste berry, vitamin B, tried everything i could think of…i have had acne for over half my life now, all i want to do is cry sometimes i just touch my face in the morning and i want to crawl into a hole and die…
i don’t know what to do anymore…here in South Africa there are not many doctors that would take your approach and even if they did, i think i am so tired of waiting for clear skin and trying to stick it out with herbal/ alterative things, i want the quick fix which ends up being temporary anyway and the acne comes back…but I am going to finish my 6 weeks of tetralysal and continue on the pill, and try to adopt healthier eating plans (although i consume a teaspoon of coconut oil per day already, yes have researched that as well!) i have read it all, and tried it all…all the natural alternatives, i gym and keep fit but nothing works…i want so badly to believe that this will work…

I had acne as a teenager and used topical treatments, as an adult out of the blue I developed cystic acne. I was given cortisol shots to treat the cysts, and topical cylindamilicin. Later I was given dioxicyclin which I had a SEVERE side effect. I could not eat or drink without pain. I had blood test and an ultra sound but they didn’t know what was wrong. I asked if it was my new medication (that I’d been on for less than a month) and I was told it was not by both my doctor and pharmacist. I stopped taking it anyway to rule out the drug as a possibility. I was fine after words. I remained convinced it was the medication. My friend later on took the same medication and had the same effect (it was an ulcer caused by the pill being lodged in her throat). Needless to say I had not truly given antibiotics a shot at this point. Despite this my Dr aggressively tried to get me on accutane. I was appalled at the fact that he would attempt to put me on a clearly dangerous drug without giving less risky options a try. I went to a new dermatologist who gave me a serious antibiotic that quickly calmed my”angry” acne face and long with it gave me a yeast infection. I was put on a lower dose of antibiotics (ery tab), birth control,and retinol-a and my acne seemed to disapear. I stopped taking birth control because I was nervous about being on it and didn’t know if it was needed along with a lowered dose of antibiotics, still fine. I started having weird symptoms which lead me to believe I had an hormonal imbalance and lead to much researching on hormones, I started wondering if that was why I developed cystic acne out of the blue as a n adult. Was I just treating the symptom of an underlying problem? Along the way I learned about yeast imbalances and was horrified to realize I had oral thrush without realizing it (I noticed it around the time I developed cystic acne and forgot about it), and had been on antibotics for 1 and half years. I also had an aunt who lost her colon due to a bacterial infection from antibiotic resistant bacteria after being on antibiotics, well that was enough for me to stop taking my antibiotics. I stopped taking antibiotics 3 months ago and have been taking 60 billion probiotics a day, a whole food multivitamin and mineral, and having a serving of yogurt most days. I have replaced half my grain intake with veggies, and avoiding wheat as much as possible, no added sugar, hardly any processed foods, organic foods, and added fiber (Psyllium seed husks), and eat 5 times a day. My face has been getting progressively worse since getting off antibiotics and changing my diet, yet my health overall is getting better. The only symptom I have left is my acne! I am left with wondering is this a sign my hormones are still out of balance, or is it a result of taking antibiotics? Why is my acne worse coming off of antibiotics than it was before I ever went off of it? Is it Candidia? Any thoughts?

Hi Julie,

I’m glad you decided to stop the antibiotics cycle and also really glad you refused Accutane!

It’s possible your acne is related to hormonal issues, but those hormonal issues are caused by an incorrect diet. Your hormonal issues were a symptom of the underlying problem, just like your acne is.

It’s likely you have candida, but again candida is not the ’cause’ of your acne. Candida albicans exists in every human – your body will change candida in order to help get rid of toxins and waste. Once you are healthy, your body automatically changes candida back to it’s original state.

If you are avoiding sugars as well as getting the nutrients all humans need in order to be healthy (are you eating enough healthy fat?) – then your body will go through the same symptoms you’ve experienced in the past as you progress towards health. These are called ‘healing symptoms’ and sometimes called ‘retracing symptoms.’ If you are indeed eating correctly then you can be assured that your body is working hard to expel the toxins the antibiotics and poor diet have left.

