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Cod Liver Oil – The Acne Fighting Superfood

There’s a nutrient dense food that will help clear your skin, and your dermatologist won’t tell you about it. It’s called cod liver oil, and it’s been used as a natural remedy of all types of diseases and ailments for centuries. The power in this extremely potent healing food is it’s large quantities of naturally occurring Vitamin A, Vitamin D and elongated Omega 3 fatty acids. [1] All three of these essential nutrients are necessary for optimal, acne-free skin.

In fact, cod liver oil contains more vitamin A and vitamin D per unit weight than any other common food.

Lack of Vitamin A, D or Omega 3 can all lead to the following:

  1. An accumulation of toxins – toxins cannot be handled and excreted properly and will often be excreted through the skin (aka acne)
  2. Dry Skin – your skin cannot achieve optimal moisture levels without necessary nutrients that keep the skin cells plump and not rigid.
  3. A slower healing rate – your body will spend its resources on fighting off toxins and infection that would normally be handled with ease. As a result, your skin suffers.

Naturally Occurring Vitamin A

This very important vitamin is a catalyst in which several biochemical processed depend on. In fact, minerals, protein, or water soluble vitamins cannot be utilized by the body without vitamin A from animal sources present in the diet. [2] Vitamin A also acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin against free radicals and pollutants.

This means if you are not in obtaining Vitamin A from the correct sources, your organs, including your skin, will malfunction and you will not be able to achieve optimal skin.

Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

There is a lot of varying information regarding this all important vitamin (better classified as a hormone rather then a vitamin). What scientists do agree on is that Vitamin D is very necessary for optimal health. Without it, Vitamin A absorption becomes a problem, as well as the absorption of different minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.[3]

Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight, but this becomes more complicated then just tanning at the beach every now and then. Many different things effect the levels of Vitamin D absorption from the sun [4], and these include:

  • The amount of toxins present in the body, particularly through foods.
  • Latitude and altitude (elevation, i.e. distance from the sun), with the Equator being the highest sun exposure.
  • Cloud cover and pollution
  • The Ozone layer
  • Season and time of day

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you obtain Vitamin D through natural food sources, rather then relying on sunlight.

Elongated Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty acids are equally important as other fatty acids such as omega-6 and fatty acids from other naturally occurring sources such as butter and coconut oil.

Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases [5], acne included.

Americans consume far too much of omega-6 EFAs, found in most polyunsaturated vegetable oils. These EFAs tend to promote inflammation when not in correct balance with Omega 3s.

Natural vs. Synthetic, and it’s Importance

The nutrients in Cod Liver Oil are easy to absorb and super powerful because it comes from a natural source (from the liver of the cod fish). Many supplement companies will attempt to sell Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Omega 3s in different forms (synthetic) that were produced in a lab. These synthetic nutrients only go so far, and many do not contain the necessary cofactors that promote the absorption of these minerals.

What are Cofactors? Cofactors are easier known as “helper molecules” that assist in biochemical transformations. [6] Many cofactors (the cofactors of Vitamin D, for instance) have not yet been discovered by human science. This is a big reason why synthetically made vitamins will not be absorbed properly, because we do not understand the hundreds of cofactors necessary.

Our only solution is to obtain these nutrients from natural sources, where cofactors are naturally present. When supplementing with any type of vitamin or mineral, make sure to obtain it from naturally occurring sources found in nature!

All Nutrients Work Together

Acne sufferers will often look to one type of supplement (Vitamin A) for example, to end the woes of their acne prone skin. Attempting to supplement with just one of these vital nutrients is an effort in futility, since all nutrients work together. This goes beyond just Vitamin A, D and Omega-3s but also include all minerals and water soluble vitamins. The bottom line is, if your body is deficient in just one type of essential nutrient (meaning, the body cannot produce it on it’s own), other nutrients cannot be absorbed properly, and the effects can be seen on various organs, skin included.

Why Cod Liver Oil is Considered a ‘Superfood’

Cod Liver Oil contains a balanced proportion of all these nutrients and cofactors, in their natural forms. The typical American diet is very low in these particular nutrients, and is an extremely healthy adjunct to any diet.

It is of the utmost importance for any acne sufferer wishing to cure their acne and achieve optimal skin to obtain these nutrients on a daily basis.

Cod Liver Oil is a part of the book Focus: Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin, and many have shared improved success with it’s use. Some have even reported good results applying cod liver oil to old acne marks.

There’s more you should know. . .

Cod Liver Oil & it’s relationship to acne only touches the surface of what you should know about this debilitating disease that we’ve all grown to hate. Here at Focus:Acne, we have started an information revolution – where we put all misconceptions aside, and inform the “motivated-to-cure” on the true nature of this disease. Stop buying acne medications, stop visiting the dermatologist, and simply enter your name and e-mail below – it’s time to be inspired and officially put acne in the past…

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About the Author: George is the head coach behind the scenes, in the Focus:Acne Members Area. He, along with the strong community of former acne sufferers, have helped several people cure their acne, and change their lives for the better.

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Where can I buy these?

I LOVE cod liver oil for my skin… I recommend it to all my readers!! I actually JUST heard about this Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil…. I’ve been using Carlson brand and it’s quite good, but I gotta get my hands on some of this!

When you refer to cod liver oil and synthetic products I become confused. Is taking a cod liver pill daily considered helpful or is there another way to get cod liver oil?

Like there aren’t already all sorts of synthetic hormones our overworked livers have to deal with, why are the manufacturers calling synthetic vitamins by their standard names?

Why are syntehtic vitamin D posing as as ACTUAL vitamin D? Why are synthetic estrogen calling themselves estrogen? Isn’t that plain and simple false adveritizing? Isn’t it NOT OK if you call the thing chicken meat, it should be REAL chicken meat and should NOT be synthetic amino acid plus recombined chicken bone meal concentrate pretending to be real chicken meat?

Why do we have to work so hard to ensure the vitamin E they now put in our everyday food is not the synthetic vitamin E pretender that is gonna give us cancer one of these saturated liv er xenohormone-overdosed days?

Why are we being so slack about making Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverage manufacturers CALL A SPADE A SPADE?

Synthetic hormone should be called SYNTHETIC hormones.

What about aspartame ? And trying to banned stevia!??!! Wtf is going on with this country?”?????

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