“Within 2 weeks, my acne was gone!” – Jason Matos

Jason Matos, 18 years old from Austin, TX, started to implement important changes to his diet on September 3rd, 2009 and achieved these results in just 12 days. Talk about quick! Thank you Jason for allowing me to publish your story.

When I first contacted you and asked about the program I thought to myself, “Seems like it could work, but it’s not for me.”

I’ve struggled with a mild case of acne for 2 years now, but it was never very terrible like the other pictures i’ve seen on this site.

After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to go back to your website and purchase access with your 365-guarantee in mind. I wanted to really make sure that this system would work for my mild type of acne.

To be honest I didn’t expect it, but it definitely did work! Within 2 weeks, my acne was gone!

Before (Sep 3, ’09) / After (Sep 15, ’09)

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