Mission Statement

NaturAcne.com is intent on conveying two very important concepts that are necessary to understand when curing your acne.

  1. The acne industry is a multi-million dollar business. Skin care and pharmaceutical companies create ‘acne treatments’ which deal with the superficial symptoms of acne – they never treat the true cause. These industries spend millions on advertising and product placement which effectively clouds the judgment of most average acne sufferers.
  2. Your eating habits are the sole cause of your acne. Every other cause sprouts from the ill effects of a poor diet. Anyone who tells you different is absolutely wrong.

Perhaps you were aware of the link between diet and acne. Great, congratulations are in order! We will tell you exactly which foods are damaging, and which foods promote the health of your skin. You will become savvy enough to understand exactly why your acne manifested itself in the first place and what steps are necessary to take in order to cure your acne, forever.