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Raw Crushed Garlic – Acne’s Worst Enemy?

Garlic is a natural anti-biotic, antifungal, anti parasitical wonder spice. We have been using garlic for many, many years to treat common ailments such as the common cold. Once you implement this into your cooking and you see it’s benefits in action, you will love the smell, you will love the taste – you won’t care about how it makes your breath smell.

What is an acne sufferers insides like? They are filled with toxins, toxins are all things unhealthy for your body like harmful bacteria, fungus, etc. Every unhealthy person has a superfluous amount of this bad shit in them, and everyone’s body deals with it differently. In your case, your body is releasing these toxins through the biggest organ of your body – your skin. Lucky you.

The battle with acne is a war in many senses. In this sense, inside your body these toxins are taking hold of as much real estate they can get their hands on, and your defense mechanisms are trying to fight back. Only, they are losing the battle. Every time you consume something unhealthy like sugar, these toxins are getting reinforcements. You’re immune system cannot win this battle alone. Here is where garlic comes into play.

Garlic is like a battalion of snipers and tanks. The snipers pick off all the bad bacteria, leaving the good bacteria to continue the fight, and the tanks destroy everything else bad (fungus, parasites, etc). You will notice that after consuming enough garlic, you may have to burp a wonderful garlicy aroma. That’s bad bacteria being killed off in your body. What a sweet, sweet smell.

Why raw, and crushed? Garlic has a unique little component called allicin. Allicin is what does all the dirty work. When you cook garlic, the allicin is killed off and there go all the health benefits of this spice. By crushing the garlic you are releasing this allicin.

How can you consume raw garlic? You don’t have to go and munch on cloves of raw garlic. My favorite method is to mix it with eggs. After cooking some bacon and eggs in, I will spread some raw and crushed garlic on them. It actually adds to the taste.

How much garlic? There is no such thing as too much garlic. In fact, you will learn from these readings that you cant get enough of anything healthy. The human body has been trained thousands of years through evolution to accept all things healthy. Your body will take from it what it needs and throw everything else off through your urine, feces, sebum, etc. I personally try to consume 4-6 cloves of garlic a day. Now when you start to implement the acne cure, you will want to take things slow. Start with one clove a day and work your way up.

George McCumiskey, ND

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Response @ In fact, you will learn from these readings that you cant get enough of anything healthy.
Well, simply false. Not true. Water is healthy. You recite in your readings that water helps purge toxins from the body. But you CAN get enough of water. Too much water can indeed kill you.

@ john robbins i believe george is also speaking in terms of moderation not just nutrition; read between the lines

I’ve been taking antibiotics for about three years now, and I still break out not a lot just a couple of pimples here and there. I had to change antibiotics frequently because my acne would become immune to them. I wanted to stop taking my antibiotics and I was wondering is there any way you recommend I stop taking them, like just stop abruptly or gradually. I’m scared because I know right when I stop taking my antibiotics I will break out massively. but, I’m going to try to eat healthy and try your suggested remedies. Please help!

Hi Jess,

I think you should stop taking antibiotics because they really harm your immune system. You can take that for short term but I bet not long term. I suggest taking 1000mg to 2000mg of vitamin C everyday, 2000mg for more severe acne but not over 10000 mg as it brings harm instead. I have few large cystic pimples recently and saggy skin due to too many heavy cystic pimples (my whole face) when I was 23. Recently I took 2000mg of vit C for a few days, the cystic pimples get smaller fast and less red. Eventually, those dried up and apart from that my skin becomes firmer and lifted. Moreover, if you believe in facial, it helps too. When I had large pimples on my whole face as a teen, I took antibiotics till the cysts flattened, and stopped taking it. Shortly, I went for facial 3 weeks once, and has clear skin (or almost clear, just a few small ones) for years till now I am 31 when recently I applied foundation directly on my skin for weeks till I broke out again. For facial, go for the reputatable ones, and be careful of those which can only make your skin worse. Moving bowel everyday helps too.

Hope this helps. I often got jeered at and prejudiced because of pimples.

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