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Dermatologists Make Me Sick

The below piece was written from the heart. It is very opinionated, and filled with emotion(mostly anger). In order to cure this disease, we must look at acne from a logical and reasonable point of view. Continue with caution.

Dear Acne Sufferer,

Would you say diseases like acne, rosacea, boils, bumps, and scars are very interesting to anyone? How about that rash on the back of some guys scalp that Gold-bond wont help? Fuck no. It’s downright depressing. Reading the obituaries everyday has more pleasantries.

So why would anyone want to become a dermatologist and deal with it day in and day out?

I’m sure many soon to be dermatologists had the thought “I’m interested in skin, and I want to help people.”

For 99% of them, this thought came second to the money they could acquire, the status they could achieve, and the opportunities they would have the rest of their life. Generally speaking, humans are selfish.

Ask yourself, why are you here in the first place? It’s not because your brother has some pimples on his forehead and you want to help him get laid – it’s because you are dealing with this shitty disease everyday and you want to help yourself. Everyone does.

The Road to Dermatology

Let’s depict the story of a hypothetical dermatologist.

He went through high school, probably got pretty good grades. He got into a good college – and he worked his ass off. Somewhere along the way he realized he wanted to get into the medical field – or maybe his parents forced him into it. He heard about dermatology, he knew peoples vanity is important to them. He then saw opportunity in this profession. . .

So, now this soon to be dermatologist makes it into a school of dermatology. He’s fed bullshit studies and textbook information that was written in the 80s. He’s convinced that this information is all true – because it’s backed by studies and proofs – because it’s written by knowledgeable professors and dermatologists alike.

Compare that to you, the acne-sufferer. You deal with this shit everyday. You hate it. All you can think about is how you can get rid of it. Sound about right?

You have a deep desire and passion to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. You’ve studied more about acne then dermatologists. Dermatologists study about every skin disease – we specialize in one. We are one step ahead of the dermatologist.

How Do Dermatologists Make Money?

Maybe you don’t care much about money. If you’ve grown up in Capitalist America, chances are that it has atleast some importance in your life.

Dermatologists are no different.

Remember, this was the main reason the well studied college kid decided to become a dermatologist in the first place – money, status, opprotunity. This is how they achieve it

  1. When patients come in for checkups, treatments, and prescriptions.
  2. Every time the patient fills his prescription

Maybe #2 didn’t cross your mind?

Do you know what the largest business industry in the world is? It’s not one that deals with Microsoft or Google – it’s the pharmaceutical industry! I could go on for hours about how the pharmaceutical industry tries to fuck us over, but that isn’t within the scope of our topic.

Pharmaceutical companies make money by selling drugs. They are more devious, more notorious, more greedy then the heroin dealer on the street corner of the ghetto.

Pharmaceutical companies offer incentives to doctors and dermatologists to prescribe their drugs over other rival companies. These incentives come in the form of money – and no, this isn’t illegal!

Lets use antibiotics as our main example. There are literally several dozen types of antibiotics on the market. Not all of them come from the same company. The dermatologist has many poisons in his arsenal to mess you up with, but how does he choose? It’s that green cotton paper, of course.

Now, you may be thinking i’m devils advocate. That i’m making out dermatologists to be evil gremlins with horns and the pharmaceutical companies are the devils themselves.

Remember that the dermatologist is convinced that the studies hes taught in college are true. The studies told him that clarithromycin worked on 67 out of the 93 patients studied. How would he know, he’s never taken it himself.

In his mind, not only is he prescribing ‘proven to work’ drugs, but he’s making good money at the same time. A win-win situation!

The Cycle of Futility is Good for the Dermatologists Trust Fund

After years and years of work, dermatologists must have figured out that all these drugs only treat the symptoms, that they don’t provide a permanent cure – and in many cases, cause more harm then good.

Dermatologists accept the concept of ‘There is no cure, there are only ways to manage it,’ and they greet this concept with open arms.

Dermatologists would be out of business if there was a widespread known cure to acne. Whether it be in their subconscious, or conscious, dermatologists want more and more people to get acne so they have more patients to ‘help.’

Do any of these dermatologists realize that many, many people are curing heir acne through healthy dietary choices?

Find me a dermatologist that will accept the diet and acne connection openly, and you’ve got yourself a free lifetime membership!

In the meantime, stay away from dermatologists. Your money and your time can be better spent elsewhere.

George McCumiskey, former acne-sufferer

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Very well said and unfortunately very true… I myself am going through a phase where my acne is getting much worse due to the shit my dermatologist prescribed me. The sad thing is that I told her that the only thing that helped in my 7 years of battling acne was Roaccutane and she still prescribed only crap to wash my face with. This is just bad… I would have thought at least doctors would be about helping people and not maximizing profits…

This has been my experience with atopic dermatitis patients. The dermatologist prescribes increasingly stronger steroid creams and immunosuppressants and uv therapy for relief not cure. The dermatologists say there is no cure. There’s enough studies around to show that the steroid cream makes the problem much worse not better but the dermatologists don’t want to know about it. If you’ve been using steroid cream for a long time, look up Dr Marvin Rapaport for some great research showing that there is a cure. I’ve seen first hand that he is correct. Unfortunately to get cured you have to get sick first from the steroid cream withdrawal. I can’t work out if dermatologists are scared to make people sick to get them better or if they like life long clients who will never get better, rather than healthy clients who don’t return for my expensive consultation.
I remember hearing an ob/gyn doctor say “dermatology is not a profession. The have four jars of sorbelene. They prescribe the first one and say come back next week. If the problem is still there, they prescribe the second one” etc I think the doctor was right.

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