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Can Using Honey for Acne Treatment Finally Give You Clear Skin?

There’s quite a bit of information circulating the Internet about using honey to treat acne, which is exactly why I would love to use this opportunity to present you with the real facts about using honey so that you can make an educated decision for yourself.

Why Use Honey as an Acne Treatment?

As I have scoured the Internet reading beauty blog after beauty blog, I have continually seen recommendations to use honey for acne treatment. Honey has been claimed to be one of the best natural methods for clearing up your skin. However, many of these same beauty blogs also firmly believe that the cause of acne is superficial, such as clogged pores or too much oil.

We should realize that this belief is based off of false theory – that acne isn’t simply superficial, but a result of a serious inner problem.

Specifically, manuka honey for acne is often recommended since manuka is a specialized type of honey that has been praised for its amazing healing benefits. Manuka honey comes from New Zealand, and it has been claimed to cure such skin disorders as: [1]

  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Arthritis
  • Infected Wounds
  • Ringworm
  • Acne
  • Wrinkles

Manuka honey is claimed to be a natural healing ingredient that can also potentially treat cold and flu symptoms, athlete’s foot, skin ulcers, nail fungus, insect bites, acid reflux, and even IBS. [1] Using manuka honey for acne is supposed to quickly absorb all impurities from the surface of the skin to deeply cleanse the complexion and kill any surface acne bacteria.

However, this theory is still based on the school of thought that acne is only caused by a surface bacteria on the skin, when the true cause of acne actually lies much deeper in the foods you eat each day that load your body full of toxins and affect the quality of your skin for the worse.

Using manuka honey for acne relief is also recommended for the potential benefit of alleviating redness, inflammation, and swelling at the site of the acne lesion by controlling acne bacteria.

While the anti-inflammatory benefit of using honey may provide some external relief, your acne will still continue to come back again and again unless you start to cut foods out of your diet that are causing the inflammation in the first place.

To give you an even better perspective, check out a few testimonials from forum users that have tried honey for acne treatment:

I also think manuka honey is an excellent product for overall skin health – I wouldn’t say it was a miracle product that’s going to fade red marks in days, but I think it can have an effect, and is great for use on active spots and wounds as it helps fight infection.

Yes it is not a miracle product, but I must say, after using this for the past few days my skin is getting alot better. Red marks are still there, but are fading faster than when I was using hydroquinone or exfoliating or just about anything else.

I have been using honey for a couple weeks, yet it did nothing for my acne. It did, however, brighten my skin and made my skin look smooth.

Like most acne treatments applied topically, results often vary. We must seek out a more consistent approach to healing! Yes, not taking care of your skin properly can often aggravate acne and make it even worse, but using one single product or natural remedy for acne is not going to immediately clear up your skin for good.

My greatest recommendation to you as an aesthetician is to start out by making simple changes in your diet to eliminate sugary and processed foods that trigger imbalances in your body and immune system, leaving you susceptible to acne breakouts.

From there, you may choose to use a natural remedy like manuka honey for acne, which can provide benefits in deeply cleansing and softening your skin at the surface. While this natural remedy will work to improve the exterior of your skin, the only way that you will see legitimate long-term results in clear and healthy skin is by first of all improving your diet and boosting your immune system to fight off acne for good.


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About the Author: Bethany Ramos is an aesthetician and makeup artist with a special interest in using nutrition to heal and alleviate a number of conditions in the skin. You can find out more skin care and makeup tips by visiting her blog at FacebyBethany.

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