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Have You Made the Mistake of Using Topical Iodine Acne Remedies?

On the quest to finally get rid of acne in your skin, you too may have scoured the Internet for a solution. Of course, there are many natural and medical remedies being advertised for acne treatment today, including iodine acne remedies to clear up the skin.

Topical Iodine Acne Treatment

According to, iodine is an antibacterial product commonly used topically to prevent infections in cuts and scrapes on the surface of the skin by killing bacteria. [1] Iodine comes in the form of an ointment, a swab, a dressing, and even a topical gel, and many acne sufferers searching for a natural remedy believe that topical iodine acne treatment could be the light at the end of the tunnel they have been hoping for.

Their theory is that if topical iodine works to kill bacteria, and acne is caused by bacteria, wouldn’t topical iodine stop acne in its tracks?

But the answer is not always that simple…

Here are a few warnings about topical iodine acne treatments to keep in mind:

  • Allergic Reactions: You must determine under the care of your doctor if iodine could cause a potential allergic reaction. Make sure that you read all iodine acne product ingredient labels carefully, and check with your doctor before using any new products on your skin.
  • Young Children: Topical iodine is not advised to be used on newborns or infants because it could cause damage to the skin and thyroid.
  • Elderly: It is difficult to determine if topical iodine is as safe for the elderly as it is for younger adults. So far, there is no specific research indicating that topical iodine can’t be used by senior citizens, but it is important to check with your doctor before using any new products, especially since those who are older may often struggle with weaker immune systems and vulnerability to illness.
  • Reactions with Other Substances: It is possible for other medicines to cause a reaction if used with topical iodine, which is yet another reason to consult with your doctor beforehand. It is also possible for topical iodine to cause a reaction if it interacts with tobacco, alcohol, or specific foods that you have eaten. goes on to reveal that topical iodine should not be used on deep wounds or burns since it could cause side effects, and it also should not be covered with a bandage on the skin since the risk for side effects increases.

To give you an even greater perspective, here is what several acne sufferers had to say about using topical iodine at the forums:

It doesn’t do much to prevent acne, and it makes my skin pretty dry, but it’s definitely the best thing I’ve found to get rid of pimples once they’re already there.

Can be drying…Use moisture.

Is orange so obviously noticeable so you have to use it before bed or when you’re not gonna go out. Smells kinda weird and is messy to apply.

I don’t know about you, but this long list of contraindications coupled with user testimonials does not seem to present topical iodine acne treatments in a very good light. The truth is that there are many, many safer alternatives for clearing up and strengthening your skin to prevent acne, and they all start with making healthy changes in your diet.

If you focus only on remedies like topical iodine acne treatments that are supposed to be able to kill the acne bacteria on your skin, you are still not treating your acne problem at its root. Instead, you need to give your skin a fighting chance by providing it with a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals so that it can begin to strengthen itself from the inside out.

I can promise you from my personal experience as an aesthetician that healing and strengthening your skin in this manner will leave it balanced and resilient to greatly reduce and even eliminate acne outbreaks altogether.

On top of that, eating a healthy diet won’t cause any of the frightening side effects associated with topical iodine acne treatments that I listed above. Thank goodness!


    Iodine Topical Consumer Information from“ | Prescription Drugs – Information, Interactions & Side Effects. Web. 13 Jan. 2011. <>.

About the Author: Bethany Ramos is an aesthetician and makeup artist with a special interest in using nutrition to heal and alleviate a number of conditions in the skin. You can find out more skin care and makeup tips by visiting her blog at FacebyBethany.

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Three are only 3 testimonies about iodine and they are not very negative at all. I swab a bit of iodine on problem areas on my face whenever my skin suggests it’s going to break out in spots, or when a few spots have appeared overnight. The iodine does the trick for me! It seems to totally eradicate the problem and my skin is left looking great. It does feel a little uncomfortable for an hour but it’s well worth the knowledge that the next day, my face will be looking 100% . I recommend Iodine swabbing to anyone.

PS my diet is excellent, I drink plenty of water, exercise, and the only thing that stops outbreaks is iodine baby!

Not sure what comments you have been reading about Iodine and acne but I have read of 30 comments on various sites about Iodine heloing to clear up acne very well.

I use iodine topically to reduce swelling and to make sure my acne spots don’t get infected. I have had nothing but positive results. It beats using topical steroids for swelling. I use it at night and it doesn’t really smell at all that I can tell. I am also a vegetarian and exercise frequently.

This is a hilarious article! She posted 3 comments, all of which seemed to encourage iodine use! Did a 4th grader write this argument!?! One if her points was talking about infants and the other about the elderly, are they using iodine for acne? I agree that diet is the key to great skin but iodine is a natural treatment, when used correctly, can help prevent breakouts.

Buy the clear tincture of iodine. Dab directly on pimple/blackhead twice a day. It will clear up within about 3 days. Works great as a spot treatment. Will not turn your skin orange. Way better than the acne treatments available in stores.

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