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The Risks vs. Rewards of Taking Accutane

“What does Accutane do to your body?”

It’s a question that has more than one answer. Quick answers:

  1. It will stop sebum production.
  2. It will temporarily, and in some cases, permanently clear your acne.
  3. It will do damage to your body, causing mild and/or severe side effects.

You as the person suffering from acne has to make your own decision in whether Accutane is a risk worthy treatment for your acne. Please read further.

The reward: Accutane will most likely show results

Accutane will help some peoples acne. Why? It stops sebum production – a natural effort put in place by your body to regulate your internal temperature, get rid of toxins through the skin, and keep the skin supple and moist. The people who created Accutane realized that sebum production had some part to do with why acne is formed on the skin. So they thought, with money on their minds, if you stop the sebum production, you stop acne.

Please realize that sebum is necessary for maintaining healthy skin. People that are perfectly healthy with perfect skin produce sebum. Sebum is not the cause of acne. Sebum is not the cause of acne. Sebum is not the cause of acne! An overproduction of sebum is only one small step on the ladder of acne causes.

I know you are probably desperate, but please – think consciously about the decisions you make regarding your health. Accutane will most likely help your acne, but it absolutely guaranteed to do harm to your body – whether you notice the effects immediately or not. Period.

Side effects of Accutane that you can deal with

We all need to way the risks vs rewards of taking a prescription drug such as Accutane. Below is a list of the common side effects that most people wouldn’t mind dealing with during and temporarily after they are on Accutane.

  • Birth defects
  • Allergic reactions
  • Thinning of the hair or hair loss
  • Headache
  • Brittle nails
  • Increased sensitivity to sunlight
  • Changes in menstruation such as an irregular or heavy period
  • Diarrhea
  • Severe dryness of the skin, particularly on the lips, genitals or nose
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Unusual bruising, bleeding or slow-healing cuts
  • Eczema
  • Flare-ups of acne
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain

Those aren’t that bad, right? But what about the serious risks of taking the drug?

Serious risks of taking Accutane

These are the possible side effects that you really don’t want to deal with. The type of stuff that can last months or years after you’ve gone off the drug!

  • Severe acne scarring
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Severe depression
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Liver damage (characterized by loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea and yellowing of the skin or eyes)
  • Skin conditions and infections such as impetigo, paronychia or pyogenic granuloma

Don’t let emotions sway your decision

Many sufferers, especially ones with severe types of acne look to this drug for answers to all their problems. Some sufferers feel so desperate that they will even look to this drug to treat their mild or moderate forms of acne.

We shouldn’t be really surprised that so many people have taken the drug. Personally, I remember the feeling of being desperate and clasping my hands on any drug or topical that was said to work. I’ve read several reported cases of Accutane helping people put an end to their acne – and rashly thought that it would be right for me.

The Risk vs. Reward Factor

Bottom line, Accutane will work but it comes with so many risks that it really isn’t worth it!

That’s because there are natural ways to cure your acne that the only side effect is a healthier mind and body!

Knowledge is power. Keep on reading, and stay away from prescription drugs!

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FOCUS! Your Ultimate Guide to Clear Skin

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It doesnt work for just some people, it works for nearly ALL people! which is why it is very popular. Your vitamin ideas are a load of crock, even the healthiest of people get acne, its in alot of peoples genes, handed down through parents that they will get lots of sebum production.
The side effects only last as long as you are on the medication, which isnt very long so i dont know what your fussing about. You maybe could get rid of some of the acne using ur natural ideas, but it would take years for it to finally go away. Accutane will do it in an almost guaranteed 5 months!
For the public, go to other forums and see what people have said who have actually used accutane and whether they think the 4-5 months of discomfort was worth the results!
This noob needs to try it and not be biased.


I welcome your opinions. I’d like to point out that your belief system on acne is exactly what we are refuting here on this blog, and in the members area of the Focus:Acne Formula.

  • Acne is not caused by genetics.
  • The side effects of Accutane last much, much longer then the time you are being medicated.
  • It doesn’t take years to go away using natural means.

You can go on forums and find several cases of people getting sick from taking Accutane. You can also find several cases of people who have suffered from red marks for years because of it.

