“…my acne marks have completely faded!” – Randy Markshaw

Randy Marksaw 22 from Aurora, IL was determined to put an end to his acne. He greeted the concept of the acne & diet connection with open arms – and we’re glad he did.

It is often an issue with acne sufferers who have used drugs such as Accutane to be plagued with unsightly red marks (also known as hyper-pigmentation) that take very, very long to heal. When Randy made some healthy changes to his diet, his healing time sped up drastically! Thanks Randy for allowing us to publish your story.

I started having problems with my skin about a year ago and tried everything in my local Walgreens to fix it. All that Neutrogena and Clearasil bullcrap did nothing!

My acne was never extremely inflamed but the biggest problem I always had was the acne marks pimples would leave after they healed. These acne marks made my skin look 10 times worse!

I decided to give your nutritional method a try, and literally within 2 months, my acne marks have completely faded!

My skin has never been better and I owe this all to you, George. If you need any help with the forums in the future, please let me know. It’s the least I can do!



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