Notify The Presses… The Highly Refuted ‘Diet For Acne’ Concept Works WONDERS !

When Focus:Acne first came out as a blog, it was on a mission to make as many acne sufferers like you aware of the direct skin benefits you can acheieve from making the correct changes to your diet.

Some people listened. Here are their stories.

Lee Rebuilt His Self-Esteem

“You gave me my self-esteem back… I don’t recognize myself in the mirror!” – Lee Song


Zoe Feels Like a Brand New Person

“I look and feel like a new woman!” – Zoe Morrison


Jason Got Lasting Results Quickly

“I didn’t expect it, but… Within two weeks, my acne was gone!” – Jason Matos


Isa Cleared Her Cysts & Inflammation

“…truly the only method that made my cysts disappear!” – Isa Evans


Randy Faded His Red Marks

“…my acne marks have completely faded!” – Randy Markshaw


Xavier Obtained A Great Complexion

“A godsend…Went from the ugliest skin in my class…to perfectly even and acne FREE!” – Xavier Randolph


Jenny Made New Friends

“My skin got clearer, I was able to feel more confident about myself, and I made a bunch of new friends…” – Jenny Davidson