I enjoy the discussion. I’d invite others to express their opinions as well.


I agree with you!!! It worked for me!! I am not poisonedor at least I dont feel. This excess of sebum was too much that it caused acne, that the acne was making my skin so unhealthy. So really I was damned to not try it. How worse could I look? I don’t regret to have taken Accutane, it was a blessing!

‘m 26 years old and I suffered from acne for years. I probably started getting pimples around age 12 and as I got older the acne only worsened. It took a huge bite into my confidence so I began seeing a dermatologist. I have tried literally EVERY kind of topical treatment in the universe. None worked. I paid thousands of dollars for laser treatments. Didn’t work. I tried using all natural remedies and I took natural supplements. I changed my diet completely and ate as if I was diabetic. DID NOT WORK.

So finally after years of frustration, I went on accutane. Within 3 months, the number of my breakouts decreased dramatically. 6 months my skin was 100% acne free. The only side effects I ever suffered from was dry skin and chapped lips, which is easily treated with moisturizers.

Sure it does have terrible side effects on some, but it is a life changer for others. That is why you need to closely follow your behaviors and any side effects you experience. If you do this you can get off accutane before any real damage is done.

It’s been 4 years since I have been off accutane and my skin is still beautiful.

Accutane’s side effects do not nearly outweigh having acne. I am currently on it and have not felt different at all throughout the 4 months. My skin is looking better and I feel better about myself. You are a fool – all drugs have side affects. Are Nurofen producers money hungry? – they stop headaches? Yeah and also if taken on an empty stomach cause stomach ulcerrs and bleeeding of the stomach lining. Gotta move forward buddy – can’t always be to scared to take a risk…

I agree with you. Accutane is a drug that should not be taken lightly. So many dermatologists I have seen wanted to put me on it and treated me like I was crazy just because I had some hesitation. I am so glad that I opted to refuse because what I have heard and seen accutane do is no pretty picture. What people have to accept is that getting acne is part of being human. It’s been that way throughout mankind’s existence. If people and society changed their outlook on acne for what it really is; a natural and inevitable skin condition, then there wouldn’t be so much stigma associated with it.

You are not at all crazy for being hesitant in taking a man-made drug that has been reported to be very harmful in many cases!

Some dermatologists can be quite forward in pushing drugs onto their patients. Many feel, “Hey, I took a class on this. I know what’s best!”

I will have to disagree with you that acne is a “part of being human.” There are many ways you can “get away” from never having acne in the first place – this lies in the choices your parents make for you when feeding you as you grow up, or the dietary choices you made as a teenager.

Thanks for your comment!


Interesting article and website. Thought I’d share my experience with Accutane.

I took Accutane for 12 months in my final year of high school. The only side effects I experienced were dry mouth and dry skin, both of which were easily treatable and very common from my understanding. My blood biochemistry remained within normal ranges for the duration of my treatment, and still remains within normal ranges.

The drug cleared up my acne and all residual scarring also disappeared. I am now 26 and have had very limited recurrence of acne symptoms; but certainly not on the same scale as when I commenced Accutane.

However from time to time I do have minor relapses, predominantly in the form of cystic acne lesions. To treat this I take cod liver oil, which works like a charm – a few weeks of cod liver oil on a daily basis and my skin is back to normal. I recommend cod liver oil to all of my friends and colleagues as a fantastic way to keep your skin healthy and acne-free, as in my experience it works very well.

I don’t necessarily agree with your views on Accutane as I believe that pharmacology in general is a gamble, especially with drugs like Accutane where the mechanism of action is not fully understood (which realistically covers a very broad range of drug classes). I believe the responsibility lies with the user to be aware of their reaction to the drug and have open dialogue with their physician accordingly. A synthetic drug is NOT a bad thing if it can help, and I think it is unfair to label them as ‘bad’. Atorvastatin is a synthetic drug, and yet this drug helps a massive number of people every day to control their hyperlipidaemia and avoid further development of atherosclerotic disease. Accutane similarly helps a lot of people to clear up their acne and improve their quality of life.

Thank you again for your very interesting article and website, it has been a pleasure to read your thoughts.


Wonderful comment, David!

