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6 Acne Home Remedies for Noticeably Better Skin Tommorow

I am a huge proponent of changing dietary habits to clear and cure your acne. However, there are some acne remedies you can do at home which will help alleviate your symptoms while you treat the true cause. I only recommend all natural acne remedies, rule of thumb – if you wouldn’t want to ingest it, don’t put it on your skin!

Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom Salt Baths

What are epsom salt baths? Epsom Salt is otherwise known chemically as Magnesium Sulfate. Magnesium is an essential component in all living cells. Essential means it is neccesary for you to consume this mineral for optimal skin function. Sulfate is the salt form of another essential mineral, sulfur. Sulfur is an element that is found widely amongst different acne medications. This chemical compound in salt form easily dissolves in warm water.

What benefits do they provide for the skin?

  • A decrease in inflammation and redness
  • Older skin layers will shed
  • You’ll have a healthier looking glow
  • Your stress from acne will decrease
  • Joint aches, commonly cause by Accutane, will decrease

Why does it work? The all natural, chemical makeup of epsom salts is the reason why it helps your skin. The magnesium and sulfate provide your skin with necessary nutrients for it to look and function properly.The circulation to the areas soaked will increase, further bringing necessary nutrients from the blood stream. Lastly, the warm water coupled with this salt will aid in detoxifying your skin and circulatory system.

How do I take them? Draw a bath with warm water. Measure two cups of epsom salts and mix it with the bath. Now, here is the trick no one tells you about. Add 1 tablespoon of ascorbic acid(Vitamin C) crystals to this bath. The Vitamin C Crystals remove chlorine and chloramines, which are otherwise damaging to your skin. Not to mention, Vitamin C is another essential nutrient that has a multitude of health benefits for your skin. Soak in this bath for atleast 15 minutes, and make sure to soak as much as your face as possible whilst still being able to breathe!

Where can I get it? Any grocery store or drugstore will carry it.

Unrefined Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

Unrefined Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

What is coconut oil? Coconut oil is a fat that is extracted from coconut milk. The fat can be extracted from the milk in many different ways. The best method of extraction is fermentation, where the water, natural solids, and pure unrefined coconut oil gradually seperate from themselves without the use of heat or machines.

What benefits does it provide for the skin?

  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Provides a healthy glow
  • Combats bacteria on your skin

Why does it work? Did you know that the skin cells are chemically made up of 50% saturated fat? Coconut oil is made up of 92% saturated fat. The fatty acid that constitutes these saturated fats are all naturally occuring in nature, and provide a multitude of benefits to the skin.

How do I apply it? Apply coconut oil whenever you’d like. It only takes very little oil to apply it the entire surface of your face. A good time to apply the oil is right after your take a shower or an epsom salt bath.

Where can I get it? Pay close attention to the type of coconut oil you buy. It must be unrefined. The word ‘virgin’ isn’t regulated with this oil, so before buying make sure the oil smells like coconut. Refined coconut oil will taste and smell less like actual coconuts. These are two places I would suggest you buy your coconut oil. Nutiva Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil or Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil

Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enemas

What are coffee enemas? A coffee enema is an at home procedure where you introduce coffee into your colon via the rectum. Now this may make you feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. Ask yourself this, would you rather feel uncomfortable practicing an at home acne remedy or feel uncomfortable with your friends because of your acne?

Why coffee? Coffee is made up of caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. This chemical makeup helps relax the smooth muscles, causing dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts. The liver can now carry away toxins in bile acid

What benefits does it provide the skin?

  • Decreases inflammation and redness
  • Prevents new acne from forming
  • Helps achieve optimal moisture levels in the skin

Why does it work? The health of the inside of your body always correlates with the health of your skin. When your digestion system shows symptoms of an overgrowth of fungus and bacteria, so will it show directly on your skin. The coffee enema is a very potent detoxifier, in that it not only clears your digestion system of toxins and debris, but stimulates your liver and bile ducts to dump it’s toxins as well.

How do I do it? The directions for making and administering the enema can be found here.

Where can I get it? You can buy enemas at any drugstore. Make sure to buy organic coffee at your local health store or Whole Foods Market.

Anti-Fungal Oils

Anti-Fungal Oils

What are anti-fungal oils? This is one home remedy you won’t hear or read about often. These include tea tree oil, garlic oil, oil of oregano or clove oil. Anti-fungals are what you think, essential oils that combat fungus, yeast, and bacteria.

