“My results have been so dramatic that sometimes I don’t recognize myself in the mirror!” – Lee Song

Lee Song is 28, from Orange County, CA. Lee was unique in that he really had no shame in expressing his mental agony with this disease. In the members area, we gave him a giant ‘e-hug’ and let him know that he was definitely in the right place. We are very happy that Lee was able to commit to the diet and find the solution he was looking for. Thanks Lee for allowing us to publish your story!

Acne is the most terrible disease anyone could have. Acne has nearly ruined my life for the last 5 years, and it’s the worst sickness i’ve ever had.

I’ve never had a girlfriend, or had many friends. I blamed this on my acne condition. I knew that if I could somehow get over my skin, my life would be better, overall.

Ofcourse I tried every treatment imaginable. Acne was all I thought about, day in and day out – it seemed every month I was trying something different to find that magic cure.

I read about the Focus Acne Formula on a health blog, and decided that for the Summer of 2010, this would be what I would try.

All I can say is, FINALLY! Something works for me! My results have been so dramatic that sometimes I don’t recognize myself in the mirror!

I can’t fully express how amazing this is to me. You gave me my self-esteem back, and I want to give my deepest sincerity for helping me.



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