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Can Eliminating Carbonated Drinks Clear Your Acne?

Many people reach for a mid-day soda for a little sugar or a little mental boost to wake them up. However, could that little drink stimulate your acne as much as your energy? Is there a connection between carbonated drinks and acne breakouts? Some think that this is just another generalization about what can cure your acne naturally. Still others have tested an elimination of carbonated drinks from their diet and have had clearer skin as a result. What do you think?

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FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

Are you ready to throw away those nasty chemical lotions and creams… never pay for another expensive, worthless prescription ever again… and discover the “hushed up” truth about so-called acne cures and the 100% natural secret that’s WAY MORE POWERFUL?


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