Well, I sure am glad you were able to get relief using Accutane. I’ll admit that this article may seem a bit biased, but we can only speak from our own experiences. I could name a dozen people who hate Accutane worse then I do because of the consequences they had to deal with when going on the drug.

The biggest thing is the risk. There is a good chance one will achieve relief with Accutane. But what are the chances that the acne will return? And what are the chances that you have to deal with some very undesirable symptoms due to the drug?

In my book, it’s a risk not worth taking – especially when there are alternative methods that have been helping many, safely.

I have had moderate to severe acne for 8 years now. It’s never consistent, always comes and goes. Recently it’s spread to my chest and back. I have tried various prescription topical creams and antibiotics; nothing has seemed to cure it completely. I’m leaning towards biting the bullet and taking a risk with Accutane. I came across this website because I was up all night researching Accutane, so I could be prepared to make an educated decision in which direction to go in when I see my dermatologist next week. I was willing to give the focus acne formula a chance before resulting in Accutane, but apparently you currently are not accepting members. I would like to know exactly what this method entails that has supposedly helped those people that have written out and recorded all these acclamations and success stories. Is the formula is just a wrap up of all the info on your website???? WHAT EXACTLY are all these people referring to when they say “this is the only method that has ever worked for me; it changed my life?” I’m confused… is the method and process just the little tips you offer in the “knowledge base” tab, or is there an actual formula we take orally/pay for? What exactly do you charge for? I am more than willing to pay, if your website would allow me to join, and if I knew what it was I’m paying for. PLEASE tell me now, so I don’t waste my time hoping for a lost cause. I have eaten healthy my whole life and green tea (with the exception of plain water and 3 cups of fat-free organic milk p.d.) happens to be the only thing I have drunken for the past two and half years. I’m very body conscious, so I make sure not to intake any excess sugar, therefore, I always drink my tea plain. These are two of the main remedies (healthy diet and green tea consumption) you stress on your website and I have been doing them for years. If this is the miraculous “formula” your site and all it’s success stories are raving about, please let me know, because as aforementioned I have already been doing so for years. My dermatologist appointment is Wed, If i don’t hear back by then, I guess I will just try Accutane. It is my last option.

Thank you for your time.

Hi all

Above all do not want to scare or anything like that, but this is my story, and perhaps others will serve to decide whether or not to take the medicine.

My name is David I have 28 years, I’m from Madrid, and I also was taking Dercutane (Isotretinoin) for almost 9 months, a total of 10gram take that for my weight, 65Kilos is the maximum recommended dose can be given.

I had a mild nodular acne that is I got a few pimples but internal and took too long to leave, so the dermatologist decided to give me these miracle pills.

During the treatment, I had the typical side effects, like all people who take it, nothing alarming. But now, after almost a year after completing the treatment when I am suffering more: I have permament dry eyes, back and joint pains continued, headaches, generalized dryness throughout the body, nose bleeds, constipation, anxiety produced through all this trouble sleeping ..

My quality of life has been reduced by 70%, since I can not do almost anything he did before, I can not even bend over without pain in my back and knees.

My life has become a specialist come and go, orthopedic surgeons, ophthalmologists, rheumatologists, neurologists … and none of them give me solution to my problems.

I created a website so that all who pass or have passed through what I promote it and to know what they can do this drug, which not even the laboratories that produce exactly know the mechanism of action is a poison, and certainly, at least I do, I devote my time and desire to spread my message.

This is the website I created: (In Spanish)



Thank you so much for sharing your story both here and on your website. Cases like these need to be brought out into public more.

There is lots of backlash from people who felt that the side effects were worth the relief of acne. Many of whom wrote comments here (which ofcourse I won’t delete.)

What many people who are considering to take the drug don’t realize is that you are taking a huge risk when taking Accutane, there’s a chance that your side effects are only temporary (even though you are still doing damage to your body regardless) but there is also a chance your side effects are way worse and even permanent!

Take good caution!



