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Do Probiotics Help to Heal Acne?

The Cure to Acne?

The Cure to Acne?

If I drink kefir I can cure my acne. If I eat yogurt I can cure my acne. No, Steven – put your spoon down.

Probiotics are ‘healthy bacteria’ in your gut which provides a multitude of benefits. They help sweep all toxins and dead bacteria into your colon for excretion. They hold lots of real estate in your body so bad bacteria, fungus, candida, etc. can’t take a hold and overgrow. They produce natural antibiotics which kill living bad bacteria. They are essential to human health and healthy skin.

Here’s the down low on this essential immune system defender. To say taking probiotics will cure your acne is wrong. Probiotics can only do so much. If you are consistently consuming unhealthy foods, these toxins will overrun the healthy bacteria. If you take antibiotics prescribed by your dermatologist, all the healthy bacteria will be destroyed.

The key to keeping a good amount of healthy bacteria in your body is simply to eat healthy foods and avoid damaging foods.  Your immune system will produce healthy gut flora on its own and take the proper real estate in your body if your immune system becomes strong enough to do so.

Taking probiotic pills and yogurt does not provide a solution to your problem. This isn’t to say it doesn’t help. Probiotics are a part of my acne cure, but honestly – they are a drop in a bucket compared to the overall picture. Think how it was back in the day when acne was non existent. Sure they ate naturally fermented foods but they surely didn’t have to load up on 1 billion healthy gut flora cells from a probiotic pill.

George McCumiskey, ND

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

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I have spent several thousand dollars on acne treatments, including antibiotics, proactive, eminence products, essential oils, and kombucha. Nothing has worked better than this product called Bio-K. It is filled with probiotics. And I totally agree with the importance of a healthy diet. I notice that when I eat meats, especially pork, my skin reacts very negatively.

Many scientist and consumers agree that probiotic – essentially good bacteria that every person’s body needs both internally and externally – are great for use in every thing from baby food to pizza crust and toothpaste. Although probiotic have been used internally for many years as a means of reestablishing the state of equilibrium among naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies, there are now topical probiotic formulations that are becoming available for skin health and anti-aging benefits.
PROBIOTIC ACTION is a topical probiotic that has “good bacteria which are naturally found on healthy human skin. The beneficial healthy bacteria eat the excess skin and toxins that the P. acnes need to thrive through “starving” THE P. acnes, and gets rid of the dead bacteria, too! You could find “Probiotic Action” googling

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