What benefits does it provide the skin?

  • Decreases inflammation from pimples and cysts
  • Ameliorates rashes

Why does it work? In an unhealthy body where acne manifestation is necessary, an overgrwoth of fungus, bacteria and yeast will exist both internally and externally. These oils are potent combattors of these overgrowths.

How do I apply it? Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 4-5 drops of one of these oils. Apply directly to pimples or cysts, twice a day.

Where can I get it? You can get these oils at a health food store or Whole Foods Market.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

What is apple cider vinegar? A type of vinegar made from apple cider. Pretty simple.

What benefits does it provide for the skin?

  • Restores the acid mantle on your skin

Why does it work? The top layer of our skin is slightly acidic. This is known as the acid mantle, a defense mechanism our bodies put in place to prevent bacteria from entering or overgrowing on our skin. When our body does not have the proper nutrients it needs to function properly, this acid mantle is compromised. Also, when you take a shower high in chlorine and chloramines, our acid mantle is temporarily destroyed. Due to the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar, we can help restore this acid mantle temporarily. I say temporarily because, if we do not correct our nutrition, our acid mantle will continue to be compromised, no matter how many times we apply ACV.

How do I apply it? ACV is very potent. You need to mix it with with filtered water. Mix 50% ACV and 50% filtered water in a regular or spray bottle. Apply or spray after taking a shower.

Where can I get it? You can get ACV at any grocery or health food store. I recommend Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

What is baking soda? Baking soda is also known checmically as sodium bicarbonate . Sodium is a naturally occuring element that is an essential mineral for skin health. Bicarbonate is an organic buffer derived from carbonic acid. The bicarbonate gives it that powdery feel and look.

What benefits does it provide for the skin?

  • Regulates the acid mantle of the skin

Why does it work? When our health is compromised due to an overload of toxins and lack of proper nutrients, the pH levels both internally and externally fluctuate beyond the norm. For instance, someone who consumes large amount of sugar will cause their internal system to become too acidic. Our acid mantle is very fragile and if it isn’t regulates internally, acne breakouts will occur. Baking sodas slightly alkaline nature provides a natural way to temporarily regulate our acid mantle.

How do I apply it? Mix the baking soda with a bit of warm water to make a paste. Apply this paste as a mask after you shower. You can also add this to your epsom salt baths for extra benefits.

Where can I get it? Baking soda is sold in grocery and drugstores. Yes, the Arm N’ Hammer version is the natural form of sodium bicarbonate, and safe to use.

WARNING! Don’t go using all of these at once…

The battle against acne is a delicate one. We do not want to force too many actions on our body at one time, or you may have unnecessary healing reactions.

Our goal is to aid the body in the detoxification process. My favorite regimen in using these acnre remedies are as follows:

  • Day 1: Perform a Coffee Enema
  • Day 2: Take an Epsom Salt Bath, then apply coconut oil liberally to your body and face. Continue applying coconut on a daily basis.
  • Day 5 and beyond: Experiment with another home remedies sparingly.
  • Day 10: Repeat

These remedies will not provide a permanent cure!

These remedies only aid the detoxification of your body, but do not treat the true cause of acne. To treat the true cause, you must make changes to your dietary habits, which is detailed in the book Focus: Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin.

George McCumiskey, ND

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

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Awesome post man. I’ll definitely have to try some of these out. Especially the coconut oil.

You can never go wrong with coconut oil :)

I have a question about the coconut oil. I’ve heard putting it on your face could be really good or really bad depending on how your skin reacts. I’m wondering if the people with bad reviews from it was because they didn’t use the organic/ virgin kind from like tropical traditions. i would really love to try it as a moisterizer for my face but would not love it causeing more problems.I use it as a snack mixed with flaxseeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, and stevia. which is great for giving energy and your omega 3′s needed plus the coconut oil benefits if others want to make for a snack. Thanks for listening!

Hi Shawna, Spot on! Many types of coconut oil are deodorized, overly-processed, and unhealthy. We must look for coconut oil that is Extra-Virgin, just as we would with olive oil. This type of coconut oil is very healthy, and can be of benefit to your skin. – George

I was now 18 and my acne start since 15, I was having a lot of trouble
in curing. I have use many acne lotion, cream and facial cleanser.
Also I have try acne diet for one month by having fruits and milk. But
still no effect.