I want to share my experiences with Accutane as well. Due to occasional flare-ups of painful, cystic acne, my Dr. put me on Accutane many years ago – around 2002. It is now 2011 and I as the above poster, David explained, my quality of life has gone down because of permanent side-effects – IBS and possibly Crohn’s. Try doing daily activities with constant bowel pains – it’s been a nightmare because I’m an active person and most of the time, I just decide not to eat. This all began slowly after I stopped taking Accutane (I took two doses – and took it correctly). My mouth is constantly dry, I’m not absorbing certain nutrients, my hair is very dry and thinning – and my skin doesn’t look great and I still break-out occasionally. I’ve been trying to live with this…..and it’s hard. I’m sure that each of us is different and maybe some don’t have the same side-effects. But this is my testimony. Good luck to whatever you decide.

Hi Ctine,

I’m sorry you had such trouble with the side effects of Accutane. Rest assured the body has a miraculous abiity to heal itself if provided the correct nutrition. Your side effects are not as permanent as you think!


I started Accutane at the end of January and was on it until the end of July. By the time I took my last pill my skin was so clear. I was so excited. It is now the begining of November and its coming back. This medication is Too expensive for it to come back this quickly. Its not as bad as it was but its back on my face and my back. Overall my side effects were not too bad. I didnt have to wash my hair everyday! (my hair would get greasy after less than 24hrs) and Very dry skin and lips. My skin would scratch easier and every scratch would bleed. All of these went back to normal within my first month off. I wouldnt take this again and would love to find another way to keep my skin clear. Ive started taking a couple of Vitamin A suppliments everyday, we’ll see if that helps any. I would never take this medication again, not that it was that bad the whole time but the end was horrible and like I said its too expensive for it come right back (almost $600 a month)

Hi gays!!

I just wanted to share my experience with you.I’m 22, weight 77kg now(74-73during the treatment) I had been on accutane for about
ten months beacouse I needed to take 150mg/kg. Thruought the all treatment I had checked my liver enzymes something about 50 times. Those liver enzymes were making me mad! It’s crucial that you do all the morphological blood works, liver enzymes, triglycerides and cholesterole tests at least every month. Once I had my ASAT & ALAT elevated around six times above avarage, than my doc. got crazy and I had to stop taking “curance” for a forthnight.I’m from Poland and isotretinoin costs here the same money as in any other western country,It’s crazy cause our National Health Department doesn’t refund any Dermoatological treatments. Now I’m a month and a week after the treatment and there are no acne on my chest and back, I am using glicosteroids and something else which isn’t anything special to ‘deal’ with my keloid scars on my chest, those steroid are queit good beacause it has anty-itching abilities and as we all know keloid scars may itch as hell. I’m thinking of glicosteroids injections into the scars so they would look better. ISOTRETINOIN JUST CAN’T CAUSE THE CROHNE’S DISEASE it may induce the effects of the illness in your body and then when you find it out during the treatment you just stop taking accutane and just learn to live with the acne. Let’s just hope that our cildren won’t have to take that shit to help themselves but nowadays is sometimes the only way to have a normal healthly and fascinating life.

To secure ourseleves we should lower the fat level in meals, eat fish oil, and be active, I felt better when I worked little bit than sat all day,,, oh and don’t forget about vegetables and forget meat beacause it’s bad for guts as well as milk and of course alcohol which I haven’t been drinking almost a year. I am THC lover smoking all day every day and it hasn’t anything to do with isotetinoin(opinion of a smoker,who researches that?:-)).

The most important thing in a treatment is a good Doctor and a positive atitude, don’t read opinions about isotretinoin read facts and there are no facts in the text above.

Bong up guys live is to short to live it with acne!!!

I am a 32 year old female. I have had moderate acne as long as I can remember and for the last few years it has been severe. You name the type of acne, and I had it on my face.

I am in the military and am required to wear several types oh headgear. It got so bad it was painful when a strong wind hit my forehead much less wearing a helmet.

My scars did not heal as well as when I was younger and I was becoming pick marked. My only saving grace was that my skin is naturally a warm medium tone and blemishes do not show as much as someone with fair skin. Although how would I know? After a while I refused to look at my face in mirrors, I just diverted my eyes.

The most horrible thing about acne is that anyone with severe acne knows that it is an internal problem with their body chemistry and yet knows that there are jackasses out there that assume we are eating too much fried food and not exercising. Go to hell.