Hope it helps,

im so thankfull for coming across this website and reading all of your stories! I suffer from cystic acne from pcos, i hate it, it has completly destroyed my confidence! im 27 a mum of 1, and sometimes feel that down about my face, i make excuses not to go out and it makes me feel such a let down, its destroyed my social life completly, i get so sad about this! so after going back wards and forwards to the doctors they precribed me antibiotics, at first they completly cleared up my skin, my skin even started to GLOW! i was going out more felt good about myself again. then they started to make me feel bloated all the time, gave me such bad headaches i was getting dependant on them so after a year of taking tetralysal i have decided to call them a day! does anyone know how long they take to completley get out of your system? as im going abit cold turkey here! and my skin has turned for the Worse again! its a horrible cycle :’(

This article is well written and the intention is obviously for the reader’s best interest, but it really doesn’t offer a solid solution.

George, if you have more information on a proved alternative and other “natural options”, please go into more detail and give strong examples of success stories with pictures. You basically identify a problem many of us who suffer from acne are well aware of. That being the classic “Drugs are bad, a healthy lifestyle is better.” This sentiment, especially with acne, is pretty widespread on the internet and yet unfortunately evidence of it working for more than a handful of people with severe acne seems to be missing. I’ve dabbled in the natural methods for years, and here I am, still with persistent acne.

I have been on several drugs in the past; Doxycycline, Tetracycline, Minocycline, Bactrim, and so forth. The only drug I haven’t taken yet is Accutane, which may soon be my fate. Many at the end of the line choose Accutane due to it’s high chance (around 80% statistically) of literally killing off the bacteria forever. Some have to do a second round of it years down the line, but most never have to deal with topicals and pills ever again (such as my brother). Of course every drug comes with side effects, and some have nightmare stories, thus being the exact reason I have been adamant about not taking the “wonder drug for acne”. Bactrim was the only antibiotic I have taken that actually worked, and as you talked about, it eventually stopped working after a couple years and the acne started to surface again as my body became more resistant.

I since tried changing diet, exercising more, all sorts of vitamins, natural oils such as emu oil and tea tree oil, different washes and moisturizers, LED light therapy, and so on and so on with no luck whatsoever. I have done every “natural” cure in the book, and given each new attempt plenty of time to make sure I gave it a fair chance. The results were depressing, as none of these things truly did anything for my face.

To those who live with moderate to severe acne, the emotional damage is very real and makes every day life an issue, and there is only so many natural methods we can experiment with before we give up on those too. Most of us will take a temporary solution over no solution at all when it comes to our face. None of us want to take antibiotics, we just feel we have no other option but to continue going down that line until we find what works. When I finally found Bactrim it gave me a few years of pure happiness when it came to my face, confidence, and personality. I hate to sound shallow there, but even the most outgoing people often experience total changes in their personality with acne. I was one of them, and Bactrim was a life saver for a long time. Did it stop working? Yes, it did, but if I didn’t take it at all those last few years would have been absolutely terrible.

It’s strange to say, but I essentially agree and disagree with you at the same time. I don’t think antibiotics are a good solution, but I think for some of us they are the only solution. I am now waiting for a call to refill my Bactrim again after a 6 month break in hopes that my body will be receiving to it again, as that is often the case after you stop for a while. I am doing this because my quality of life has dropped to an all time low recently with the acne resurfacing and I really am out of options.

That is, unless you have some other ones.

I’ve been eating extremely well for the past year or so because I found the real root of acne: your health! However I started breaking out a little and now I’m back at square one. I have become diet obsessed because I don’t want bad skin, I really thought I had cured myself during those months of having few blemishes! Turns out, I didn’t! :( I’m starting to meditate and find that this is helping me better accept and understand my condition. I’m not loosing hope but eating healthy and working out is only part of the puzzle however. I wish everyone all the best!

Diet consists of: macro greens superfood, lean white meat, vegetables, fruit only in the morning, nothing but water and green tea.
Supplements: neem extract, fish oil, macro greens.
Enemas: water and coffee enemas every week!

