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How to Get Rid of Acne

Dermatologists and most acne information on the web will tell you in order to get rid of acne, you follow this three step process.

  1. Cleanse your skin
  2. Apply an acne medication
  3. Moisturize

Haven’t we tried that already? If this method actually worked, no one would have acne, and dermatologists would be out of business!

The truth is, anyone can get rid of their acne, if they have the knowledge and power to do so. Follow the correct process and you will get rid of your acne.

Step 1: Beware of what products you are using on your face.

Cliff notes:

“Nearly 70 percent of all products contain ingredients that can be contaminated with impurities linked to cancer and other health problems.”

Beware of products claiming to be: Natural, Hypoallergenic, Alcohol-Free, Fragrance Free, Noncomedogenic, Cruelty Free, Shelf Life

Step 2: Understand the true cause of acne.

Cliff notes:

Fundamental Laws

  • Law #1: Acne is the result of a cleansing and healing effort by nature.
  • Law #2: No one gets acne from a lack of drugs.
  • Law #3: All humans are created equal.
  • Law #4: You are what you eat.
  • Law #5: Saturated fats are necessary.
  • Law #6: More is not better.
  • Law #7: All nutrients work together.
  • Law #8: The symptoms of acne are not the actual disease.
  • Law #9: Inflammation is a natural process.
  • Law #10: Germs cannot be the cause of acne
  • Law #11: The body can cure itself of acne only IF it is provided with proper nutrients and toxins are eliminated.
Cliff notes:

Ladder of Causes

  • Tier 3 Causes: Poor healing, superfluous sebum production, superfluous bacteria on skin
  • Tier 2 Causes: Weak immune system, imbalance of hormones, internal bacteria and fungus overgrowth
  • Tier 1 Causes: Poor digestion, accumulation of toxins
  • Tier X, Root Cause: Poor dietary habits

Step 3: Implement the Focus:Acne Formula

Join:Our step by step video and audio program, Focus:Cure – The Acne Elimination Program

Cliff notes:


  • Take supplements as nature intended,
  • Have skin you can be proud of, try colon therapy
  • Understand the correct ratios of fats, carbs and protein
  • What you ought to know about fats
  • Little known secrets of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid high carb foods and sugars like the plague
  • Fish, meat and eggs for perfect skin
  • The secret super food, cod liver oil.
FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

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Doesnt work i’ve tried it at least 15 times

I’m still in the process of catering to current members and revamping the entire members area. I know acne is anything but bearable, but try and ‘bear’ with me!

like what is this really? like it is a product? just like… idk but/…. see i dnt undratnd!!!

ive been searching on websites all over and they jst say to cut back on fatty foods and dont touch your face with dirty hands..lessen stress and dont apply harsh soaps. eat foods with vitamin c and zinc in em. and take vitamins(:

must try this one for acne:
1. Take proper diet. 1 Ltr Milk every day. Banana. Half cup (Tomato + mint+ lemon) juice every morning empty stomach and night before bed.
2. Drink lots of water.
3. Breath in fresh air. Go for a morning & evening walk in some park. And breath deeply.
4. Do yoga twice in a day. early morning before sun rise. and evening after sun set (kapalbhati pranayama and anulom vilom pranayam)
See results in 2 weeks.)
Trust me. i am 25 yrs old and i tried lots of things. but nothing works. only the above things works on me.

Good Day Sir! :)
I would like to ask about the coffee enema..
Is it really necessary?..
Can I just please skip it and just do the epsom salt baths and other
consults that you would tell me sir..
please..coz’ I haven’t really tried a thing like that and I’m kinda
scared and I also don’t know how..but if it is really necessary, then
I’ll just try really hard..

Thank You Very Much! :)

this really are helpful,, been suffering acne for hhmm a decade now and I fdon’t really know what to do. This may help =) so thanks

This helped spiffily! :D Thanks loads!

