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The Paleo Diet and Acne

marti783 over at the forums created a thread detailing his experience following a paleo diet.

What does George say about the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet follows a very similar concept of following natures fundamental laws of health. Our ancestors, the hunters and gatherers of the paleolithic age did not suffer from acne nor did they suffer from many of the other chronic diseases we deal with today. The author of this thread states that he is eating many fruits and veggies, when in fact, our ancestors only ate minimal amounts of these foods during the seasons that allowed for these foods.

In fact, our paleolithic ancestors ate a diet high in animal fats and proteins. However, i’m glad that some are catching on to that concept. User ‘uncle buck’ summed this thread up wiseyl, stating, “Yep. It’s great to see more people seeing the light. :-)

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