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Does Constipation Cause Acne?

Fuck Off! I've Only Been Here an Hour!

Fuck Off! I've Only Been Here an Hour!

A lot of shit is going on in our bodies(notice the pun), and one way our immune system is getting rid of the bacteria, fungus, etc is to get rid of it through the bowels.

Now a healthy person should be able to deal with common toxins just fine. That’s why we go to the bathroom, to get rid of waste. Try to think what would happen if we were constipated. The dead bacteria could not be excreted through our bowels, and they could feed off the festering food in our colon! It’s a double whammy.

So our immune system devises a new plan. If we can’t get rid of these toxins through our bowels, we have to go through another route, through our skin – through our pores. Aw shit, what is the pinching feeling in my skin, it itches – not again, another fucking pimple! It’s going to be a big one, I can tell. Voila, there is your cyst.

There is a common myth that acne takes two or so weeks to form. Constipation is a perfect example that this is not true. If you are constipated, notice that this same day and the next, your skin gets worse. The only way to fight it is to not get constipated(duh.)

How do prevent constipation?

  1. Don’t eat starchy foods (e.g. bread, pasta)

  2. Consume healthy oils

I like to refer to bread and pasta as ‘the butt plug.’ Because that’s exactly what it is. Carbohydrates are the hardest foods for our body to digest. Most carbohydrates have little to no nutritional value. They provide no benefits – they only act to block our digestive system. Simply put – bread and pasta cause acne. I can’t get anymore blunt then that. You may ask yourself, how can Maria eat her moms pasta everyday and have that porcelain skin? First reason being her immune system might be stronger. Her mom may be cooking her pasta, but then again she’s probably sticking to extra virgin olive oil and cooking her mothers salmon recipe too. A stronger immune system can deal with toxins more efficiently. Secondly and most probable, everyone deals with toxins differently. She might have that porcelain skin and be getting all the hot guys now – but she doesn’t know about the erosion going on in her perfect C cup breast and the cancer it will cause in 30 years.

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