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Saturated Fats Heal Acne

In order for your skin cells, and all of the body’s cells for that matter, to be healthy, their membranes must be constructed out of 50% saturated fat. Some cells, like those in the lungs, require 100% saturated fats.

The right kinds of fats are nature-made saturated fat, in spite of what we’ve been led to believe. They play many important roles in body chemistry. The truth is, natural nature-made fats and oils have components found only in them, which are health-promoting, and all man-made fats are now known to be disease-causing.

Health-giving saturated fats are stable and do not become rancid easily, and they do not draw upon the body’s reserves of antioxidants, nor do they initiate cancer or irritate the artery walls like man-made fats and oils.

Healthy saturated fats are an important part of any healthy meal. They draw nutrients out of foods and slow digestion so that natural enzymes and the assimilation process can take place. Remember that your skin needs many nutrients to become and remain healthy, anything that helps your body is helping your skin. As Sally Fallon writes in Confused About Fats: “The following nutrient-rich traditional fats have nourished healthy population groups for thousands of years:

  • Butter
  • Beef and lamb tallow
  • Lard
  • Chicken, goose and duck fat
  • Coconut and palm oils
  • Cold pressed olive oil
  • Fish oils

The following new-fangled [man-made] fats can cause a wide range of skin issues, including acne, eczema, seb derm, rosacea, etc:

  • All hydrogenated oils
  • Soy, corn and safflower oils
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Canola oil
  • Hemp oil
  • All fats heated to very high temperatures in processing and frying

When you are cooking with oils or make note of the type of oils used in food products you are purchasing, remember that these fats infallibly find its way out of your pores. If you choose to consume unhealthy oils, your skin will be ridden with problems. If you choose to consume healthy oils, your skin will become soft, supple, acne free, with a healthy glow!

George McCumiskey, ND

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