Why Traditional Methods Fail? Because all non-traditional are more difficult to follow. Cod Liver Oil? High in iodine! Some people believe iodine causes acne problems. What to do?
Anyway, most people don’t follow-through on the medical model and jump from one thing to another. That’s why there’s such a big industry to supply more lotions and potions.


Thanks so much for this site, great stuff. I really enjoyed reading through your page and I’ll check back soon for more information

Thanks again


how about using persol ac gel…a greaseless medication for the treatment for acne vulgaris

Im using this soap thats accualy working(well its not relally a sop ,ill explain)its a bar that is brown- kinda looks like poop but smelles really good-and it is made out of like this typ of bean abd leave,soits natuaral,it takes off acne.then i have a white one that is made our of oatmeal and it takes of acne scars .then i get a tomato a put it on all of my acne scars to make the scars go away even faster,it accually works!but i got the bars at mexico so sorry but to take off scars you can rub tomato on your scars and leave it for 20min and make a oatmeal facial by puting water in oat meal snd then mixing it and leving it on yor face for ten min and rinse it of with warm water do it every day hope i hellped! :)

i used isotroin 20 for 1 month and my all d acens are gone now.try it guys it really works

i having a pimple’s from last five year. try more care but it has not goes.what to do please tell me

Hi! I have some effective tips of how to get rid of acne naturally:
1. Use an antibacterial soap.
2. Use an oil free mouisturizer. Make sure to wash your face day AND night!
3. Change you pillow cases often, It can cause bacteria to spread onto your face.
4. At night dab a little of toothpaste on to the pimple.
5. You can also try putting some apple cider vinegar on to the pimples.- Works a charm!
6. At night you can cut a potato and rub it on the effected area.- Gets rid of redness.
7. Use some tea tree oil! It works wonders!

These tips will lead you to clearer skin. :) x

WOW! this website is great,
what a refresh for the first website in my search to have such down-to-earth information!
I truly believe that diet and lifestyle are huge contributors in how your body and FACE look.
So many people really don’t the right attitude when it comes to treatment of your body.
Your skin is a reflection of so many things; diet included. Mistreatment of your body shows!

Though, some acne problems are just purely a result of wild hormones during that development stage of being a teenager! These acne problems can be minimised as much as possible, though somewhat of it will have to be left for things to settle.
From my experience, try natural methods of minimising acne, one great solution (and quite a controversial one) is to dab your own urine on the affected areas. I know this sounds ridiculous, I thought so to. But your body creates the ideal properties designed to re-nurture you in many amazing ways! It works!

i have the same promblem and what help me is the dove massager and regular pads with and put it on your face it works really good so does toothpaste

I cant remember the exact measurements but mix cinnamon and honey together and dab it on your acne spots at night and wash it off in the morning. Honey and cinnamon are healors especially honey. Check it out on YouTube.

I don’t what to do , I tried everything!
I used to have a very clear face and now not so much..
help please

plxxxx i have so many red pimple on ma face kindlyy do helppppp me guyss :(

cod liver oil does not work. It tastes horrible and doesn’t work. everyone gets pimples durinng adolescents. wearing makeup makes it worse.

This is a Fantastic website, very informative. I have had this problem for years and have giving up until I found your website. I will now make an effort again using your suggestions. Will be back, bookmarked. Thank you!

i hav so many pimples on my face and its really freakin me out ….
what to do i need some help :( ahhh i hate pimples god y me

hello sir,
i have a lot of pimples on my face.
then sir please help me how to cure from pimples………..

Hello sir,
Same problem pimples.please advice me.

im going to try the apple cider vinegar i dont break out bad but i get a little breakouts like mabey i have 4 bad zits on my face lets see if itll help ill tell you guys in a few days if it works

how to remo pimpuls from my face

well, vaseline facial cream for men works a magic! :) try this product. :) *thumbs up.!

Guys..i tried many natural remedies bt nthing worked on ma luks too horrible wid pimple scars all over d face.. plzz suggst smthg 4 me..

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