Healing Reactions

Healing reactions are symptoms related to eliminating toxic substances, healing chronic infections, or other metabolic changes. They are an essential feature of all true healing methods.

At times, healing reactions are unpleasant, and even frightening. However, they are welcome signs that healing is taking place.

Acne is a healing reaction!

Yes, believe it or not, your body has decided to create acne on your skin to get rid of the toxins that are plaguing your inner body.

Our goal is to stop providing your body the toxins that lead to acne, and allow your body to detoxify through more proper methods such as your bowels and urinary tract.

As you progress on this program and become healthier, your body will go through other healing reactions too.

Most healing reactions are mild and pass quickly. Symptoms may include:

  • diarrhea and constipation
  • aches, pains and muscle cramps
  • mucus and discharges
  • body odors
  • rashes and hives
  • headaches and irritability
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • emotional reactions such as feelings of anxiety, depression, fear or anger

The Difference Between Allergic and Healing Reactions

Many of the reactions you experience while on this diet are the very same reactions you would experience when you are sick. This is because we each have one immune system, and this immune system uses the same channels to expel toxins – the bowels, the urinary tract, the sinuses, and the skin.

An unhealthy body deals with toxins as much as it can at one point in time. When you stop feeding your body toxins, and provide the nutrients it needs to detox, healing reactions occur.

The healing reactions on this program means that you are progressing towards health, and clear skin! Each sneeze, cough, rash, hive, etc. is a sign your body is detoxing.

Pushing Your Body Too Hard Causes Unnecessary Healing Reactions

Pushing your body too hard means you are:

  1. Changing over to the diet too quickly.
  2. Taking supplements that are not recommended — the diet plus supplements provides all of the nutrients your body requires in order to heal acne naturally.
  3. Taking supplements in lower or higher doses than recommended.
  4. Doing harsh and unnecessary treatments, such as cleanses, fasting, etc.
  5. Taking too many herbs, teas, essential oils, or other kinds of natural treatments that can interfere with proper nutrients.
  6. Over-exercising or doing treatments that cause you to sweat too much, since they mobilize toxins and will cause more detoxifying symptoms than are necessary.

There is no point in pushing your body since it will not cure your acne any faster.

It is very important that you approach your healing one step at a time. If you try to make too many changes at once:

  • You risk overwhelming and confusing your body, possibly halting the healing process.
  • You will have more healing reactions than are necessary.

Your body needs time to adjust to each change, at it’s own pace and as it sees fit.

We know you want your acne cured ASAP, but understand that to cure your acne permanently, you must allow time for your body to adjust to the changes you are making to your daily eating habits.

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