I am also a former college athlete and current trainer. I know exactly what to eat, how to juice, and how to maintain peak physical condition. It is my lifestyle. I do not drink, smoke, or do anything else to destroy what I have. People who meet me assume I am 5 to 10 years younger than I am.

Acne is awful. Accutane is a blessing when managed carefully, and this is coming from someone who annoys the hell out of her co workers by bringing my own food with me on trips do I don’t have to eat the filth they serve in restaurants surrounding most military bases in economically depressed locations.

Severe Acne is something no one should have to live with. Accutane is a risk woe
Worth taking as long as it is supervised by a good dermatologist.

I am sitting in an airport right now with chapped lips and an itchy nose but you know what else? Fir the first time in years I can apply sunblock on my face without pain or blood. If you don’t believe skin could be that bad, then yours never has been. Of course, only natural sunblock with the best ingredients!

And another thing- if you do choose to be on Accutane, be an otherwise healthy person. The risk of side effects decreases dramatically if you take care of your body… And that goes for everything.

Oreos are poison, but if you have a few Oreos in an otherwise healthy day with plenty of whole Goode and physical activity, the damage from the Oreos is minimized. If you have a few Oreos and a jack and coke and sit on your ass, the crap from the Oreos can kill you.

Same with anything.

I was very interested reading these posts. I am 28 and have tried every antibiotic and topical under the sun since age 15. They will work for a time and then I either got side effects (My fingernails almost fell off taking doxycylcine…no joke!!) or they stopped working after anywhere from 6 months to a couple years. My acne as an adult is moderate. I get a few Painful cysts at a time. I started to feel like I was deparate enought to take accutane, but was scared because of claims i hear about infertility and the fact that I am not 16 anymore.

I think if you are young, you ahve a better chance of making through the side effects, but otherwise, too risky. I am a hairstylist so i began asking clients about accutane and found that about half the people who took it as youths felt it was a good thing that worked permantantly but even still many cautioned me against it as an adult saying “oh i wouldnt do it now!”, and the other half have acne again or suffered unbearable side effects.

One thing that is wonderful about sebum is that you will not age as quickly!! Dry skin equals more wrinkles. Some young people may not grasp how having moist supple skin as you age, out weighs the quick fix on acne. We are in a time where people are not willing to work to hard for things, and accutane is a quick fix. I will not be taking it and instead am expreimenting with a detox diet and natural remedies while the detox takes effect. (juicing and eating whole fruits and veggies (raw or steamed) for one week, then reintroducing small amounts of grain, dairy and protien over the next 2 weeks….nothing too brutal)

Its true that the side effects are wonderful! (wieght loss, smooth moves, balanced complexion, White eyes…) i am still a little tired from the releasing of toxins, but my body knows this is a good thing. Right now, my acne is flaring like it often does at the start of a new treatment, but the marks are less painful and cycle through much much more quickly. I am doing epsom salt, apple cider vinegar, tea tree and aloe to managae symptoms. All cheap and natural!! its hard to improve my diet and give up and then moderate things like alcohol and sugar, but I am so proud to be treating the cause not the symptom. This is my number one complaint about our medical system.

I hope soon i will be writing amazing reviews about my skin, and lack of acne on these forums very soon, but feel so much better about this than any other treatment and I have stong confidence it will work. Amazingly, even with the small spots on my skin, my skin looks better than ever. So radient and glowing, that I am not even minding the mini bumps. other people have even said I look great! I still only focue on the red spots, but i am watching them disappear!

