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The Earth is Flat and Your Acne CANNOT Be Cured!

As time progresses, our knowledge as human beings becomes more vast and experienced. We have the benefit of the wisdom of our ancestors, and the ability to use our time to explore, invent, and innovate.

Our progression never stops – we are continually learning and understanding more and more about everything. Many ideas that are accepted as correct today will be seen as foolish tomorrow.

A good example is our beliefs in Astronomy. In the past, the common belief was that the Earth was flat, and that the sun rotates around it. Through expansion in the field of Astronomy, we now know this to be completely false, yet many who proclaimed this during those times were seen as wrong and foolish.

So, how can this be applied to acne theory?

Current Western medical beliefs on the acne disease state that

  • there is no cure.
  • there are only effective drugs and topical medications that can be used to alleviate the symptoms associated with acne.
  • diet is not the cause acne.

Should we rashly believe this to be true as fact? Or should we realize that what we understand of acne is nothing close to what we will understand of it in the future?

Learning From the Medical Fallacies Through History

There are several examples of medical practices once touted as effective that are now seen as extremely dangerous and based off of false theory.

The Lobotomy

The lobotomy is a surgical incision into the frontal lobe of the brain to sever one or more nerve tracts. Lobotomies were a popular fad for the first half of the 20th century and were touted as an effective treatment for mostly all mental disorders, from conditions as serious as schizophrenia to something as mild as depression or anxiety.

We now know this to be overly invasive, ineffective compared to other current treatments, and extremely dangerous.

Heroin, by Bayer

Heroin (yes, the drug), originally produced by Bayer, was used as a serum to alleviate the symptoms of coughing. You already know how damaging the effects of Heroin are, but what do you think the common belief was at that time?

Bayer is still a well known company that produces drugs today. Should we believe that at this point in time, their drugs are finally safe to consume?

Again, how does this apply to acne theory?

We cannot be so quick to assume that all the treatments administered by the doctors of today are safe and worth the risk. We must take it upon ourselves to find out the true nature of this disease, and to be open to other methods of healing.

Learning From Other Fields of Medicine

In today’s world, where globalization has become more and more pronounced, we have the ability to directly learn from the successes and failures of other fields of knowledge all over the world. Research and studies are shared in databases that are accessed from scientists, doctors and nutritionists everywhere from the United States to China. In the medical field, one can classify two fields of science, Western and Eastern.

Western Medicinal Science
This science can trace its roots back to ancient Greek and Egyptian physicians, but its base approach began to take shape in the 19th century.

The World War II era marked the beginning of the significant development of synthetic drugs. Family doctors began to identify and treat illnesses with new diagnostic instruments, and science began to understand the problems of certain infections and diseases.

Using substances found in plants, chemicals were isolated, extracted, refined, measured, and administered to the human body in controlled dosages. This approach to curing illness was based on the discovery that certain actions could be forced and manipulated in the human body with the use of these controlled substances.

Eastern Medicinal Science
Eastern civilizations took another approach, focusing on preventive health measure and natural healing. This science began over 5,000 years ago when ancient herbologists began to experiment with substances in plants and vegetables that affect the human body and bring it to a “perfect state.”

They discovered that the effective substances in many plants would enhance health, beauty, clarity of thought and the energies of the body. For centuries they nurtured these valuable plants for the richest herbal, vitamin and mineral content and developed the most effective hybrids.

They developed their science further as the emperors and royal subjects learned to mix certain herbs together in formulations that improved effectiveness.

The Difference between Western and Eastern Medicinal Science
Western science focuses on extracting and controlling the active ingredients in plants and converting them to drug substances to halt disease.

Eastern science focuses on giving plant ingredients to the body, still coupled with their natural, organic carriers, so the body can do the extracting and regulating. Their studies show that the human body recognizes them as whole foods and thereby extracts only what it needs.

  • Western philosophy isolates and forces therapeutic actions to take place in the body.
  • Eastern philosophy depends upon whole-food formulas to nourish the body’s ability to legislate needed actions.

Accutane is a classic example of a Western medicine. The ingredients are extracted from a natural source of Vitamin A in order to force your body to stop sebum production.

Western medicine can help lots of people, but are we to believe that other fields of medicine cannot be more suitable for this particular disease?

What This Teaches Us, and How it Directly Helps You

One must fully grasp the concept that knowledge is power. With the correct knowledge, we can make the most informed decisions when treating a disease as delicate as acne. Realizing the concepts of medicine throughout history, and medicine throughout the world helps you better understand that acne is not what you may first seem it to be.

Perhaps your time is limited, and you want to start implementing a different method, starting today. I’d like to invite you to read Focus: Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin to get a better grasp of the true nature of this disease and a full understanding of what you need to do to start healing yourself, right now.

About the Author: George is a former acne sufferer who has cured his acne through dietary means. He is the author of, in the Focus: Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin. He, along with it’s strong growing community have helped several people cure their acne through diet.

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Great post george, I like your thinking! I have this mindset just like you… everything is always changing and evolving so learning and being a person that reads and researches is very important if you want the best and most effective treatments.

I’ll take the natural treatment over drugs for any condition any day!

I know from first hand experience that accutane is dangerous because my brother was born with a birth defect because of it… That’s why I don’t go to a doctor or will never take pharmaceuticals unless it’s an emergency.

Keep up the great work!

David King

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