Step 4: Take The Correct Supplements

Due to modern farming and food processing practices, many of the foods that were once dense in a multitude of nutrients are now lacking them. It is very difficult to build up your immune system solely with foods that are processed in today’s world.

You must supplement your diet with the basic essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required for optimal health.

Remember that all nutrients work together, and it is important you take these supplements with meals.

Where to Buy These Supplements

The recommended brand for most of these supplements is Natural Factors. This is because this particular brand does not use fillers or additives in their supplements unless completely necessary.

You are not required to purchase the Natural Factors brand if you find alternative sources that meet the daily requirements.

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The Quick Guide of Daily Supplement Amounts

Below is the cliffnotes version of which supplements you should be taking on a daily basis. Note that most of these supplements should be taken in divided doses with meals.

  1. Calcium Citrate: 600 mg a day (300 mg twice a day)
  2. Magnesium Citrate: 600 mg a day (300 mg twice a day)
  3. Vitamin A (from a fish source): 20,000 IU a day
  4. Cod Liver Oil: 1-3 Teaspoons a day depending on brand
  5. Vitamin B Complex: 100 mg per day (50 mg twice a day)
  6. Niacin (as Niacin and not Niacinamide): 100 mg per day (50 mg twice a day)
  7. Vitamin C (containing rosehips): 4,000 mg per day divided with meals
  8. Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol): 400 IU per day

Calcium and Magnesium Citrate

Calcium and magnesium citrate allow for the absorption of other crucial fat and water soluble vitamins. It is suggested you take these separately, to better regulate the amounts you are getting per day.

Make sure you take the ‘citrate’ form of these minerals as this form is the most easily absorbed by our bodies.

Amount Per Day: 300 mg calcium twice a day – 600 mg total / 300 mg magnesium twice a day – 600 mg total

Recommended Source: Natural Factors Calcium Citrate / Natural Factors Magnesium Citrate

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A is all–important in our diets since it enables the body to use proteins and minerals, acts as an antioxidant, enhances the immune system, and fights infections. Again, protein cannot be utilized by the body without Vitamin A.

Beta carotene, found in plants, is not a true Vitamin A since it requires conversion from carotene to vitamin A in the intestines in order to be utilized by the body. Most acne sufferers are unable to make this conversion, so it is best to consume enough “true” oil soluble vitamin A from a natural fish source.

It is important that you purchase a Vitamin A supplement in it’s ‘natural’ form, also known as ‘retinol.’ Other forms of Vitamin A from plant sources are not a viable source.

Amount Per Day: 20,000 IU

Recommended Source: Now Foods, Vitamin A, 10,000 IU

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Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil is a very nutrient dense food that contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is required for calcium and phosphorus absorption and utilization. Vitamin D normalizes blood sugar when there is adequate calcium in the diet.

Some brands of cod liver oil are processed to remove all the vitamins A and D and then synthetic vitamins A and D are added back in. We want to avoid these brands of cod liver oil and only buy from companies that produce “natural” cod liver oil.

Amount Per Day: 1-3 teaspoons per day, depending on the brand.

Recommended Source:

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Vitamin B Complex

The water-soluble B vitamins that constitute ‘Vitamin B Complex’ work together as a team to promote healthy skin, eye, hair, liver, muscle tone, nerves, and cardiovascular function; they protect us from mental anxiety and depression. Deficiency in this important group of Vitamins can result in the enlargement and malfunction of almost every organ and gland in the body.

There are several types of Vitamin B that are all necessary for optimal health. These include:

  • 100 mg Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine)
  • 100 mg Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)
  • 100 mg Niacin (not niacinamide which is synthetic) – see Note
  • 100 Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine)
  • 100 mcg Vitamin B-12
  • 100 mcg Biotin
  • 2 mg Folic Acid
  • 100 mg D-Pantothenic Acid
  • 100 mg Choline
  • 100 mg Inositol
  • 100 mg Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA)

In order to get all of these nutrients, you should take a Vitamin B Complex.

Amount Per Day:

  1. Take 1 50mg tablet of a Vitamin B Complex, twice a day with meals.
  2. At the same time, take 1 50mg tablet of Natural Factors Niacin, twice a day with meals


  1. Take 2 tablespoons Nutritional Yeast Flakes mixed into water or liquid foods per day

Recommended Source:

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Vitamin C that contains rosehips, citrus bioflavinoids, hesperidin and rutin

Vitamin C is needed for a host of processes including tissue growth and repair, lactation and adrenal gland function, and strength of capillary walls. It is also important for the formation of collagen, the skin’s structural substance. It promotes healing of old acne marks and new acne, and is also considered a powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin C can cause loose stools (diarrhea) which is a detoxifying symptom. To avoid this symptom, start with 500 mg 2-3 times a day and gradually increase it.

A cheaper yet just as nutritious alternative is ascorbic acid powder or crystals. If you wish to take ascorbic acid, take 3,000 mg per day and 1,000 mg vitamin C tablet, which is a total of 4,000 mg vitamin C per day. Because ascorbic acid can upset the stomach it is best to take it with meals.

Do not use sodium ascorbate, since it contains calcium and magnesium, or possibly baking soda. If there is any calcium and magnesium in your vitamin C you won’t be able to regulate taking the correct amounts of calcium and magnesium.

Amount Per Day: Take 4,000 mg total per day, in doses divided between 2-3 meals. Start with 500 mg twice a day and gradually increase it to avoid getting loose stools. If you get loose stools lower the dose for awhile and take more time to increase the amounts.

Recommended Source: Natural Factors Vitamin C Extra or NOW Foods Ascorbic Acid Crystals

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very effective antioxidant that can be depleted by a low–fat diet or by a diet that contains unnatural fats and oils. Vitamin E improves circulation, promotes normal blood clotting and healing, and repairs skin tissue.

Buy a natural source only, which is indicated by the small “d” in front of the different types of vitamin E, such as d-alpha-tocopherol. The synthetic version begins with “dl”, i.e. dl-alpha-tocopherol. Most vitamin E supplements are derived from soy, which must not be taken. Clear Base or dry base formulas are soy-free.

Amount Per Day: Take 200 IU twice a day or 400 IU once a day. If you are already taking a higher dose of vitamin E continue on that dose since your body will be used to it. However, no one should take more than 800 IU per day, except for short periods of time since high doses can suppress the immune system.

Recommended Source: Natural Factors Clear Base Vitamin E

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Addressing concerns about costs

All in all, expect to be paying around $60 per month for these supplements. At first to some it may seem that the cost of all these supplements can be too expensive. Please understand that:

  1. You will actually save money by excluding many of the unhealthy foods described in the article titled ‘Eliminate Unhealthy Foods and Toxins That Feed Acne
  2. You will save money on the exclusion of expensive prescription medications and over the counter acne products which are toxic!
  3. Many alternative health programs will actually recommend a much larger variety of supplements (e.g. Zinc, Ginkgo Biloba)
  4. There is no price to be put on the health of your skin and body, and especially your mental well-being!

If you are currently taking any other supplements, herbs, or performing other treatments, it is advisable that you gradually stop. Taking too many different supplements will slow or stop the healing processes.

Since this is an ‘Overall Health Program’ you can feel safe in stopping other medications to treat other diseases, since those diseases will likely improve as well.

The supplements, along with the nutrient dense foods detailed on this program, provide all the nutrients you will need to regain your health and cure your acne.

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