I am 17 years old. I took Accutane for five months my freshman year of high school and took it another six months during my sophomore year of high school. Even after going on the drug twice in two years, my cystic acne still comes back. Thank God it isn’t as bad as it was in the 7th grade; children would come up to me and ask what was on my face and if I had chicken pox. NO PERSON in the entire world should have to suffer with cystic acne. Because of it, my entire back is a wasteland of scarring. I remember going to pool parties in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and dealing with the embarrassment of quarter-sized pimples on my back. I’m considering going on Accutane for a third time, but before trying that, I’m going to try my best to cut dairy products out of my diet. My mother cooks meals from Cooking Light recipes every day. I’m an active runner. I despise the people who sit on their butts all day and consume fast food multiple times a week and manage to have perfect skin. My own mother was prescribed Accutane twice in her twenties, and even she still gets a few acne vulgaris flare ups every now and then. Severe acne such as this is definitely genetically passed. It’s not a coincidence that both of my parents suffered with severe acne, as well. I appreciate the article because yes, Accutane does have serious side effects, but effects such as those do not occur in, say, 1 of 2 patients. It ALWAYS shocks me to see people talk about Accutane being a root cause of suicide and severe depression, because I, myself, was very depressed and had low self-esteem before using this miracle drug. People have had bad experiences, but many, many people have found comfort in this drug. They are finally able to be close to other people without worrying about the sores on their face. They are finally confident and love their appearance. And I am one of those people.

I just wanted to comment about accutane, im currently on my second week of using it. The only side effect i have experienced so far is dry skin, i couldn’t believe how fast it dried up. I have yet to experience any other problems, of course this is only week two. I am 23 years old, I have been extremely healthy my whole life. I’m not allergic to anything, and i have not been sick for almost 5 years, except for the occasional runny nose. I just hope i dont get sore joint because i workout 6 days a week. All i have to say for people who want to try it, just go for it. I contemplated it for months but after many failed attempts with topical creams, and antibiotics i decided to go for it.

my son is taking amnesteen a generic of accutane it works like a miracle. it does have side effects he has to use aquafor for his nose and lips he had nose bleeds for about four weeks off an on and dry chapped lips that crack. So far no bad side effects and it works i wish we had taken this sooner but his dr did not perscribe this for him and now he has scars that will have to be dealt with after accutaine i love this drug but it is a serious drug he has his blood checked every month by his dr. he has 2 more months to go he takes 80 milligrams dose two forty capsuls one time in the morning and one time at night.

Think very carefully before taking Roaccutane. I took it at age 30 for acne, it worked and I loved the results. I took very good care of myself whilst on the 6 month course, I looked after my skin and I drank at least 3 litres of water a day to look after my liver. However, after finishing the course, I started to get what I now know to be Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms (lots of hard red bumps), I am now 40 and they have only just gone away, but the most upsetting thing is that I have 2 children, I had them when I was 36 and 38 and from the age of 6 months they both have Keratosis Pilaris all over their faces, arms and legs, this cannot be a coincidence. There is lots of evidence of Roaccutane users getting Keratosis Pilaris after use. There is no cure for Kerstosis Pilaris. I have also suffered from severe dry eyes since taking Roaccutane, I cannot to this day drink alcohol as it makes me so ill. You will have to live with side effects of Roaccutane possibly for the rest of your life. I know acne is horrible, but do lots of research and make an informed decision.

Thank you Faye for sharing your story. Side effects which become chronic are all too common when taking such a strong prescription drug as accutane. One must seriously consider the possibility of these side effects before taking the drug. The good thing is if your chidren follow a proper diet, they too can get rid of their Keratosis Pilaris.

Hi guys,
I am 24. I took 20mg per day for 2 months, then had a break for a month to keep the side effects low. Acne came back during that off time. Then kept taking it nearly at the same amount, and I am still taking them. The side effects I experienced was mild mostly. Once I had a mild nose bleed. Like 4 times slight rectal bleed on different occasions. Dry lips. Slight depression but controllable. Weight gain like an extra 10 kilos due to my diet mostly.

I would like to say Accutane Rocks :) . I forgot I had acne at all. Started attending classes regularly and passing the courses. Actually started communicating with peers for the first time, also without guilt, shame or low self confidence. Started focusing on better things of life.
Never felt ashamed to who I was once the acne had disappeared. I would say it is worth the risk. As this not as bad as chemotherapy, and that does a whole lot of damage. Since I am a guy I never had to worry about female Accutane side effects.

It feels great being Acne free. Since Acne is not death threat but you still die everyday with the stress and fear it creates in us. I had been suffering Acne for 8 years and it is a hell to be as everyone openly advice you, judge you and treat you as inferior as though we are not humans. Guys don’t get into relationships and Girls don’t into relationships mostly due to low self esteem that acne creates and miss out on many life’s positive opportunities.

