Light & Laser Acne Treatments

A fairly new treatment modality consists of shooting beams of light or lasers onto the damaged areas of your skin. The belief is that by slightly forcing damage on your skin, your body will be prompted to bring healing substances such as blood and oxegyn to the effected areas, leaving you better off then when you started.

Is this really a risk worthy form of acne treatment?

IPL Acne Treatment

Would you be willing to pay thousands of dollars for a series of professional IPL acne treatments to get rid of embarrassing scars? While IPL acne treatments have been proven safe by the American Academy of Dermatology, they can often be incredibly expensive and are not even completely guaranteed to remove acne scarring in the skin.

Blue Light Acne Treatment

Did you know that long-term research is not required by the FDA to approve such skin care treatments as blue light acne therapy since it is seen as procedure-oriented as opposed to drug-oriented? I don’t know about you, but before I try any new or potentially controversial treatment on my skin, I like to know exactly what side effects that it could cause when it comes to treating my acne…

Laser Acne Treatments

Today, technology is more advanced than ever when it comes to skin care and acne treatments, which is something that I can personally vouch for in my years of work as a medical aesthetician. Lately, one of the most popular options that I have seen for acne treatment is in the form of laser acne treatments, which are often performed by dermatologists and medical aestheticians alike.