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Are Genetics and DNA the Reason You Have Acne?

In the Literal Sense?

In the Literal Sense?

It’s a common conception that if your parents had acne as children, then you are more likely to have acne as well. Although this is true, it’s not true for the reasons most most people think. Most people may say, it’s because of genetics – that you carry the genes of your parents. Sorry, Johnny. Your 8th grade science teacher was wrong.

Saying that genetics is one of the causes of your acne is saying

  1. Acne is not your fault.
  2. There is only temporary relief and no permanent cure

This is wrong on both fronts. Acne is your fault. You consumed unhealthy foods and you damaged your own body. You probably didn’t know what you were doing, so don’t be so hard on yourself. By committing fully it will become apparent how permanent your relief will be.

The parent to son/daughter relation with acne is simple. If they have been eating damaging foods, you’ve most likely been eating damaging foods as well. If your parents’ bodies deal with toxins through the form of acne, then it is likely your body will deal with it the same. The same goes for any disease – cancer is a good example. There’s been so many studies ‘proving’ that cancer runs in the family. If only people would realize it’s because of themodern, industrialized diet, and not because of genetics – we’d all be much healthier.

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misleading article!

I have a question rather than a comment.

If what you say about acne and diet being so interrelated is true, then why do I get moderate/severe acne (I eat very healthy, rarely eat processed foods, never eat fast food, take my vitamins and supplements, avoid sugars, never drink sodas, and take in at least a gallon of water a day), while my friend who has a ridiculously bad diet (literally eats pizza almost every day, and when he is not eating pizza he is eating fast food… I’m talking fast food twice a day everyday, unless of course its pizza) has flawless, baby soft skin?

If you can, i would really appreciate an explanation because this has made me very frustrated… it just isn’t fair… and it seems to disprove your claims… so whats the deal?

Hi NoFair,

That’s a good question. That actually reminds me of a post I made a while ago titled ‘Why Do I Have Acne? WHY ME!?’

With that article I did not get into as much detail as I would have liked at the time – i’ll probably rewrite it to make the concept more clear. To address your question more specifically…

Have you been eating healthy all of your life? Did your parents eat healthy? What is your daily eating habits like? Avoiding bad foods like sugar and soda are only half the battle – there are certain nutrients we need to be getting from foods and supplements on a daily basis for ‘optimal health’ of both body and skin.

When it comes to vitamins and supplements, remember that more is not better. There are some very specific nutrients we should be intaking through supplements, and that is outlined in the Focus:Acne Formula.

Also note that everyone deals with toxins differently. Your friend’s body deals with the insults he puts on his body through different methods. For instance, he might be susceptible to digestive issues, excessive allergies, even cancer down the line while not ever having to deal with a single pimple.

The skin is only one channel our bodies uses to excrete toxins, and some bodies work better through different channels.

Hope that clears some confusion.


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