Here’s How to Have Beautifully Soft, Radiant, Clear Skin, and Keep It That Way For Life!

Zoe Morrison 22 years old from the UK, finished the program in 6 weeks. The after photo was taken 9 weeks after she started. She continues to have beautiful skin to this day!

Are you not sure of the most effective treatment for your acne? Have you tried several different acne treatments with no long lasting results? Then it’s time to try something that actually works.

This is a special opportunity for you to:

  • Stop wasting money on acne medications that don’t work permanently.
  • Never have to deal with unsightly acne, ever again.
  • Feel and look as attractive as ever.
  • Regain your self-confidence.
  • Attract the opposite sex.

… all by implementing our easy to follow instructions in the revolutionary Focus:Acne Formula.

You Can Achieve Beautifully Clear Skin

And most importantly…

We Have the Results to Prove It

Isa Evans suffered from extremely oily skin that clogged her pores. The Focus:Acne Formula brought her oily complexion back to optimal moisture levels.

Notice the large cyst on her left cheek bone? Even the most inflamed cysts disappeared on the program. Say hello to her cat, Jinx!

Isa found her hidden beauty! Sometimes all it takes is clear skin to show it!

Inflammation, redness, and pimples on her face and neck, all gone! Congratulations Isa for joining the Focus:Acne Formula and curing your acne for life!

What Exactly is the Focus:Acne Formula?

The Focus:Acne Formula is an exclusive holistic program that tells you exactly which mix of food choices will cure your acne, absolutely guaranteed.

If you think a holistic dietary method won’t work for you, continue on to the next page.

Inside the Focus:Acne Formula Members Area you’ll find:

  • The unknown foods that will effectively stop the breakouts, and make sure they never return.
  • The most harmful foods to your skin’s health. These are foods you might not first suspect!
  • The precise blend of supplements you’ll need to accelerate healing to it’s maximum potential.
  • The most effective way to implement these concepts in an easy to follow plan.
  • Exclusive access to the experts of the Focus:Acne team to ask any questions you have.

What Makes the Focus:Acne Formula Different From Anything Else You’ve Tried?

ProActiv believes that “You cannot cure acne, you can only manage it with creams or ointments.”

Your Dermatologist believes that “Topical and oral drugs are the only answers to your acne.”

The Focus:Acne Formula is completely different. It shows you how, “You WILL cure your acne, and you DON’T need any medications to do so.”

KNOW THIS: Your dermatologist specializes in EVERY skin disease, and has no background in health or nutrition. The Focus:Acne Formula specializes in ONE skin disease, and makes use of the most up to date health information accessed by only the most well known health gurus of this time.

This program is truly different than anything else you have come across. No other treatment or regimen will take such a logical and clear-cut approach to curing acne.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages Comparison

The below chart compares the disadvantages and advantages of The Focus:Acne Formula versus other acne treatments available.

Treatment Disadvantages Advantages
Focus:Acne Formula
  • Not a “pop a pill” acne cure.
  • Unrealistic for ones who are unwilling to make changes to diet.
  • Consistently effective. The Formula has consistently worked for anyone who is motivated enough to try.
  • Works on all types. From mild to severe, teenager to adult. From any possible cause.
  • Safe. There is no risk of damaging your skin or health with harsh or forceful treatments.
  • Healthy. You will heal your skin by building upon your health in general.
  • Permanent. Your skin will remain acne free once you go off the program.
  • Ask questions 24/7. Get expert answers quickly about your specific acne condition.
  • Join the Focus:Acne Formula Now
Over the Counter Creams and Medications
  • Your acne will not be cured permanently
  • Redness, dry skin, peeling
  • Need of indefininte contiued use
  • Your acne may get better temporarily
  • Easy to access & purchase
Antibiotics such as Doxycycline and Tetracycline
  • Damage to your immune system.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Your acne may come back much worse 1-3 months after cycle completion.
  • Less effective the following cycles.
  • Consistently effective during the 1st cycle.
  • Ask questions when you visit your dermatologist.
  • Easy to consume.
Retinoids such as Accutane or RoAccutane
  • Serious damage to your immune system.
  • Slow healing of pimples which lead to hyperpigmentation and permanent scars.
  • Rosacea and facial redness which becomes troublesome to get rid of afterward.
  • Thinned-out skin which leads to prominent hyperpigmentation and bags under eyes.
  • Consistently effective during the 1st cycle.
  • Works on all types.
  • Ask questions when you visit your dermatologist.
  • Easy to consume.
Light & Laser Treatments such as Blue Light and Intense Pulsed Light
  • Scarring.
  • High upfront cost.
  • May not work at all.
  • Fairly new treatment modality.
  • Trained practitioner administers the device.
  • Ask questions when you visit your practitioner.

The Initial and Ongoing Costs Comparison

The below graph compares the initial and ongoing costs of The Focus:Acne Formula versus other acne treatments available.

Treatment Initial Costs Ongoing Costs
Focus:Acne Formula
  • $100 Per Month
  • Easily cancel anytime.
  • Purchase of suggested vitamin & mineral supplements which will aid you getting all the nutrients you need.
  • A typical acne-sufferer will be a member for 1-3 months, depending on the severity of the specific case.
  • Suggested vitamin & mineral supplements will cost around $60 per month.
  • $160-$480 Total
  • Join the Focus:Acne Formula Now
Over the Counter Creams and Medications
  • $40 – $100 per month
  • This treatment approach must exist forever, since OTC products are not effective permanently
Antibiotics such as Doxycycline and Tetracycline
  • $100 per treatment cycle
  • $100-$200 per Dermatologist appointment
  • The average acne-sufferer goes through three, 3-week cycles, along with 3 visits to the Dermatologist to track progress
  • $600 – $900 Total
Retinoids such as Accutane or RoAccutane
  • $100-$150 per month
  • $100-200 per Dermatologist appointment
  • The average acne-sufferer goes on Retinoids for 6 months, along with 6 Dermatologist appointments to closely track progress
  • $1200 – $2100 Total
Light & Laser Treatments such as Blue Light and Intense Pulsed Light
  • $300-$500 per treatment
  • 3 – 6 treatments
  • $900 to $3000 total

The True Value of This Program

Consider this – if you had the opportunity to…

  • Feel like yourself again and regain your self confidence
  • Get out of your shelter and enjoy life to the fullest
  • Feel and look as attractive as ever when you look in the mirror and when you’re at the presence of the opposite sex
  • Be able to look at people straight in the eyes (No need to hide your face anymore).
  • Feel lighter, healthier and more energetic
  • Put shame, embarrassment, desperation, guilt, frustration and rage to bed once and for all
  • Start living your dreams and do everything you thought was impossible to do when you had acne and do it with conviction, with passion and with joy

…simply by joining The Focus:Acne Formula and achieving that beautiful clear skin that hides under an array of pimples and acne marks, would you take the opportunity?

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“Within 2 weeks, my acne was gone!” – Jason Matos

When I first contacted you and asked about the program I thought to myself, “Seems like it could work, but it’s not for me.”

I’ve struggled with a mild case of acne for 2 years now, but it was never very terrible like the other pictures i’ve seen on this site.

After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to go back to your website and purchase access with your 365-guarantee in mind. I wanted to really make sure that this system would work for my mild type of acne.

To be honest I didn’t expect it, but it definitely did work! Within 2 weeks, my acne was gone!

Jason Matos, 18 years old from Austin Texas turned his mild case of acne into perfectly clear skin in a matter of just 2 weeks!

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