Accutane made my life better and if not the best in years. I could focus more of my energy in positive ways other than fear and worry etc. I had spent quite a lot of money and tried quite a lot of products for many 1000 of dollars along with very healthy life style. One time it miraculously disappeared for couple of months when I was involved in meditation and motivation and chakra balance. After I stopped that practice it came back. I decided to give Accutane a go and it did disappear completely in 2 months. I know it is dangerous. But I will keep taking for couple more months when my face until my face is totally clear so the marks can be treated.

Go for Accutane if you are willing to take this dangerous drug and consequences with it as a last option. I had tried everything and nothing mostly worked so I choose this route. As I had said before I had Acne for 8 years and Accutane made it to very mild and made it disappear.

Thanks guys for reading

To be honest I am really confused I want to take accutane despratley as the acne on my face is honestly depressing me but I do have cholestrol and so many people have so many diffrent reviews I don’t know who to believe and who not to believe

I am a 35 yr old woman, I suffered with facial, chest and back acne when I was in my early 20′s, like many others I tried every cream, lotion, oral anti-biotics ….. you name it…..I tried it.

Finally I was reffered to a dematologist who gave me the accutane option on my first visit to him. I took the accutane as prescribed and had a few mild side effects, eg. dry skin, nose, eyes and lips. I also had the regular blood liver tests and monthly pregnancy tests, all my levels were within normal range.

At the age of 32 I developed severe psychiatric problems such as major depressive disorder, severe anxiety, sleeping problems and have been suffering with these psychiatric problems for almost two years.

Is it possible after all these years could my psychiatric problems be caused from taking accutane all those years ago?

Hi Amy,

Your IBS very well could be directly related to taking Accutane. There have been several reports of similar serious side effects from the drug. There have been cases where Accutane has been linked to depression and even suicide but it’s hard to make a direct correlation with something as bewildering as the human mind. It’s very possible your diet has an affect on your mind, as well as a very good reason why you manifested acne in the first place.

I forgot to mention that I was diagnosed with IBS approx 2 years after taking accutane

i took accutane when i was 16 going on 17 for about 6 months, during those times i felt depressed and not confidemt. the accutane made me break out more since it was getting it out of my system and after the 6 months i have stopped the accutane. my skin was clear but i did use a lot of face washes and all. i am now 20 years old and i just had two major surgeries which were from my CROHNS disease. after two yeard of being off accutane i was getting really bad pains in my stomach area and spent many days in bed throwing up for 8 hrs straight about 30 mins apart from eachother so a total of throwing up 4hrs straight if you wanna know the real time. i finally went to the emergency room after this has happened several times and they went in my colon and found that i had crohns disease in my small intestant. i just had the surgeries two weeks ago and am happy. i still have bad breakouts on my face and chest but im on topical gels now and they work well. they asked if i was willing to try accutane again? are they crazy? i would never put myself through that pain ever again. wait it out and just be strong. if i can get past it anyone can.

Hi, I took it for about 6 months and had the usual side effects, very dry skin, blood noses etc but the worst was severe depression and I knew something was just not right. I was nearly at the point of suicide. My Mum picked up on it too and I stopped taking it. I now have and I am not sure if it’s linked allergy to gluten and dairy and suffer from IBS if I eat these foods. I am also still suffering from anxiety and depression but am not sure if I can link this to the drug for sure but have to admit it happened after taking this and had contuined on. This is now coming up for over 10 years. I am noticing more and more symptoms like thinimg hair and I’m 33 and thinimg hair does not run in our family.
If I could turn back time I wouldn’t take this drug and I wouldn’t take birth control either (yasmin) as I have had similiar reaction from them too – not feeling myself, detpression and severe anxiety.
I have come along way though now and believe in nourishing my body with good food, doing liver clenses being on a strict diet no, alchohol, coffee, gluten and dairy and. I have not needed to take panadol for months or see the dr and I am feeling so much better. The best I’ve felt in a long time. As I said before If I had my choice over I would chose not to take it but thats from my personal experience.
Maybe drugs just don’t agree with my brain chemistry.
My advice for people eould definately take it as a last resort.
I just listened to a program on 7 stating that over 20 people have commited suicide from taking it in Australia.

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