I feel so sad for everyone and feel their pain as I have had bad acne since the age of 14. I was put on tetracyline and clindamycin when I was 18 only to not have it work and then be put on accutane. I have always exercised and eaten well as well as used good skin products so now in my 30′s I am horrfied to still be dealing with this. Recently I broke out terribly and feel very ashamed of how I look but I am thinking that a recent bout with an infection that put me on antibiotics has flared up my face. I’m drinking Bio K and continuing my wheat free diet as I suspect Accutane contributed to my IBS. I don’t drink or smoke but I know that I need to meditate more and exercise more…although the last 2 days I have walked over 10kms?!

Aside from this psycho flare up I find that fish oils, no white foods such as bread and pasta as well as sugar really helps to curb the acne. It helps to not drink either. However if you all saw me now you would think that I lead the most unhealthy lifestyle based on my awful complexion. I’m praying this will go away soon. Another thing to look into besides diet that some people have mentioned is to consider Isolaz treatments, I will try this out and report back…I hope it’s not too pricey as acne has cost me a fortune over the last 20 plus years….

Hi Sofie,

I feel your pain as well. There are many who have suffered from acne into adulthood and never enter complete remission since they do not take the correct dietary measures. Healthy eating is not what we’ve been lead to believe from mainstream media. Curbing breads pasta and alcohol is a very good start!


I know what you your feeling..I was never a guy who lacked confidence until this acne problem started after taking weeks of antibiotics..anti what they are..BUT..after finding home remedies and eating tons of probiotic foods..yogurt, certain cheeses, I eat Feta, black tea, ginger, tofu..fermented foods contain probiotics..IF your stomach is in balance there is nothing that you can’t eat..I also drink cider vinegar, 2 tbs, and water..I have also lost 10 pounds in 2 months..and my acne is 75% better..I made a mask from baking soda/lemon/cider vinegar/honey..about a 3/1 ratio of baking soda to the liquids..I also use aloe and calendula gels to help with bacteria, redness and inflammation…My cleanser is 1/1 cider vinegar and far so would be nice if the damn doctors warned people about the various side effects..some even more serous that rampant acne..Great LUCK to you.

I had a terrible time on lymecycline, i only lasted 3 weeks out of the 2 months I was prescribed for hard spots on my back. I realised that the antibiotics were slowly poisoning my body, sure my skin looked clearer, but my mouth dried out badly over night, I developed small mouth ulcers, had cranial pressure and itchy skin. Most of this has cleared up although my skin still itches 3 weeks after quitting the devil pills! I am a very fit man who eats very healthy- now I am supplementing with garlic and probiotics too as I just want to feel the way I did before the pills.

Please think before taking antibiotics when its not a life or death situation.

Honestly, the reason why most of these people’s skin conditions worsened was because they did not seek their dermatologist’s advice for “coming off” of the antibiotics. You can’t just STOP taking them, you have to lower the dosage and ween yourself off of them.

I’m a 45 year old male and I’ve never had any acne problems except for the occasional zit every now then..but after being in the hospital using IV’d antibiotics for Osteomyelitis, a bone infection, I was sent home with $7000 costs that much??..of antibiotics..oral..and that was what caused the rampant acne that i’m still dealing with months later..Why did I have to take so many of these pills for so long? Completely overprescribed, and it destroyed all the good bacteria that prevents these infections..So now I’m using the Cider vinegar with water twice a day and eating as much probiotic food as possible, and it’s about 70% better..I created my own mask and cleansers..mask-baking soda/lemon/cider vinegar/honey..a thick paste..and then cleanser-witchazel/cider vinegar about 1/1..and then I use aloe gel and calendula cream..homeopathic..the mask helps lighten the scars and blemishes as well as kill and dry out the also removes dead skin cells..the aloe and calendula kill bacteria and calm the skins redness and inflammation..hey, IF there is a better and faster natural way..PLEASE tell me..

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