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Does Masturbation Cause Acne?

Think about how many times you’ve masturbated in your life and times that by ten. This is how many times I get this question everyday.

The answer is clear – the answer is simple – NO. Now go back to that porn site, or if you’re more interested, read further.

I’ve heard the argument that masturbation causes a spike in testosterone which in turn puts your hormones out of wack. This causes an increase in sebum production, resulting in our worst friend. I’ve also heard people going months without masturbation, or sex(acne sufferers don’t get laid anyways, right?)

The fact is, hormones do play a role in acne, but not for the same reason the common acne sufferer might think. If masturbation really caused acne, then every single person, with the exception of your 90 year old grandpa, would have it. Married men across the world would have pimples.

It’s easy for people to get desperate and take hold of any concept that circulates the web. One person says your sperm is a great topical for your skin. Another person tells you to stop wacking off – it’s bad for your skin. It all sounds good and feasibly true.

Bottom Line: Masturbation does not cause acne!

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does taking out sperm may cause pimples on face???

Retitle this “Does *frequent* masturbation cause acne?” and you’d be singing another tune. Wank once a week, that’s fine, but do it every day as I had for nine consecutive years and you’ll have issues.

The problem lies in how often your testes are having to work to replenish sperm. Vacate your testes every day and they’ll be working constantly. Now, the androgen that activates sperm production also messes with sebum production and other endocrine processes in the skin, meaning that when your testes are in overdrive, so are your sebaceous glands.

Masturbation –> Sperm loss –> Sperm production/Sebum production –> Acne


Masturbation –> Acne

(but only in excess)

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