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Can Processed Food Cause Acne?

processedfoodWhy are so many Americans overweight?
Why are Cancer rates the highest they’ve ever been?
Why is acne is so widespread nowadays?

The Reason is Processed Foods!

For thousands of years while the human body was being formed and evolved, our ancestors would live off of the foods mother nature gave us – they would ‘live off the resources of land’. Meat, fish, coconuts, vegetables, etc. Their primary concern was survival, and the health of their offspring, just like animals are in nature.

This evolution went on for thousands and thousands of years until just 100 measly years ago, the advent of industrialization and processed foods came about.

Nowadays, acne, and disease in general is more widespread than its ever been. Doctors and Psychiatrists are coming up with names for new diseases every year. The pharmaceutical industry is now bigger than any other in the world. The processing of foods, which some would call necessary, has had a major impact on the health and skin quality of millions!

Why does food exist in the first place?

To provide nutrition! Our body has evolved to take the necessary nutrients it needs from foods, and use those nutrients to legislate needed actions.

If the ‘food’ you are eating is devoid of nutrients, your body will have to deal with digesting and expelling it with no direct benefit. Without the resources brought through nutrients, digesting this food becomes a daunting task for your body. It will cause constipation, and it will cause acne!

White Bread: The Perfect Example

How did white bread come about? Back in the day people discovered they could use grain to make bread. Grain was cheap and the bread it produced could feed more people.

So bread started being distributed amongst small communities. When the economy began it’s expansion, railroads were being built, and bread was a good food to distribute to far places. It didn’t go bad as quickly as meat or fish would, it was cheap, and it kept stomachs full.

There was one problem with the bread distributors master plan. When the bread was being shipped via railroad, the flies would get to it in transit — and eat it. ‘This isn’t good for business,’ they thought. ‘There’s some nutritious value to our food and the flies like it’. That’s when they created the concept of white bread. By removing the germ from the grain, all the nutritious value was gone. The flies no longer wanted to eat it.

May I remind you, flies like to eat DOG SHIT. Meaning that stinky piece of poo Scruffy has left in the backyard has more nutritious value then white bread.

Injecting Foods With Nutrients – The Easy Way Out

Due to regulations imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), white bread must contain a certain amount of Vitamins and Minerals. But how does a bread company who processes their food achieve the ‘nutrition quota.’ They inject them! They inject their foods with synthetic vitamins and minerals, so when you read ‘Riboflavin’ on your Wonder Bread’s ingredient list, you’ll know how it got there.

Synthetics aren’t the only thing they inject the bread with. Did you know that the white bread you are eating has sugar in it? (More specifically, high fructose corn syrup) Manufacturers of common bread brands such as ‘Wonder Bread’ inject their ‘food’ with high fructose corn syrup to give it taste. Anyone who understands some connection between diet and acne understand that sugar is bad for your skin!

Now realize that this is just bread – modern processing techniques have come a long way with a multitude of foods. Now we have the wonderful ability to genetically process corn so we can produce more of it, so flies won’t eat it. We have the ability to give cows hormones so they produce more milk. All of this food is being distributed to the common consumer.

What does this mean for the acne sufferer?

Their is a common rule – any foods that are damaging to our body will be damaging to our skin. All modern processed foods are not natural. Remember that humans took thousands and thousands of years to evolve into what we take in as healthy and unhealthy. We’ve been eating solely meat and fish for a very, very long time. Now all of the sudden, say 100 or so years ago, we come up with all these BS food making techniques. Cancer is on the rise – acne is on the rise as well.

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I have noticed a change when I dumped the junk processed foods. I changed my diet not due to acne but because I was diagnosed as being type 2 diabetic. I did extensive research and accepted the fact that I needed to make a change to my lifestyle. I refused to accept my doctors orders and also him stating that I am diabetic and will be on medication for the rest of my life. By the way, I had to laugh when my doctor told me he has high blood pressure and that he takes medicine also. I jokingly told him the cure for his high blood pressure is proper diet and exercise. He didn’t take it as a joke.

Guess what? After 2 months I stopped taking medication, my A1C is 6 (normal is less than 5.7), fasting blood sugar is within 79-90, my acne flare ups that I would get on a weekly basis stopped, and my cholesterol is better now at age 48 then it was at age 30. I plan to be within the normal range by my next A1C.

The other day I ate some processed food and guess what? I had a small pimple on my nose. Maybe this is the quickest way my body likes to get rid of toxins. Also I eat cucumber daily.

Stop and think. What would happen if people had a healthy life style? I’ll tell you. There would be fewer doctors, lower or no health insurance premiums, fewer drugs, fewer low paying fast food restaurant jobs, fewer fitness centers, no Jenny Craigs and Weight Watchers (total scams), no Big and Tall and Plus size cloth shops. Adopting a healthy life style would shock and rock the total devilish and greedy economy.

I have almost (I’m getting their)eliminated the most of my daily negative activities and converted them to positive activities. Effective productive time management is essential to a healthy life style.

That’s an excellent comment.

I’m glad you notice the direct benefits changing your diet and lifestyle had not only on your skin, but your other health issues.

It is likely that your body chooses to get rid of toxins through your skin – one of the reasons some unhealthy people don’t get acne at all.

Thank you for sharing James!

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