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How Long do Acne Marks Last?

This question is asked often and no one can give a definitive answer. Some people say the only thing that helps red marks is time. While this is partly true, it doesn’t offer a solution. Waiting around for your teen years to end so hopefully your hormones stop fluctuating is not the proper way to go about healing your redmarks.

Our body has trained itself through thousands and thousands of years to heal itself. This is great news, because it means acne, and red marks will heal if you allow your immune system to become strong enough to do so.

The reason Jonny takes 3 months for his red marks to heal, and Marissa takes 9 months, is because of your bodies health. Your immune system can only deal with so many things at once. If you’ve gotten to the point of having persistent acne, it means your body is already dealing with enough as it is. The most important thing your immune system wants to protect is your vital inner organs. If you continue to damage your body with unhealthy foods, your body will continually work on protecting them. It doesn’t have time to bother with healing something as superficial as your skin. I’m sure many of you out there wish they could tell their immune system, ‘Fuck my liver! Heal these damn redmarks instead!’ Generally speaking, unless you’re very, very unhealthy – your body will always do what’s best for it. Like i’ve said, it’s taken thousands of years for humans to evolve and build this system of handling toxins.

As you start eating healthy and progress on the acne cure program you will see a two fold effect. Firstly, you won’t be getting cysts anymore. We all know that the bigger the acne, the longer the red mark it leaves takes to heal. You will also notice that your acne won’t leave such persistent red marks either. This is because as you become more healthy, your immune system won’t need to worry about the vital inner organs as much and will take time to heal your pimples properly – hence less red marks.

Another tip that may work for some is beach water. I don’t like to give this recommendation because if you suffer from acne, your skin is not ready to stay out in the sun[1]. Sea Salt is an integral part of the book Focus: Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin – remember, ‘don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t want to eat.’ It works both ways, since sea salt is healthy to consume, it’s also great for your skin.

[1] Please note that the sun is healthy, it produces Vitamin D – plus has the added effect of giving you a nice tan to cover up your existing red marks. But if you are at the point where you haven’t been eating healthy for at least a few months, your skin is not healthy enough to take kindly to the sun.

Bottom Line: Acne Mark healing time depends on the strength of your immune system!

About the Author: George is a former acne sufferer who has cured his acne through dietary means. He is the author of, in the Focus: Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin. He, along with it’s strong growing community have helped several people cure their acne through diet.

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I have been detoxing for 3 weeks now doing juice fasts, fruit
And veg diets, and now doing the liver and gallbladder
Flush. I still have red marks but inflammation has
Been reduced. Any idea on how long i should expect before the
Red Marks fade away fully.

It depends on the person and how bad the acne was to begin with. It also depends on how strong your immune system is, if there is less bad stuff for your body to deal with, your body can allocate its resources to something more superficial like red marks.

Sea Water is great but it when I start washing my face with acne cream, the scars reappear

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