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Is Acne all In Your Head?

Could you be “thinking” the acne on your face? Will a simple binaural beat CD allow you to mentally erase years of scars, red patches and pimples from your face? One motivational leader says “If you believe it, you will see it”. Does that go for clear skin too? Is there a mind and acne connection or is this all smoke and mirrors?

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Read the book “the Secret” I believe it is but it’s getting the mental stability to get it out of your head. I’m 23yrs old and have always believed the saying “eh, it’s all in your head”

I used to be a depressed person drinking at weekends and generally looking in the mirror at my face every ten minutes…..
I used to worry and hide my skin all the tym and i soon had counselling for a numerous amount of reasons and soon got more confident and happy in my own skin.
I never looked in the mirror apart from when i did my make-up in the morning and my face now is so much more clear im a new person which means new skin.
I believe the phrase it’s all in your head and believe your brain controls everything if you keep feeding it “your spotty” you will be if you tell yourself your pretty you will gain confidence and believe it….. easy really but soooo hard to believe.
But trust me it works!!!!!!!

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