“I went from the ugliest skin in my class, and probably my city, to perfectly even and acne-free.” – Xavier Randolph

Xavier Randolph’s experience is truly one for the ages! He became a very active member of our community, and has continued to help others in the community long after his acne was cured. Cases like these keep us extremely motivated to continue help others. Thanks Xavier for allowing us to publish your story.

I’ve had cysts, pimples, inflammation and pain all over my face and body for as long as I could remember. I used tell myself that there was no one with acne quite as bad as mine.

After hours of researching on the internet, I found Focus Acne on Google. I had a good feeling that this might be the answer to my problems. I was right! Please take a look at the pictures i’ve attached to this e-mail.

With this formula, I went from the ugliest skin in my class (and probably in my city) to perfectly even and acne-free.

It takes some effort and time, but it is was worth it. Your Focus:Acne Formula was a godsend for me!”



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