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What’s the Secret to Clearing Up Stubborn & Persistent Acne?

Stubborn acne is just that: stubborn and difficult to treat. Yet even if you happen to have the most severe case of persistent acne, there is still hope for you to heal and regenerate your skin through making a few simple dietary changes

No, I assure you that this isn’t too good to be true because it does require your willingness to commit to changing your diet and reducing triggers that may be leading to more and more acne breakouts. But once you start to realize how changing your diet can not only benefit the quality of your skin but the quality of your life, any supposed “sacrifices” that you have made will be more than worthwhile.

Get Rid of Stubborn Acne with a Healthy Diet

Acne is a greater symptom of inner issues with your health and your body, and eating a balanced and nutritious diet is the sure remedy to give your skin the minerals and nutrients that it needs to repair itself so that it is glowing, luminous, and radiant. But it doesn’t stop there! Even as you start to eat healthier foods in your diet, you may not realize that many of your favorite so-called “healthy” foods actually contain triggers that will continue to result in inflamed, persistent acne in your skin.

One such trigger is found in fruit, even though many people consider fruit to be healthy. Actually, fruit is full of sugar, which, when consumed in excess, can cause an immediate spike in your blood sugar to release inflammatory compounds in your body. That is why it is essential when you are hoping to clear up stubborn acne in your skin that you avoid fruit and even natural fruit juices since they contain large amounts of fructose, which will continue to stimulate inflammation and further breakouts in your skin.

Exercise to Relieve Persistent Acne

No, running on the treadmill isn’t going to magically clear up your skin, but it will boost your metabolism to flush toxins from your body that can often make acne breakouts even worse. As I already discussed above, eating a diet full of sugar and carbohydrates from processed foods can pump your body full of chemicals, preservatives, and toxins, which will greatly affect the quality of your skin for the worse. When you start to regularly exercise, your body will naturally purge toxins through sweat in your skin, which is a gentle and simple way to relieve toxic overload and bring your skin back to optimal health.

Additionally, a study done by the University of Bath in 2008 showed that acne sufferers were less likely to exercise due to anxiety about the appearance of their skin. [1] The study showed that sufferers of stubborn acne were self-conscious about the quality of their skin, resulting in a poor self-image and an overall lower quality of life for both men and women. These emotional consequences of persistent acne led to acne sufferers steering clear of physical activity, which is a lifestyle choice that will only cause long-term harm by leaving you at risk for disease, illness, premature aging, and skin damage in the future.

It would seem that quite a few acne sufferers on the forums agree:

I feel that cardio benefits acne a lot better then it could hurt it, sweat has an anti-bacterial chemical called dermicidin in it that everyone’s body produces to kill off skin infections. Also, when you exercise, you’re not only detoxing your body but you also help all organs run better. Though mainstream dermatology doesn’t agree, I think in some people their acne can be influenced by the health of their stomach, liver and colon.

I am a big believer in treating things the natural way, including acne. I think that we would all be healthier if we started incorporating the things that you mentioned into our lives. I notice that when I’m eating well and working out my skin generally looks much better than when I’m eating junk.

I’ve been working out consistently for two years. I do work out at night too and I think it’s the best time for people to work out with acne. 1. You’re sweating all the junk that has been in your pores all day. 2. You can immediately shower and follow your regimen (like you said) 3. And it helps to create circulation before your muscles relax when you go to bed. hehe. I’ve never had a problem from breaking out and sweating.

As you can see, there is an answer for sufferers of stubborn acne who want to finally clear up their skin. It starts with making healthy dietary choices through cutting out high sugar and high carbohydrate processed foods, as well as making healthy lifestyle choices by exercising regularly to stimulate metabolism and cellular turnover in your skin. This is one of the quickest ways to return your skin back to its healthy and normal condition and also to repair existing damage and acne scarring in the complexion. You are essentially killing two birds with one stone!


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About the Author: Bethany Ramos is an aesthetician and makeup artist with a special interest in using nutrition to heal and alleviate a number of conditions in the skin. You can find out more skin care and makeup tips by visiting her blog at FacebyBethany.

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