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Can Water Dramatically Improve Your Acne?

As the food – acne debate rages on, here comes another view of what element you put in your body that could improve your acne naturally. Some have claimed becoming 100% clear as a result. Still others question the benefits of relying on a single cure-all for clear skin. Weigh in on this simple, free, and natural way to cure acne

View the Discussion: Everyone who wants to be 100% CLEAR SKIN + Healthy

What Does George Say About Water?

Water is overrated when it comes to a natural treatment for acne. Too much water can cause you to lose essential minerals necessary for optimal skin. Ofcourse too little water is not advised. Drink water when you are thirsty but you shouldn’t fore yourself to drink water to hit a certain quota everyday. It is not a necessary method to cure your acne.

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

Are you ready to throw away those nasty chemical lotions and creams… never pay for another expensive, worthless prescription ever again… and discover the “hushed up” truth about so-called acne cures and the 100% natural secret that’s WAY MORE POWERFUL?


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