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Learn How to Get Rid of Back Acne Today!

Ugh, bacne. There is no more unpleasant word to hear, especially when the weather is warmer in the summer months, and you want to spend time in the sun, wearing a swimsuit, a tank top, or even a summer dress. How embarrassing is it to have to deal with an inflamed, swollen, and oozing outbreak of back acne when you’re trying to enjoy your life?

The good news is if you are a bacne sufferer, the condition is more common than you think. Back acne is the same as body acne, and the treatment approach is also the same. The fact is that the same acne that affects your face is likely to affect your whole body, especially on areas like your back, backside, arms, and legs.

Bacne Causes

Back acne is often referred to as “bacne”, and it is incredibly common if you already suffer with acne in your complexion. Body and facial acne affects men and women, teens and adults, and it is consistently triggered by an imbalance in the diet, caused by eating foods that release inflammatory compounds in the body to result in long-term acne breakouts. Additionally, back acne is often much more common in males [1], which may cause serious embarrassment if you swim, play a sport, or just want to take off your shirt in hotter weather.

These outbreaks of back acne are triggered the same way that acne appears in your complexion, by an overproduction of oil mixing with dead skin cells and becoming infected with the p. acnes bacteria. As these lesions appear all over your back, they are often difficult to treat and may even become more infected or cystic if you sweat, don’t change out of your workout clothes, or experience irritation on your back from fabrics and detergents.

Can You Get Rid of Bacne?

From information I found on several blogs online, the recommended course of treatment for a back acne outbreak is using aggressive products that contain drying ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. The explanation for this is that benzoyl peroxide will remove any surface oils that are mixing with dead skin to trigger an acne breakout on the back. That almost sounds like a good idea, until you consider the fact that benzoyl peroxide is an aggressive and drying ingredient that will deeply penetrate and disrupt the protective moisture barrier of the skin when it is used over the long term. Say it ain’t so!

If you have been using an acne body wash that contains benzoyl peroxide, I would encourage you based on my experience as an aesthetician to stop this immediately before it strips your skin anymore of its protective oils and leaves you susceptible to long-term damage, dryness, cracking, and chapping on your back.

Here are what several sufferers of bacne had to say at the forums:

My back resisted all attempts to rid it of acne – I tried accutane (was too harsh and I ended up sunburnt all the time back in Australia where I grew up so I gave up) and I tried a number of expensive topicals that did virtually nothing, I’d kind of given up hope an resigned myself to a life of bacne when I read about using vinegar on your face to get rid of hyperpigmentation so I thought I’d give it a go to get rid of the red marks on my back that had formed as a result of the cysts and would stay for weeks if not months before being joined by new fresh red marks.  So off to the supermarket I went and the only vinegar I could find was Japanese rice wine vinegar so I bought it home and tried it (I found it worked best by using it with a bit of Tea-Tree oil), well the results were amazing, within two weeks my back was clear of spots and the marks had faded significantly within three weeks. I have to say I was stunned. The truly strange thing is that its been almost a year since I first started using it (at the time nightly) my back is completely clear and now I no longer need to use it as regularly, I probably apply it once a week if that and my back stays acne free. I still have the original 375ml bottle from last year which shows how little I need to use these days.

I had tried everything that the store had to offer, and I tried Proactiv and some other acne medication that promised things it wouldn’t. The Neutrogena body wash worked slightly, but didn’t come close to clearing what I had. I tried Head & Shoulders which also helped a bit, more than other things. Gold Bond powder did nothing for me. Rice Vinegar helped slightly but the smell was too unbearable for me as well.

I had confronted my mum about my problem so she tried to help me out a bit. My mum had been using a toner she made for her face, and so she said to try using that. I was skeptical because it was all homemade, and I am one of those people who aren’t too fond of homemade remedies. But I tried it anyway, and in conjunction with a few other things, I have to say that my back acne is at least 90% clear right now. It only took 3 weeks. It is simply getting better every day. I feel confident that I can wear a bikini just with what is going on right now.

You’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth! As you can see, conventionally marketed body acne treatment products contain harsh chemical ingredients that will only irritate your skin and make your condition worse. The only recommended way to treat your body acne is with gentle home remedies made from natural and organic ingredients, coupled with a healthy diet to reduce visible inflammation in your skin. Yes, the only legitimate way to get rid of your back acne for the long-term is by making important dietary changes, like reducing excess sugar and carbohydrates and using healthy fats instead of unhealthy fats found in processed foods, which will only compromise the quality of your skin and make your existing acne outbreaks worse.

It does help to nourish your skin with home remedies, but they will not treat the cause of acne itself.


  1. Palmer, Angela. “Back Acne – Body and Back Acne Basics.” Acne – Acne Causes and Acne Treatments. 19 Dec. 2008. Web. 06 Jan. 2011. <>.

About the Author: Bethany Ramos is an aesthetician and makeup artist with a special interest in using nutrition to heal and alleviate a number of conditions in the skin. You can find out more skin care and makeup tips by visiting her blog at FacebyBethany.

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