The answer is in adapting to the correct acne diet – not just any you read about on the internet.

Hi I really want to try the epsom salt bath with vitamin c, but i cannot find ascorbic acid or vitamin c crystals anywhere. Can i substitute it with somethig else???

It is not necessary you use Vitamin C Crystals, but they will be of benefit. Whole Foods Market will definitely have this item, as well as any other health stores or online.


Thank you for your first email letter. One quick question…how often
should I do the epsom salts bath and coffee enema?

How often should I use the Baking Powder *remedy? And how long must I leave it on my face?

I have had acne since first grade.
It sucked/sucks.
I am almost ending 6th grade and yet I still have it.
I have tried proactive, pills, stuff frOm the doctor, neutrigina.
Almost everything and anything.
I admit I have a problem picking. It is hard fOr me not to.
I also eat lOts of sugar.
I am not over weight I am the right size.
I drink little milk.
Yet I have acne.
I am trying to cut down on sugar.
Trying to get rid of stress.
Yet I have no support from anyone besides my mom and dad.
My bro doesn’t believe I can do it.
I want to try these. My parents won’t let me.
I even tried glimpse!
If somebody can reply to me with some advice please do.
I am sick of being picked on.
If you have advice please email me back at

Hi.Lity. My name is deepak dutt. i will give you free advice if you believe. use Neem crush in mixcy apply on your face and eat regulary empty stomach in the morning 8 to 10 leaf. if you can not eat fry it on roti tav-va mixing Deshi gheee and one teaspoon sugar. for instace result you will have to use fresh Neem

awwwww I’m sorry
that must suck(noefence) also don’t aply makeup it cloges ur pores more just wash everyday don’t use dove use dial spring creek the blue one or the white bar kind.

when my skin is exposed to sun i get irritation on my forehead can you tell me any remedies.before 2 years i had a very fair face i.e(white skin tone)now it turned into red how can i get back my previous skin tone please tell me any remedies for that thanks

hey, i’ve had acne for a long long longg time now!!!
at times my face seems clear, and then i have sudden breakouts. im skeptical about doctor remedies cuz i tried it once and had my skin tearing apart. my skin is oily and dry … what would be the best solution???

hi. im suffering from dark spot cause an acne,it lead also in can i treat this. please help me,,i use some acne treatment but no effect at all. thanks.

i was wondering how long to leave the baking soda on my face?
please and thank you :)

Well I wanted to know how to get rid of black heads with out using those stips that’s hurt I’ve had acne for a long time now and I don’t know I may be to stressed out but it feels as if nothing works not even the crap on t.v I just want something that’s going to be really good for my skin and help it heal now I am going to starrt eating healthy what would u recommend eating should I stay away from high sodium products or what should I do should I eat eggs with yolk or with out I have no idea I also want to diet to lose weight please tell me what are some good ideas to get in shape and have my face clear up also is smoking cigarettes the reason I could have so much acne? thank u

Hi, I am excited to find out more about the Acne Diet. Totally agree with everything I’ve read here….confirms my thinking already. I was wondering how often I should be doing the coffee enemas. Also, when will you be taking new members? I’m anxious to join!!
Thank you.

How do you change what you wrote on here or get rid of it totally?

thanks alot for a sucha good website.I confess it is the best and the most honest website I have ever seen.I registered for your newsletter proudly.
thank you again
I wish you everything you wish in your life

Hi All! Love the site. Love to read and learn from all of you.

Question on the Coconut Oil: How and with what am I applying this? Also, am I applying it directly to problem areas or all over?


I like Janine also have a question about the coconut oil. What would you consider over application of the coconut oil? I’ve been applying it 2-3 times a day, covering my entire face. I have been breaking out a little more lately but the pimples are coming to head much faster and disappearing much faster. I feel the overall complexion of my face is improving greatly and these pimples are a result of my face begining to purge itself from acne. Has any one else experienced this?

Do any of these treatments hurt or burn?

Some essential oils may feel like they are burning. Please be careful of such reactions and take things slow.


I just wanted to ask if smoking cigarettes can cause acne to be worse or even if it’s a contributing factor at all?
(I know they are bad in general but are they acne injuicers?

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