Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom Salt Baths

What are epsom salt baths? Epsom Salt is otherwise known chemically as Magnesium Sulfate. Magnesium is an essential component in all living cells. Essential means it is neccesary for you to consume this mineral for optimal skin function. Sulfate is the salt form of another essential mineral, sulfur. Sulfur is an element that is found widely amongst different acne medications. This chemical compound in salt form easily dissolves in warm water.

What benefits do they provide for the skin?

  • A decrease in inflammation and redness
  • Older skin layers will shed
  • You’ll have a healthier looking glow
  • Your stress from acne will decrease
  • Joint aches, commonly cause by Accutane, will decrease

Why does it work? The all natural, chemical makeup of epsom salts is the reason why it helps your skin. The magnesium and sulfate provide your skin with necessary nutrients for it to look and function properly.The circulation to the areas soaked will increase, further bringing necessary nutrients from the blood stream. Lastly, the warm water coupled with this salt will aid in detoxifying your skin and circulatory system.

How do I take them? Draw a bath with warm water. Measure two cups of epsom salts and mix it with the bath. Now, here is the trick no one tells you about. Add 1 tablespoon of ascorbic acid(Vitamin C) crystals to this bath. The Vitamin C Crystals remove chlorine and chloramines, which are otherwise damaging to your skin. Not to mention, Vitamin C is another essential nutrient that has a multitude of health benefits for your skin. Soak in this bath for atleast 15 minutes, and make sure to soak as much as your face as possible whilst still being able to breathe!

Where can I get it? Any grocery store or drugstore will carry it.

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