Step 6: Eliminate Unhealthy Foods and Toxins That Feed Acne


A crucial part of the Focus:Acne Formula is elimination. You MUST eliminate damaging foods from your diet for at least as long as it takes to cure your acne.

Members have said the most difficult part of this program is the elimination of high carbohydrate foods. Understand that to cure acne, you must consume a diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates.

Getting through the elimination part of the Focus:Acne Formula comes through both motivation and results. You must truly believe that your health is of the utmost importance, and have faith that making the correct changes will cure your acne permanently.

Once you start to see results, things will become easier, we promise!

Carefully read the information below to see which foods you must eliminate from your diet.

Eliminate sugars of all kinds

Perhaps the biggest cause of acne is from sugar and all forms of it. These include:

  • junk food, i.e. candy, soda, ice cream, chocolate, etc.
  • fruits and fruit juice*
  • lactose in dairy products (except butter)
  • honey, maple syrup, and molasses
  • sugar substitutes, i.e. NutraSweet, aspartame, saccharin, etc.
  • yogurt and kefir
  • vegetables high in sugar, i.e. corn, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and beets

*All fruits, except lemons and limes, are very high in sugar called fructose, and should not be eaten until you have cured your acne. Some may think that we are missing out on valuable nutrients from these fruits, but actualy, you will be obtaining all the nutrients you need through other measures.

Eliminating sugar is crucial for success on this program.

Lemons and limes are allowed on the Focus:Acne Formula, since they are very low in sugar. However, they should not be consumed in large amounts.

Eliminate all foods high in carbohydrates

A high carbohydrate diet is nothing more than a high sugar diet – since all carbohydrates, both complex and simple, are converted to glucose(sugar) in the body.

Acne feeds on all high carbohydrate foods such as:

  • starches and grains
  • breads
  • pasta
  • brown or white rice
  • pizza
  • cereals
  • baked goods
  • beans
  • potatoes

Eliminating all high carbohydrate foods will seem like a daunting task at first. You will usually notice an increase in fatigue, and cravings for these foods soon after. This will pass, and things will become easier.

Do your very best to not consume ANY high carbohydrate foods. Your skin will absolutely improve!

Eliminate unnatural fats and oils

It has been often stated by our members that the wrong fats and oils contribute the most directly to acne.

You must eliminate toxic and damaging oils and fats. There include:

  • all of man-made hydrogenated (trans-fats)
  • polyunsaturated fats and oils made from vegetables oils, except extra virgin olive oil.
  • specifically, canola (from rape seed), soy, safflower, sunflower, soybean, and corn

These man-made fats and oils greatly depress the immune system. These fats and oils go rancid very easily, even when refrigerated and are often rancid before you even purchase them!

These fats act just like plastic in the body – which will certainly shown on your skin. You wouldn’t melt down Tupperware and eat it, so you do not want to eat any plastic fats and oils.

You SHOULD NOT cook with these oils, nor eat any foods cooked in them.

Eliminate yeast, mold and fungi

Elimination of yeast, mold and fungi in foods, drinks, and the environment is important for most acne sufferers in the initial stages of the program. That is because acne feeds off of fungi, molds and yeast, along with toxins, just like it does sugars and high-carb foods.

Many foods contain fungi-type toxins, called mycotoxins (fungal-type toxins, produced by fungi). These need to be avoided to cure your acne.

Yeasty, moldy, and other fungi-type foods and drinks that must be eliminated:

  • Canned or boxed foods of any kind.
  • Leftover foods that have collected mold.
  • Vinegar and vinegar containing foods like mayonnaise, pickles, mustard and relish – see Note*
  • Malt products or foods containing malt.
  • Edible fungi, including all types of mushrooms and truffles.
  • Fruit juices: all packaged fruits and fruit juices may potentially contain molds, including Real Lemon and other concentrated lemon or lime juices.
  • Dried foods, i.e. seaweed.
  • Pickled foods.
  • Nuts of all kinds, and legumes.

*Note: Some acne sufferers may do okay consuming good apple cider vinegar, that is unpasteurized, unrefined and unfiltered, like Bragg’s or Eden’s. But be cautious, since most acne sufferers are not able to tolerate any kind of vinegar during the initial stages.

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Eliminate Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most damaging things you can consume! Alcohol is the number one food containing mycotoxins (fungal toxins) available to consumer today.

Alcohol will feed your acne – you must do your very best to avoid it until your acne is completely cured.

Eliminate Table Salt

There are enormous amounts of differences between the standard, refined table and cooking salt most of you are accustomed to using and healthy natural ocean sea salt.

Most common table salt is made up of chemicals that pollute your body and wreak havoc on your health.

Healthy natural salts contain no toxins and over 84 minerals and elements necessary for your optimal health, i.e. Celtic (Nature’s Cargo in Canada) and Himalayan. Read the sub-topic ‘Ocean Sea Salt‘ to learn about which types of ocean sea salts you should buy.

Eliminate toxins in general

Toxins and poisons are more prevalent today than ever before in human history! Make every effort you can to eliminate as many sources of toxins you can.

Poisonous & toxic sources include:

  • All medical drugs and most over-the-counter medicines.
  • Medical treatments such as vaccines and chemotherapy, which are highly poisonous!
  • Processed and fake foods are devoid of nutrients and contain damaging chemicals such as additives, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavoring, chemical colors, MSG, carrageenan, nitrates, sulphites and a host of other substances.
  • Grains, seeds, nuts and legumes that are improperly prepared or soaked in order to make them fit for human consumption.
  • Soy or soybean products of any kind, including soybean oil and soy milk, soy sauce, etc.
  • All genetically modified foods (GMO.)
  • Irradiated and microwaved kills foods because they are exposed to high levels of radiation in order to extend shelf life or to kill bacteria.
  • Heavy metals, in personal care and cleaning products, many candles and all air deodorizers.

This is the end of the step-by-step system.

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