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‘The 100% Natural Skin Care Handbook’

Did you know that the skin care products you are using on your face, day in and day out, contain ingredients that are unnecessarily aggravating, and harmful to your skin’s health, whether you are seeing the immediate effects or not? Please, STOP THIS NOW.

You MUST choose skin care products that only contain ingredients that are found in nature. These products are much more effective in the long run because they simply will not do damage to your skin. To make smarter skin care choices, look to this HandBook, which…

  • Contains products that only have all-natural and organic ingredients.
  • Only displays products that you can easily buy online.
  • Always keeps the acne-sufferer in mind.
  • Will never clog pores, contain harsh chemicals or artificial additives.
  • Includes a variety of products, from blemish care preparations to skin cleansers!

‘How Lee Cured His Acne and Changed His Life’ – A Professionally Illustrated Comic Book

This comic book was illustrated by Lee Stevens, a former acne sufferer who found Focus:Acne during it’s early stages. He cured his acne in 2.5 months, and out of gratitude, created this wonderful high quality comic on how he did it. Thanks Lee!

  • 5 pages in complete color illustration
  • Written by an actual former acne sufferer
  • “Says everything it needs to through pictures – I love it.” Steven Wright at

3 Personal Hi-Def Acne Videos by George

George is the head coach here at Focus:Acne – he, along with our community have actively helped several people put their acne problems in the past. This set of HD Videos comes in a bundle of 3, which includes:

  1. George and Dealing with the Mental Side of Acne (5 min 19 sec)
  2. George’s Experience with Accutane (5 min 46 sec)
  3. George’s Introduction to Focus:Acne (7 min 49 sec)