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What Are Your Hormones Role in Acne?

‘Hormones cause acne’ is really a misstated concept. I like to say ‘out of wack hormones can lead to acne.’ Yes, it’s true – when some of your hormones(you have hundreds of different types) are out of wack, sebum production becomes out of wack and acne forms. This isn’t because of the reason most people think. Some people might say, ‘acne is worse during our teen years because of our hormones.’ You will also hear, ‘my acne flares during my period because of hormones.’ This is true – but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

Think about any normal human. We all experience fluctuations in hormones during our teen years, then why doesn’t every teen get acne? The fact is, our diet effects our hormones and our hormones can effect our skins health. This is shown clearly in my ‘Ladder of Causes‘ article.

When we eat foods that are damaging to our health, and fail to consume the vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining health, we are causing our organs and glands to become inefficient. There are libraries filled with books talking about how the pituitary gland effects that hormone – how the thyroid gland effects this hormone. Luckily, this isn’t within the scope of our topic.

To maintain a healthy regulation of our hormones, we need to eat healthy. Lets stray away from acne for a second and talk about obesity. There are millions of fat people in our world, and most of these fat people have gone on diets. They’ve starved themselves, gone on the apple diet, gone on Atkins, etc. Mostly all of them fail – or they succeed temporarily and fail in the long run (whoa, that reminds me of most acne sufferers, too!) This might strike some bad emotions out there, but it’s naive to think that calorie restriction is a long lasting cure to obesity. Let me explain.

Hormones have very important and specific roles in our bodies. One hormone does this while another hormone does that. To make sure all your hormones are in check, you have to eat healthy. I repeat this so often because it’s a very important concept to grasp. As long as you eat healthy foods, it doesn’t matter how much of it you eat – you will not be fat nor will your get acne. Did you know that there are hormones that regulate fat storage? When the common dieter restricts certain foods, they are usually missing out on necessary vitamins and minerals.  This causes some specific glands to function improperly, which in turn causes an incorrect balance of hormones. The very same hormones that regulate fat storage(and sebum production)! In most obese peoples minds ‘nothing works – it must be genetics.’ But in actuallity, if they were eating the right foods along with getting the right vitamins and minerals, they wouldn’t have to live another fat day in their lives. Why don’t you share this article with three of your friends – chances are, if you live in America, one of them is fat.

What does it mean for the acne sufferer? It means, stop eating those Krispy Kreme donuts, dumb ass.

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