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Is the Liver Flush Theory a Hoax for Curing Acne Naturally?

There is some debate about what those stones are really made up from while you do a flush for an acne cure. The debate goes on between those that have tried it vs. those that have not. Mixed in with varying opinions is the question about how much the medical community really knows about flushes or a natural cure for your acne. Could there be a connection between food, liver health, and acne?

View The Discussion: Has Anyone Tested Their Stones From A Flush?

What does George say about Liver Flushes?

Careful with any type of flush. They are very forceful on our body. Remember the Fundamental Acne Law # 6: More is NOT better. There are safer and more effective approaches towards ‘flushing.’ Take a look at the coffee enema in the section Home Remedies for Acne.

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

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